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  1. What's the relationship to the tank tho? Don't recall that being part of BG123 riddle.
  2. Your contribution is worth its weight in gold. I will have to use it some time as an inside joke.
  3. Contrary to what the earlier posters posited, all I really intended to do is have laid back discussion about not taking news at face value. This community hangs to every word that is dropped. Any grain of hope lights an immediate flame. I think that as we as investors, and i presume hodlers, mature it's best to adopt a more laid back and skeptical view of things. I also thought that Trx and Xzc pairing was ****. It's a bit of a spit in the face to Xrp, that other major exchanges have to "try out Xrp" when it's the leading currency in adoption and practical use, arguably best of 2018, and No. 2 on CMC. I also think that CZ is a bit of a shady dude. Mind explaining this part a little better? Not sure if this was directed at OP or what. I completely agree with what you said. Not sure about Q1 tho, but within next 12 mo. Cryptos and exchanges are so manipulated and shady, i think neglecting this is to the detriment of the investor. Price suppression and exacerbation is so rampant, with Xrp being on the negative side of this, rich whales buying and dumping and moving markets by 20%...etc. I think healthy skepticism is a must for new investors. I learned this the hard way burning tens of thousands away without any guidance. Right now retail investors are scared shitless, but the tide will turn again and stupid money will be made each day, and the hype and stupidity will return once again. Don't get me wrong, i'm not a do-gooder, i really don't give a ****. Just doing to learn more myself and promote a more balanced and mature community, so i can get better news and discussion. Also what the **** is up with the hostility here? So many self-entitled posters think they are experts. There are many well-versed knowledgeable people that remain as lurkers because of this ****.
  4. I'm surprised XRP hasn't gained volume on simply moving money across exchanges yet. (Maybe it has, someone please correct me). It's the fastest and cheapest way for moving things around.
  5. I love it! May I have some more please? Let's rally all together against HIM. NOBODY calls us a kiddo and gets away with it. We shall find quotes, draw OUR strength from numbers. NOW brothers, the fire has been kindled, and we are in festive spirit to "discuss". Let's all toast to THEE occasion.
  6. Lol. Alright kiddos, return to your lambos, prophets and big dreams. It's absolutely terrible that ANYONE insinuate that things may not be as they appear. Let's crucify him! Burn his house! That heathen!!! I'm super pro-xrp, but a discussion without bashing on anything that seems contrarian is not possible on these forums. Thanks guys!
  7. I'm not insinuating anything, other than this is NOT a gift to either community. This is a for profit business. The pairs seemed sketchy, same pairs listed by other exchange on same day were most likely coordinated. I'm not invoking any boogeymen, but only asking to take good news with grain of salt, and healthy skepticism.
  8. Of course not. XRP is associated with fucken riddlers and prophets, and mostly noobs looking for "inside scoop". I am just looking to have an open, non-tinfoil hat discussion, and promote similar discussions in the future, that reinforce investors to do their own thinking and analyze others' actions and read between the lines.
  9. That's one perspective, yes. I'm not denying this. I was hoping someone more well versed in Trx-Xrp linkage and underwater exchange affairs could also chime in. We are all aware of massive price manipulation by nearly all exchanges, listing, and in some cases not-listing of crypto currencies, whichever is more beneficial for the exchange owners' personal interests.
  10. Right. I just think there is more to the later part that you reference. Perhaps he received donations from XRP and Trx "Santas", so he just said- **** it, both your communities have been shilling so hard, there, i will just list you together, thanks for the contributions, and media exposure. Perhaps he had his own angles with the two Chinese coins. Or, maybe Ripple Santa wanted to start making in roads into China, and CZ wasn't willing to risk EOS exposure, and they agreed on Trx to test the waters out.
  11. I'm really not grumpy at all . I just think the XRP community gets excited very easily about things without taking off the rose-coloured glasses. I've been guilty of that in the past as well. Since the initial hype has died down, i thought it appropriate to address this, and look between the lines a bit. Trx and Z-coin is Chinese. XRP paired to both on other exchange as well yesterday. Also as a reminder, that this is no gift to anyone but Binance. The coca-cola analogy doesn't work here bc CZ has no risk listing XRP with TRX and Z-coin, no customers to disappoint. But obviously potential profits for himself.
  12. But what's interesting to me is that CZ presented it as "gift". And I think that's hardly the case. This is what i'm interested in. This isn't a tin-foil hat discussion, rather an attempt at an objective look for his reasons for doing this.
  13. Link me to that explanation please. I thought he was referring to something else when he was mentioning donations.
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