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  1. Thanks man clears up the whole thing for me as everyone mentions this dotCom bubble and I never fully understand
  2. This was all a joke btw I was mocking the recent topics of this sort
  3. Is it? Or is this the Phoenix rising from the ashes?
  4. Tinfoil doesn’t mean a moron, next time make sure to use your words more wisely
  5. Although I agree that SamIAm can sometimes be a delusional man who predicts a highly improbable apocalypse-esque situation. He isn’t a moron, he creates generally intriguing content which has genuine merit behind it. i think it’s extremely funny when people claim people are moronic for sharing actual genuine information with reliable sourcing and fact checking and people are so quick to call them morons, nobody can predict the future price of XRP tokens literally nobody so in a sense your guess maybe more moronic then his by the time EOY comes. I think that this community as a whole balan
  6. If I make the money I plan on making through my sale plan I will be investing a couple of grand into Monero for my sons future as I believe it has true potential to gain momentum in the coming 15 years unless it’s replaced by a more advanced privacy coin
  7. I’m 20 years old and currently have a 8 month old baby just for some background into the story, I unlike most here am from Ireland and was at such a young age when bitcoin first started popping up that I had no idea what it even was until the huge bull run last year, there was no way to use bitcoin in Ireland not even to buy pizza like it had been used in the States for a while. Jump to a few months ago and I was at my brothers stag party away for 2 nights from my house and the baby. Was the first time in almost 2 years that I was smoking weed and I got pretty ****** up, one of my
  8. I never once claimed that the immediate release of X-Rapid would cause 1000’s banks to join I was talking about in the medium-long term the potential of X-Rapid to cause decoupling
  9. As the Title indicates I’m looking for your thoughts on the de-coupling potential of X-Rapid. In theory if X-Rapid causes increased volume trade it should lead to increased XRP value so say we see a $3 per coin EOY value, if Bitcoin doesn’t rise that’s a huge step towards decoupling for us as instead of Bitcoin controlling the value of XRP due to being a market leader we will have another factor to play into the overall value of an XRP token. As I said this is my opinion and i am not an expert in the area, would love to hear your opinions on the matter and on my theory also. Yours
  10. I can’t deal with this level of superior thinking I think my mind may explode. Oh Lord of knowledge please shine the light and show us the way to $589+ EOY ??????????
  11. Although I agree that volume moved through an algorithm is not quite the same as human investment in the XRP coin itself, you seem to have left out the fact that banks will need to buy huge reserves of XRP coins to work the X-Rapid services. Depending on the size of the bank obviously, but some of the bigger banks will need 150 million coins in reserves in which they will need to resupply regularly depending on how much they use. I also argue that volume moving within a currency whether its with investment for a human or through an algorithm it will still see an increase in price directly as w
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