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  1. This whole notion of some secret rich whale society seems a little tinfoil hat'ish. I don't disagree that manipulation is happening. I'm confident people are paid to produce pro or con "news" articles and forum posts, but do you really think they're coordinated. How would that even work? Some secret society discord channel? I'm confident they're as disjoined as us. The difference is all it takes is one investor with a couple of million to invest in media to drive markets in their favor... or, better yet, the popularity to do it for free with a few tweets. Those playing this media game might recognize when others are doing so as well, but we small pocket investors can also see and track these patterns. I just don't think there is some secret whale society making coordinated moves. Feel free to prove me wrong by pm'ing me the link to where ever they are coordinating these strategies
  2. Is that our favorite caped crusader hanging out upside down on the 3m chart?
  3. well, technically 2 of those were actually from the 70's.
  4. You know, once upon a time I would have argued that, despite a coin not representing an institution with objective fiscal reporting, market cap was still relevant and something you should consider when doing your due diligence on a coin. But as I type this, Doge is the 6th largest coin by market cap. Pretty sure any argument I make in favor of crypto market cap relevance is immediately lost due to this fact. So yeah, as long as buyers out pace sellers for what ever crazy reason, price, and specifically market cap, can really go anywhere.
  5. I'm a bit disappointed how accurate this prediction (made back in June 2018) is turning out. If this pattern continues to hold, the show could be over for this year.
  6. I see someone is getting experimental with their hopium formulas.
  7. Convert it to BTC. Oh lighten up, I'm joking around... mostly.
  8. A surprising amount of people on twitter don't seem to understand circulating supply. BTC going from ~$10USD in 2012 to $50,000USD today is the equivalent of XRP going from $0.002USD to $20.52USD. So yes, XRP going to some 4 or 5 digit USD value is completely laughable.
  9. You mean when there is no real news. Nothing will be resolved on the 22nd, this lawsuit is going to go on for a while. There may be a bit of a pump this weekend banking on people not realizing this, but I imagine it will be flat or dropping on the 22nd.
  10. Woo page 589! It's a sign... or not. I'll return to my hole now.
  11. Great, WSB's is leaking over. You may want to try reddit.com/r/ripple or twitter if you're into meme investing.
  12. We'll see soon enough, but I suspect the retrace is about to begin.
  13. There is going to be a bias. Those who have exited completely are likely not checking into "XRP"chat that often any more. I personally converted my stack to BTC and ETH when it started to drop, but while I was still ahead (upper .40s) and then bought back about 20% of my original stack at .21. I'm planning on just letting that little bit ride. The gains I've made with BTC and ETH should cover my losses if XRP goes to 0. If this little legal entanglement gets wrapped up next year and the price takes off, hopefully that 20% will be enough for some respectable gains. Just hope there is an exchange left that I can sell on at that time
  14. Ha. Good luck on that. Do you want tringles drawn on graphs, waves with letters and numbers, graph overlays of 2016/2017? I can say in the next two weeks BTC will be higher based on it following a predictable pattern and larger investors jumping in. Hell, maybe those "wall street bonuses" are actually playing a role. XRP may follow BTC up as traders in BTC sell towards the top of this latest rise and drop some in alts. But XRP is a strange coin. My gut says we'll either be much higher (over a dollar) or a little lower (upper .40s). I can only back this up with gut feelings from past performance patterns so don't waste your time challenging it. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong.
  15. Assuming our current XRP pattern is the same pattern we saw playing out at the end of March 2017, XRP's next break out should take us to or over the ATH, and very soon. It will be very interesting to see if anything like that actually happens. I'm very skeptical. The next week or two will really solidify if XRP can repeat its patterns the same way BTC does.
  16. Nice, how do you get that "volume at price" graph in tradingview?
  17. hmm, slipped back into the .50s, you might need to reconsider your "responsible injecting" campaign. Could probably use more hopium to keep this rise going.
  18. and we just made it through .53. I was right about the spike, but I'm wrong (probably) about the retrace.
  19. or, probably more realistically, we spike to .53 in the next 24 - 36 hours followed by a couple days of slowly dropping to about 39.
  20. Never in my life have I seen a market follow such an obvious pattern, yet, watching BTC play out as it had in the past is what kept me from selling in 2018 and 2019. It can't be this easy though, can it? I mean, the fundamentals today aren't really that different from several months ago. I want to believe, but I also feel like I'm walking into a trap.
  21. Actually, Ripple (open coin) was founded in 2012, so it is 8 years old. When Microsoft was 6 (1981) they partnered with IBM to provide MS-DOS on new IBM machines. By the time the company was 8 (1983) MS-DOS was one of the most popular operating systems available. A year later Bill Gates was featured on the cover of Time magazine (April '84) So no, Microsoft actually saw a lot of growth during its first decade, and its success came from the actual adoption of its product. You might want to try another analogy.
  22. So 70+% of the followers on Twitter believe XRP will be worth $100. This solidifies why I don't have a Twitter account and why don't read the garbage posted there. Another interesting metric would be to see, of those 70%, how many are 20 something's still living with their parents.
  23. Yes, we do want ODL adoption, and yes that would come through RippleNet, but there is a much bigger problem here. None of these companies use ODL. Corridors outside of the US don't use ODL. FI's never speak of ODL in their forums. Yes, we want RippleNet adoption, but more so we want to hear that these companies that are on RippleNet want to use it. So far it seems every FI on RippleNet is there for the speedy messaging service and new payment networks. Not ODL. This includes FI's outside the US. Why don't we see FI's excited about ODL? It's been said the more FI's that use ODL, the cheaper it becomes. Why isn't there a campaign from the banks and FI's to start adopting it if that is indeed the case? Every business wants to save money. So no, I'm not going to start celebrating every company that jumps onto RippleNet until I start seeing some/any interest at all in ODL from a couple of these companies. Right now, with the IPO looming and non-crypto competition rising from companies like Ant, I'm starting to think I backed the wrong horse.
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