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  1. First the Ripple/Moneygram deal and now this... muscles are starting to be flexed.
  2. Well as Bitcoin doesn't have a use case I don't think that an alternative is needed. What use would it serve?
  3. My point was that Bitcoin has no use case that can't be better met by some other asset that is not so wasteful. Gold is not just used as a store of value, it is used in dentistry, electronics, jewellery, etc. To argue that the two are comparable is to look at it with a very blinkered view. If you want to use a digital asset as a store of value then why not use one of the many technically superior assets that do not use a PoW system? Bitcoin is, regardless of what maxis say, based on a now obsolete consensus algorithm and, if sense prevails, it will slowly fade into the background as technically superior, more efficient technologies take its place.
  4. Why ban gold mining? Is there a better alternative to gold out there that we don't know about? No. The two are not comparable. BTC is wasteful and it's only use case now is to make it's holders wealthy. Sorry, but I don't see how using all that energy to make a handful of people, relative to global population, better off is good for anyone but that handful of people.
  5. Etoro stores their crypto in a secure cold wallet so it should be fine to leave it with them.
  6. Pretty sure that it has nothing to do with it being Ripple and more to do with the $30m (potentially $50m) cash injection that the business desperately needed. That's not to say I don't think this is a great move by Ripple. I do, and I'm sure it's going to play a part in pushing xRapid forward in terms of additional corridors and increased liquidity. Looking forward to the next year or two!
  7. A big announcement or some other as yet unknown event could drive the price wildly up or down, but I think, if nothing dramatic happens, these numbers are probably about right.
  8. This assumes all 100B are liquid which would never be the case.
  9. Sure is, I have a few positions at around 0.9 that I'd like to see go green! Thanks for the reply. Going to be an interesting summer I think.
  10. All sounds plausible, thanks for the analysis. Do you expect a correction after this? Or a new higher low?
  11. None, Xpring is a different thing entirely. There are a few companies, although maybe not classed as 'big', that already are or will soon be using xRapid. These include MercuryFX, Euro Exim Bank, Omni, Catalyst Credit Union, Cuallix, JNFX, FlashFX and more.
  12. This is probably the closest anyone has come. https://xrpcommunity.blog/xrapid-separating-signal-from-background/
  13. I assume it's to do with the New York Bitlicense. Coinbase has got one but I suspect there may be some regulatory issue which means they can't currently sell in NY.
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