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  1. Just want to add with all of the animosity on the forum. XRP being traded over $2 and steady would put many in a much better mood imo.
  2. Hard for me too imagine not selling....before then. Im only working 6-7 more years as is. So, XRP would have to hit $15 before then, but since the amount I would need decreases each year from XRP holdings unless it happens real soon I cant imagine Ill be around when/if it hits that #. As you know my targets are low $1-$3 2019 and will adjust from there.
  3. My opinion as a older person using it. Carry on geesh.
  4. 173 billion now just seems like a very far goal post currently!
  5. I read that it didnt scream positive to me in terms of what I care about xRapid lol.
  6. Who would use that? Looks like it was built by a teenager...just my opinion.
  7. We would have to define "full scale" to continue. Good discussion ya'll keep it up
  8. If true this would be akin to the pump n dump scam of the 90s with OTC penny stocks where "pumpers" and "brokers" would flood any media feasible to increase the price while the company or insiders sold for a profit. Or message board pumpers in the early 2000's with those same penny and OTC stocks Pink sheet stocks again..... I'm not sure we want to make those assertions, right?
  9. I read his blog......O/S is too high, reduced float isnt accounted for, speculation isnt accounted for, but he also assumes 100% penetration/usage .......his ratio is a shot in the dark could be higher could be lower. Either way even if low .....his coin price was higher than the price today so
  10. Well I hope so too, but it has to cause people to buy!!
  11. Okay I have no clue what that means. Use common sense I wish XRP was $100 by 1/1/2019, but logic says great news has been infinitely better than last year yet XRP barely crawls. To think this will suddenly change magically is odd to me. Cheers for all of us to have a solid return that meets our expectations.
  12. Use doesnt mean people buy and hold xrp. There will be lag look at all of the great news and xrp just sits around. It will take a ton of usage before the investment community jumps back in, imo.
  13. .48 to $3 is pretty good considering the state of the market.
  14. I only need about 300k extra.....without that I need to work a extra 6-7 years
  15. Im old Ringer .......47 lol. Without going in to details (Im good with a extra 375k). I could lol.
  16. Just hope the marketcap isnt 120 billion when it happens
  17. I bought from Coinbase BTC at 5310 ($3k will transfer and accumulate more XRP) My goal is 125k with a DCA of .60 or less after that Im done. $3 which I believe we could see in 12-18 months would be retired at 49! (YES,I ONLY NEED A COUPLE 100K MORE)
  18. Where is become rich with "We will never see prices this low again!"
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