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  1. @P3T3RIS Hi Matey, I have registered and will be using your exchange Great work, love the interface!
  2. I'm all for negativity, and I'm all for having a positive outlook. That's the reason a forum exists. We are all here for the same purpose, well we should be and that is that we invest in xrp and all want to profit. I certainly don't mind realism and I admit sometimes I need to bring myself back to Earth at times. It is very easy to big something up and get excited over nothing. I'm not going to block or ignore anyone on here, life is too short to mess around doing stuff like that. But one does have to question when someone is always negative what their motives are... not that I really care mind, I'm just here for the ride.
  3. I love posts like these, because this is where we are going to look back 5+ years from now and either laugh that we were small talking xrp having made a lot of money or cursing the day we ever invested I'll just come out and say it, ofcourse I want to be a millionaire, who doesn't? no one in their right mind can just say 'well i'll settle for paying off my mortgage and have a nice car' to me thats just a get out of the question easy remark. Even someone who has 10 xrp will have at some point considered how is this going to make me rich? The only question I ever really ask myself is, what is the real value of an xrp? at the moment that question is on the same even keel as 'what is the meaning of life?' no-one knows. The way I look at this is simple, bitcoin has set the standard, albeit in the most backwards/forwards way imaginable, something will follow suit, thats what trends are for. If bitcoin hit 20k+ per coin, I would go out on a limb and say xrp will follow suit and inflate aswell, do I care if this is caused by FOMO, hype whatever... no I don't, I couldn't care less. I don't really care what Ripple do either aslong as what ever it is has the potential to raise the price of xrp. Yes for what it is worth I follow some crypto news, I look at the stuff what comes out of these expo's but as I am effectively throwing pennies into xrp per token, I'd rather do that than blow it on fast food or alcohol as an example. i have learnt a lot about following charts, understanding support, wallets and withdrawing, the volatility of crypto. But I hodl my xrp, I dont trade, I don't panic when the markets deflate, yes the price changes but my holdings don't. Hell I even took the time to read about CGT. In short, and I'll re-quote myself years down the line, if xrp hits between 50 and 100. Then I'm out, completely 100% I'm rich. 'But wait what happens if xrp hit 1000+?' my answer is great, good for you, I hope your rich too! the first opportunity I get to hit 1 million plus, i will take it and I will have no regrets, I wont look back and think I should have held out, greed is not my friend in life, I know being the kind of person that I am if I think one more day, one more 0 on the end, I'll lose out and thats not a chance I am willing to take. Like I said if you choose to hold out and it pays off, then great, I'll be the first to congratulate you, but I'll be doing it from some big ass mansion with my extravagant car asking when are you coming to party? I know this isn't some get rich quick scheme, and there has to be a level of investment however small to eventually make a good return if that happens. But I am investing an amount that I believe will return me a reward worth waiting for, an amount I can categorically say I can afford to lose. Thats my take on this
  4. I'll see you there I make it a point to go to Ibiza atleast once every year! And when I do that they year I cash out of XRP, thats going to be one wild trip!!
  5. Not sure I agree with this, it all depends on the eventual price per xrp. At £100 per xrp, 10k xrp = 1 million At £50 per xrp, 20k xrp = 1 million And so on and so forth, so for for a 4k investment and 20k xrp a 1 million return is not much is it
  6. i don't think the 10k a day is a bad thing as lets just say that you have 20k xrp and xrp hits £50 per coin, your'e a millionaire. But a millionaire in crypto... this is where I feel Uphold will really come into its own, you need to get that xrp converted into fiat, so you most your 20k xrp into Uphold, you can then transfer into fiat and onto a virtual card. My understanding on this from speaking directly with Uphold, is that these virtual card have no max or upper limit, so in essence you can instantly exchange 20k xrp for £1 million that £ figure remains on the card, even if xrp plummeted immediately after you still have that £1 million. So with that in mind I suppose it comes down to how desperate you are to withdraw the whole balance. If this ever happened for me I'm effectively paying myself 70k a week (based on 7 days) The only caveat here is that I am of the understanding that once my entire hoard of xrp has been converted that's it i'm done I really dont want to be messing around with having another 20% kicking around, Iv'e invested and done my time, if xrp hits 3 figures then that's me, I'm out. I have not reason to have any emotional attachment to it.
  7. My conversations with Uphold have always been very positive and I'm a fan of how Uphold works. What I do find interesting aside from my own reasons for using Uphold is that it looks like it is becoming a place where you can store, exchange and transfer between their base currencies. This is quite exciting because as I have said before as a UK resident I have the ability to withdraw into GBP to an account, even whilst we are still very early in the game, this sort of adoption really does give you an insight to the possibilities that will be around when this market matures. Personally speaking I don't want to be relying on exchanges, this is just as important as Uphold proving they are secure with what could be potentialls millions and millions of crypto and fiat currency and user accounts, someone will try and break them at some point, I think for me to be able to use them I need to see how they handle something like this and what 'stories' come out of it by affected people. I don't want to be part of another Mt.Gox saga.
  8. This is the reason why I chose to Hodl and keep it that way, i'll make myself ill if it bash the charts daily and panic over fluctuations, it just isnt worth it. The way I see it is that I am buying xrp for pennies here, it isn't of much consequence to me whether the price rises or drops in the short term, it is completely out of my control. I enjoy coming here and reading the articles and contributing in any way I can, and yes I I do get excited when I see Ripple news and stuff, but I have to treat my own xrp as throw away, almost like a pack of cigarettes, so I purposely buy, add to wallet and forget. It did take me a long time to work out the difference between the buy and current price and to stop looking at this daily but it's all part of the education. I'm not a trader, I never will be and I'm ok with that. I firmly believe that xrp will in the future have significant value both in terms of price as a asset and also as it own entity. But I am prepared to wait for this and hope to look back in 5-10 years when I will still be relatively young and think ' wow I made the right choice there' and in part a lot of that will be down to you guys, for which I will always be thankful
  9. I've always said for me 20,000 xrp makes me a millionaire at £50 and 10,000 xrp a millionaire at £100 Which is £4000 or £2000 give or take initial investment
  10. Learn from the past, participate in the future I do honestly believe in a few years from now we will be having the same conversation but some of us will be very wealthy
  11. I don't think anyone has a hatred for bitcoin, bitcoin is the golden child of crypto. I think what is frustrating is that bitcoin has very little use and it is more 'valuable' than a crypto with use in the real world ie; xrp
  12. What's a bank? I thought it was a small grassy hill, I sometimes sit on one...
  13. I'm going to ask a question that might have been answered but it might help in this matter. If bank a wants to transfer money to bank D using exchanges b and c, at £1 for example how much xrp is needed to transfer £1 million? Is it 1 million xrp so a 1:1 ratio? Or does it go down to a hops level as in 1.0781 xrp per £1? If the price of xrp rises is less needed by the banks?
  14. I have a revoult card, I got this because of of the guys in here said he rounded up transactions and that round up became xrp. To become an early adopter of the crypto part of revoult you have to pay £6.50 a month. I'm not doing that. Also they do this fast transaction thing where it's meant to take 2 hours to withdraw. I got a notification saying 2 hours and then a text saying 3 days... I only transferred £10 so I'm not too bothered but I'm holding off until I see revoult evolve more.
  15. I appreciate all your responses guys I'm not suggesting what I have posted is the ultimate solution, but I've had to find a way to atleast begin to plan and more importantly understand this process. Even if XRP falls away and becomes a non-entity I still need to be able to withdraw whatever I can or have left. Perhaps in time we will all have an exit strategy, or there will be a solution we cal all use. I also appreciate we will have in our mind different ways to do things, I'm not a financial guru or adviser and will not attempt to help on that front, but I am able to contribute by doing things like this, especially if there are other people in my position. I'd like to be able to look back on my time here in the future and know that I've been able to help even in the smallest way
  16. Hi all, So the purpose of one of my rare threads is to try and help UK users. This is specifically UK, it won't be the same for the USA or elsewhere. I went to find this out as I am a UK resident. Rightio, as a hodler there will come a day when I want to withdraw to GBP and into a bank account, I imagine others will want to aswell. The problem I have pondered is how am I going to do that? What steps do I need to take? This afternoon I have been speaking with Uphold as for me I feel they offer the best chance of avoiding the sheer panic if and when the day comes when XRP starts making us wealthy individuals. I am happy to share how I do and how I want to do things when the time comes, now I understand how Uphold will work for me and people wishing to withdraw to GBP and to a UK bank account. So currently I deposit GBP into Coinbase as BTC this is painless really, I have had no issues doing this. From Coinbase i then send the entire balance as a BTC deposit into Binance. I then trade XRP/BTC, I'm not fussed on the price of XRP at the moment as I'm hodling. Once I have more than 20 XRP which is the minimum to withdraw, I then send them to my Toast wallet. Where they will remain for the foreseeable. Now, fast forward 3/5 years I want to withdraw my millions (or smaller accepted amounts haha!) what am I going to do? I am of the opinion exchanges will be carnage with people trying to withdraw and panic buying/selling crashing etc, so I will be keeping away. Based on my conversation with Uphold this is what I am going to do. Transfer the contents of my Toast Wallet into Uphold, using a virtual XRP card as the holding card. I will then transfer the XRP to the virtual GBP card. This is important as once I have a balance in GBP I am done, there is no more exchanging that needs to take place. I can then utilise the the max daily withdrawal amount to my UK bank. Letting them know I will be depositing this daily amount, it will also be fully traceable. At the moment Uphold have suspended a lot of the GBP services they provide, however they have informed me that they are updating the GBP side of things and that XRP (and other crypto) does not have a maximum about when transferred to GBP. This is great news because it means that the overall total in GBP is secure, away from the exchanges. There might come a time when there is a higher threshold than the 10k daily maximum, but I am happy that if the virtual GBP card is secure, then my finances are secure. Whether or not my bank will be happy in me doing that, that's another issue and I'll switch banks if not. This has really helped me and it's given me a clear way to come out of this game when I need to. Hope it is of some use to you guys too.
  17. The way I control myself over this is as follows: 10,000 xrp nets me a cool million at £100 per xrp 20,000 xrp nets me a million at £50 per xrp I will continue to invest up until £1 per xrp then I'll stop. Then if it does drop a little and it will I'll invest again. With my current holdings I won't be a millionaire at £100 per xrp but I won't be worrying about it either the longer xrp remains sub £1 I'm investing all the time. Obviously if we hit silly money like £1000 per xrp then I'm done, I'm out and I won't be coming back into crypto. I'll still be here laughing with a lot of members but I'll have no holdings whatsoever
  18. I for one would use this, and the UI looks really slick so I am all for this!
  19. I get why he did that, I have no problem with making comparative assumptions. The problem we have is that its all guesswork, we have no real clue about absolutely anything when it comes to the pricing of XRP or indeed any other crypto. So for the sake of the point I was quoted on the comparison makes sense, and yes there about a zillion other comparisons, opinions we could come to, none of them might be right.
  20. I think whether we meant to get excited or not about SWELL, a surge in price or whatever, it does even subconsciously play on your mind. One thing I have struggled with and still do is trying to understand when, how and if the price of XRP does rise. I'm not tempted to sell and I will continue to buy, I do find myself market watching almost as if I expect to see the price rise right before my very eyes whilst £ signs spin in my mind. The truth is that this isn't going to happen unless some sort of hype or out of the blue announcement takes place. I am not prepared for that if I am honest, and I get this almost sick with excitement feeling when I try to contemplate that. But I know for myself I have to relax, and let what will be happen. I think too many people feel positive about what is happening aside from all the hype and fud for things to carry on as they are. BTC took time to get to the price it is now, people want to make a quick buck thinking they can dip in and dip out, and whilst I am not saying this isnt a good thing, for something like XRP, XRP needs volume to help with liquidity. I want to try and understand at what price makes XRP interesting to banks and such but also what gives XRP the liquidity in order to be used in a transfer of money.
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