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  1. What a way to play with our minds, first the said they are not using XRP and then they confirmed they are using xRapid.
  2. Really scary stuff, hopefully this problem is sorted out and everything is refunded to new wallets. Stay positive.
  3. It´s been a recurring question since then.
  4. Agree Stop using CMC since they hid the Korean markets without notice and this affected XRP the most.
  5. Where did you get that 8% avg. return?, even if you take the worst case scenario from Chris in 10 years, at the current price ≈0.4, your initial investment would grow 25 times, i think that is really good.
  6. $5+ does not seem far-fetched, last bull run almost hit $4, so the next one could reach that price.
  7. At the end everything that has been said is pure speculation, the only way to refute such claims is that Mr. David Shwartz and Mr. Nik Bougalis clarify each point but we know that is not going to happen.
  8. Spreading FUD? Just go to the pricing section of Transferwise site, look at the fees.
  9. As everyone has suggested cold storage (paper wallet) is your best option to keep your Zerps safe, make sure to have multiple copies of the paper wallet and store them in a safe physical locations (to have backups files in case something happens in one location). In my case i generated my paper wallet with the help of ToastWallet because it adds an extra layer of security encrypting the information, i printed the encrypted wallet and my key code to decrypt it separately, and i also save the data in USB´s storage which i do not use, and stored them in different safe locations. Then, when you are ready to transfer your Zerps to an exchange in the future, you can restore your wallet in ToastWallet with the key code and the encrypted data.
  10. I think minimum 0.25, in that case i´d buy more, maximum 0.5 which is above my DCA, either way is a great Christmas present.
  11. Don't waste your energy and time on this guy, it is better to focus on other things. Don't feed the troll.
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