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  1. Fair point. So let's say that we're talking about open source technology that fulfills some interoperability requirements such that the token/coin/currency can be easily incorporated into existing systems. XRP could find itself running to catch up and in the meantime, the challenger is taking over utility cases previously fulfilled by XRP. Would you consider that a possibility? I'm just trying to figure out how things might pan out when the inevitable challenge arises.
  2. Couldn't intellectual property rights prevent this if a challenger showed up with some better tech?
  3. There are so many influencing factors that I don't think it's possible to say it will definitely or will never hit $1000. I would love it if it did but it would require a LOT of things to fall into place so, to me, it seems pretty unlikely. I would suspect that XRP will be superseded by some superior technology before it reaches that point. God I would be happy to be proven wrong however!
  4. I think Bakkt is more likely to have an effect on medium term price movement. I wouldn't expect much in the short term though, it will take time for things to start moving as institutions won't just dive in on launch date.
  5. MoneyTap is only xCurrent for now. I think they do have plans to incorporate xRapid for cross-border transactions in future though.
  6. Interesting that the effective date is the 1st of Jan 2017. Does that mean that any tax collected after that date that would be exempted by this bill would have to be refunded if it was passed?
  7. Still the same answer I'm afraid. A bank might use Corda to settle, SWIFT won't.
  8. Swift is never going to use XRP, it is a messaging service not a settlement system.
  9. Sure, but those banks won't be the first adopters. It will start with the smaller banks who are currently forking out to these bigger banks for their correspondent banking. Give them an option that's cheaper and faster, once properly regulated, and I think we'll start to see some movement.
  10. Fascinating discussion. It's interesting to hear SWIFT's take on the future of payments, especially since I think they are deluded in their assertion that blockchain technology is still a way off yet. Have they not realised that a number of companies are already adopting it for their payments and it's only a matter of time before banks are forced into making the change themselves? Nothing was ever built from a place of comfort; SWIFT have been shoved out of their comfort zone and their response was GPI... not going to cut the mustard in the long run.
  11. Naimless

    BTC, XRP, the XRP ledger and evangelism.

    Excellent article, thank you. I think, at times like these, the XRP community would be wise to take heed of a quote by Plato: "When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them."
  12. Me: Gosh, what's that smell, that's disgusting! *lift door opens and Brad exits while trying to stifle a giggle.*
  13. I think they were talking about the moderator, who was indeed Ross Leckow of the IMF.
  14. Surely all DAs are priced based on an idea of potential future utility. If not, what is their worth? People speculatively invest because they believe the asset will increase in value based on an expectation of future utility. I don't think it's correct to say that any DA is underpriced or overpriced as no DA is actually being used in any significant amount for anything, the prices are almost 100% based on speculation. To boil it down, the price is simply what someone is willing to pay for it and that makes it fair market value in my eyes.