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  1. Don't forget all this much excite, very bullish Coinbase chat..
  2. So skiping joyfully past this next dip, and ofc picking up the remainder of my 20k. When this next rally/run happens, what sort of position are people goi g to take their 1st wallop of profit? The last ath happened over a what felt like a few days. I was a big time nooby and had no idea what was going on. Am I foolish expecting a roof at $3.6?
  3. This is a good idea in general. Also forces peoples hands to become more of an active member. I've been happily sitting on the side line until now, hodling and acumilating silently. Time to make my voice heard now I guess. So hi all, especially Hi to all the new guys n gals here. I think you'll soon be glad you discovered now generous and kind the xrp community is... Once we get bast that big hair bouncer...
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