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  1. Was in a mental hospital with Sinead O’Connor in Dublin once I never spoke to her but I know she approves this message
  2. It's fine some people just like to be sour. think they've been HODLing all this time maybe that's what caused the attitude. And thank you
  3. Yeah my reasoning was way off but hey I made money even if its not why I thought it would happen it still let me sell and buy for a nice little gain lol
  4. Man im not claiming I predicted the exact scenario nor am I trying to claim I'm the next Bearable Guy. I predicted the price hitting what it did and managed to snag roughly 20% increase to the amount of XRP I staked on the trade at the end of the day I don't care if my prediction was right or wrong I care about financial gain through trading and because of what I thought sold at 0.425c (euro) and bought in at 0.325c (euro) making me a decent profit no need to be so confrontational just happy for my gain sorry it made you feel the need to argue that I was wrong not right 🤷 Also maybe it fe
  5. Took a while for it to happen but it hit my prediction of .3 euro for a solid 10 seconds before going bouncing up to .35
  6. No wonder all american companies move their headquarters eg google in Ireland.
  7. As an Irish man I can honestly say guy fawkes is a ******* legend
  8. Unfortunately when I first invested in XRP it was late 2018 early 2019 at around 0.33c price range that’s in euros, I am young (20 at the time) and dumped a huge amount of the money I had into it and due to me not having my priorities straight and having a bad breakup I decided the best use for my XRP was to exchange it to Bitcoin followed by buying a shit ton of weed off the dark web. Retrospectively it was a bad decision but **** was the weed good 😅😂
  9. Wish I was in early enough to buy at 0.15c lol
  10. I believe you’re looking at this a little bit strangely to assume past events predict future ones is a solid assumption in most cases but I feel a lot more average investors are getting into Crypto more now than was evident in the 2017-2018, people saw during that bullrun how much money was to be made and some people who didn’t buy in because of FOMO at the time are looking at buying in now not to mention apps like eToro and others allowing everyday people to buy crypto without the need for exchanges and wallet which some people may find confusing. Just my two cents your guess is as good as mi
  11. Hope so sold 20% of my bag at 0.6 think it’ll crash back to resistance then crash again tomorrow when weak hands fold due to their being no news from the case tomorrow. Buy order placed at roughly 0.425 level as I wanted to play on the safe side but might cancel and see where we sit in 24hrs time
  12. Great Idea will stop people who have no interest in Flare seeing news irrelevant to them and their investment while also giving the people who plan to have both a space to talk about both on the one site!
  13. Imagine reading a forum for a “shitcoin” you’re contradicting yourself by even posting here if it was such a “shitcoin” why do you care about reading and even more effort replying to posts here.
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