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  1. I use the getTransactions method in the rippleApi to get transaction data, so how do I get it over time?There is no time parameter option in this method parameter
  2. I'm developing a wallet using the rippleApi and adding the gateway trust calls the prepareTrustline, so what should I call that method to remove the trust gateway?
  3. Thank you, you are right. The type of the amount value is wrong, the default amount is empty. I changed the amount and amount value, and the error does not exist
  4. ValidationError: instance.payment.source is not exactly one from <sourceExactAdjustment>
  5. This is in Vue, Why do you report this mistake? What do you mean?
  6. I was tired after watching it for a long time. I was careless. I filled in the wrong address. Thank you very much
  7. The following error was sent to the rippleAPI interface in vue. This link is the test address. Why did you give an error?
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