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  1. Can’t delete it but am gone, mods if you’d just perma ban me I’d appreciate it, again **** you you entitled shit
  2. As I said I did it in my head you ****, you are the precise reason this forum is dog shit and I haven’t been on it in ages all you needed to say was your maths is wrong and correct it **** you, you ******* entitled piece of shit, thank you for reminding me to delete my account. I hope somebody loves you eventually because it’s easy to see from your blatant toxicity that no one does so your life must be hard. Sending my love sorry for the bad maths I hope you get the help you need
  3. 1% of 4,000,000,000 (today’s market volume)(rounded down) is still 40,000,000 so I mean not insignificant...... I know he’s not actually 1% of market volume just using your logic to show how 1% can still be a significant number especially if it’s all sell pressure
  4. SamIAm told me to buy hot token in late 2018 at roughly 1/1000 a cent now that it has hit a cent if I has of invested 100 euro I’d have 100,000 euro in return. I learned my lesson even a crazy clock can be right twice a day
  5. Likely that lawsuit first sees court in early summer most likely June month but the important thing is a summary judgement can be requested from Ripple lawyers from now till the end of proceedings the summary judgement could be requested on whether XRP is currently a security or crypto and if a summary judgement states it is a crypto we take off as the rest is just arguing illegal sales of XRP as it could be considered a security in its early years much like ETH for the first 4 years as there was little to no projects built on them for that period of time. I think it’s likely a summary judgement will be requested by Ripple but I would say it will be late in the discovery phase or early in the actual court proceedings. Just my opinion and I know you didn’t ask for mine so sorry. Watch Jeremy Hogan @LegalBriefs on YouTube if you’re interested in trial and dates he lays it all out very well and is himself a lawyer so understands the courts way more than any non lawyer could
  6. Just for the record this man has driven me out of lurking which I promised to do all I’ve seen the last couple of days is you constantly saying negative things about XRP and saying anything you can to further make people doubt the coin. It’s okay not to be XRP positive and it’s okay to think it’s a shit coin that’s your opinion but my question is do you just really not have enough of a life that you post on a forum dedicated to a particular coin and blast it 24/7??? I did some further research into your account first post is December 2017 meaning it’s likely you bought during the 2017 bullrun and lost money I couldn’t tell you how much but it’s a safe assessment to make that you either lost money or are holding currently still at a loss if you sold right now, as most people either invest after doing research and then join this forum or some us this forum to help with research and then invest meaning I’d peg you at investing in a time frame of November 2017 - January 2018. So the point is if you’re really down money and that’s why you’re salty I get it but it’s been 3 years maybe you should I dunno move on with your life??? This links to his 3rd post where he already has a negative outlook on XRP and the ripple company and is during the 2017 bullrun. back to not posting again but Elysium try going outside and spending time with real people maybe you’ll realise you’re wasting your time on the forum.
  7. I’m not the only one left standing HOORAHHHHH
  8. This forum always seems to take it out of me whether it be the rampant trolls, conspiracy theorists or needless toxicity between members with diametrically opposite view points because one won’t conform to the others viewpoint. I’m not an avid poster on this forum so I won’t be missed and only recently started posting and replying again. I’m going back to lurking as I just don’t see the point in engaging with this forum anymore as it causes too much conflict and not enough thoughtful debate (I’m guilty of this too sometimes). Best of luck to all HODLers one day XRP might pay off and if it ever does I may post again.
  9. I mean the odds of winning the lottery are pretty scarce depending on the lottery I mean for example say a lottery had 31 numbers to chose from and you needed to pick 3 and have an exact match to win that means you’ve a 3/31 x 2/30 x 1/29 chance of winning maths works that out at 0.0002224694104 multiply it by 100 to get your percentage chance of winning you get 0.022246941% chance of winning. This lotto is not accurate as usually you’re required to pick 6+ numbers making the chances of winning even lower. The problem with your case is that the more people who buy lotto tickets the higher the probability that you get a winner. In terms of XRP the probability is incalculable as there is far too many variables the biggest of which is human action I.e the action of ripples employees and company as a whole. In addition to this lotto usually have a cap and there must be a winner once the prize money hits its cap in stocks and crypto there is no guaranteed winner so to conclude simply you’re question is like asking which is faster a Apple or an Orange? the answer neither move independently and every apple and orange is unique in shape and size which would be variables for speed of one if for example you rolled them down a hill. Simply put there is no answer to your question making it a rhetorical question.
  10. Wow 🤣🤣🤣 so the bodies piling up in many many countries are all just because of the “flu”. Beyond words honestly that you believe that climate change and this pandemic are fake problems, there’s so much scientific evidence available like hmmmm I dunno Ice caps melting and also you know the death count from what you call a “flu” I highly doubt civilians in China risked torture and imprisonments for the sake of a flu. But i know conspiracy types no point arguing you’ve stated no factual reason for why they’re fake other than saying “if you still don’t see the pandemic was completely orchestrated” which is hilarious and a non argument. Best of luck living a life where you can’t even trust a government and the world wide governments in general, being in crypto for you is interesting normally the conspiracy types are off the grid for fear of being tracked and monitored.
  11. I really do believe flares value is inflated but a huge amount of hype around this coin and I’ve been delaying buying it on poloniex and waiting for the price to correct but looks like I’m gonna have to buy on poloniex at 20c a coin for few weeks and hope for a crash when the network goes live and there’s more of a supply so I can buy in at single digit cent prices
  12. Am I the only paddy left standing????? I surely hope not **** the Queen, XRP to the moon and @Heisenberg if you’re still around mon the town
  13. Touché my wording was incorrect but I believe he did call them “fake problems” so my point still stands lol
  14. The fact that you deem the pandemic and Climate change as a narrative pushed on us by the “elite” makes me believe that you’re more of a conspiracy theorist than BearableGuy123 and all the riddler cronies from way back when 😟
  15. Couldn’t agree more if you’re ever feeling like suicide turn to friends and family for help and support. I’ve struggled with my own mental health (nothing to do with crypto) and attempted suicide was lucky enough to have been found and ambulance called before I ODed that was over 2 and half years ago and I’m genuinely content in life now and would never even think about harming myself anymore let alone attempting to commit suicide again. My family and friends truly saved my life after the event by being the most amazing support system. Talk to people and you’re problems will feel smaller and smaller day by day. Talk to a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist too they’ll be able to help with meds if needed as well. Finally remember that suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems. I’ll happily talk in messages if anyone needs anyone to talk to. stay safe and remember there are always people in your life who truly love you. Let them help you. EDIT: phone autocorrect commit suicide to commit dioxide so had to fix that 🤣
  16. In my country you aren’t taxed on anything bar profit and you only get taxed once you receive the fiat currency and declare the taxes on your end of year at which point you pay capital gains tax the same on every investment @33% of all profit made. Seems unreasonable that you’re expected to pay tax on a position that is very much still open would be like taxing a company or individual on stocks they owns current value instead of waiting till sale and taxing profits
  17. What you define as connecting the dots I would define as trying to find patterns and because you believe in the products finding these breadcrumbs which aren’t actually breadcrumbs it’s called conformation bias I believe. I used to watch those types of YouTubers years ago and realised that they’re predictions always fail and there is always an excuse
  18. Dude picking up bread crumbs is conspiracy I don’t think XRP will be worth money because of its merit not some grand elite organised scheme. But am holding cause I believe in the merit of the coin
  19. I mean I believe XRP has a chance to be life changing technology that is used as an intermediate to private ledgers currency in Central banks but a lot of people even who believe this is a possibility realise it’s not guaranteed and it’s not highly probable. I myself would love if it was and believe the technology is potentially world changing if used in the right instances, that being said believing in a Reset like so many of the XRP army droll on about is very conspiracy theory like to me. It’s not a far step from reading riddles and breadcrumbs like SamIAm and all the other entertainers who try decode everything for hidden meaning. I judge investments based on potential, risk and innovation and XRP ticks all three boxes being low risk, high potential and good innovation, that being said it does not mean that intrinsically it will succeed there are more factors to success than that most great businesses rely on two things to be huge enough to garner prices you state for stocks and/ or tokens and those two things are timing and luck. Recently with the SEC it seems like Ripple have been ****** for both and have neither so can u blame people for being bearish. That being said I’m a small fish in a huge pond filled with massive whales and I’m still holding for 5 years at least as I believe it will exceed prices of 10$ at least but anything above 100$ is a straight up guess with the history of the coin and the market. Like in 2012 I could’ve said Bitcoin, with no knowledge of the coin, would hit 50k and everyone would’ve laughed so sometimes crazy thing happen in life and I’m bullish on XRP just not that bullish as I am truly a pessimist at heart and I’ll happily take a 20x gain on investment over a 5 year period lol
  20. I’m not taking sides in this argument but simply stating you made money and it proves you’re not a moron has two main problems 1) You stated this but no evidence meaning no one will assume it’s true. Example: “I’m a Windsor” nobody would believe it without proof. 2) Making money does not make you “not a moron” case and point Donald Trump, McAfee, Epstein and many more millionaires have proved they’re morons by their actions and words
  21. 1) “Meme Stock, Tesla etc” I misread this did not see the comma so you are correct you did not call Tesla a meme stock and that is my mistake, so apologies for that one. 2) Apparently you have the power to know the true reason prices go up and down as you know it’s “retarded speculation” that drove up their price when in reality you have no idea what actually caused the increase and are guessing from assumptions gathered by doing research one assumes. You should never act like you know for certain why prices go up or down as nobody truly knows except that when sell it goes down and when people buy it goes up. 3) also try looking up the definition of correlation vs causation, you are saying the reason for them “losing billions” in market cap was Bitcoin which was already debunked as Microstrategy invested at a price much lower than the current price. Correlation does not indicate causation. Anyway I shan’t be replying anymore it really is my opinion vs yours, good day.
  22. @Begofend Tesla is a meme stock wow I didn’t know a company that has been steadily making profit for a while now is a meme tnx for the investment advice shorting 1000 Tesla stocks will sue you if it goes wrong. sorry I realise you can’t understand what I’m saying I’ll put it in meme so you understand “mad cause bad, gg ez, get slapped kid, fortnite”
  23. Was in a mental hospital with Sinead O’Connor in Dublin once I never spoke to her but I know she approves this message
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