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  1. I can understand this as a reason to not keep up the blog, but to completely disappear, that seems fishy. Yes, he did say he would post under another account, but his writing style and (sorry Hodor fans) pompous way of disagreeing was fairly unique. He clearly isn't posting in these forums any more. In the end it's probably healthier for investors. You really should do your own due diligence and get your news from as close to the source as possible instead of waiting for someone to aggregate it and feed it to you through their personal lens. Something something fake news...
  2. Maybe I'm too dense to get this, but I still don't see how "utility volume" will have any affect at all on price, with the exception of when utility volume is enough to buy out the order book on an exchange. I mean even then, the transfer results in a near instant sell that theoretically over sells at the destinations. Market makers and arbitrage trading will keep these discrepancies balanced out amongst the exchanges. I can imagine though that price will rise to a level that would accommodate these larger transactions. Essentially normalizing the price values across exchanges, but even with trillions of dollars flowing through ever day, unless a significant portion of total XRP tokens are being held by speculators, the price doesn't have to be much higher than it's is now to accommodate that kind of volume. I mean, with a 5 second transaction speed and tens of billions of tokens actively being traded, wouldn't a price around a dollar a token be enough to handle swift like volumes. Yes, most tokens are held right now, but as utility continues to ramp up, more escrow tokens will be purchased each month. The whole system will continue to scale, growing in transaction volume but not necessarily in price. Aside from spill over from the arbitrage-like trading amongst all cryptocoins (aka the reason all coins gain and lose together) I see nothing increasing the XRP price for at least a decade, if ever.
  3. I like the idea of course. Just like I like the idea of XRP hitting $10 tomorrow, or $300 next week. I just don't think any of it is going to happen. I'm sure there will be a bull market starting soon from the halvening, but I don't think we (BTC or XRP) are going to raise as much as we did in 2017. Going simply off the idea that history repeats itself, you can see a pattern of diminishing returns on post halving bull runs. As for XRP achieving that price on its own. All indicators show the remittance market is still cold, or the very best, luke warm on the idea of using XRP. At it's current rate of growth and adoption, I simply do not see us getting to the utility required to get us to that kind of range. Definitely not in 2 years.
  4. If only XRP price increased a penny every time this thread increased another page... ~sigh~ Sorry, resume the TA.
  5. One moment, let me go find a coin to flip...
  6. Interest rate changes, cheaper bank loans, quantitative easing, mass bond buying... Oh right, forgot where we were. It's totally XRP. Woo $589 incoming
  7. NDA's... oh, I thought that's just what you're supposed to say when you can't find XRP where you would hope to find it.
  8. I don't disagree that as traditional investments lose profitability, investors will turn to new markets potentially taking on a higher risk reward model. But crypto really is closer to gambling than investing. Besides the fact that determining what the "value" of the market is today or will be tomorrow is near impossible, we still have yet to see if our own beloved XRP is ever going to be used in a capacity that raises it's price. If you check casino stocks or gambling figures during recessions, you see they drop like everything else. I agree that there is a large possibility that global economies have been artificially supported by monetary policy (I mean negative interest rates, sheesh) and that this recent virus induced sell off may be the catalyst for popping the economic bubble, but as traditional investments turn sour, shy of the tin foil hat #xrpthestandard theories coming true, I will not be investing any additional money in this market. I'm curious, did your macro hedge fund managers specifically mention moving into crypto? Seems most professionals I speak to still suggest it's too risky to take seriously.
  9. Oh yes, the stock markets this week have made me weary. Maybe I should pull out those investments and move them to the even more unpredictable, highly speculative world of crypto. That seems like a great financial plan.
  10. Although I cautiously agree with you, if you look at the prior 2 quarterly reports, the Ripple reimbursement was higher. So you might infer that, as ODL is ramping up, the cost is slowly dropping. Also note, that the most significant ODL increases happened in Q1 of this year so the next report should be interesting. Still, though, there is always that concern that Ripple is idealistic and willing to burn through all the free money we have been gratiously providing them over the years to get this dead horse to dance.
  11. Why are you here? If you find the discussions to be rubbish, please move on and spill your negativity elsewhere. No one analyzing any crypto is getting it right all the time... but that's not the point. TA isn't about knowing exactly where the price will be in 'x' days. I mean think about it, if someone could do that, they'd very quickly develop a large following which, at some point, would then change the behavior of the market rendering their method inaccurate. So you can be confident no one is posting highly accurate price predictions. TA is about possibilities to help better inform investing decisions. Almost every prediction is going to have a break up or break down option. But the TA gives you a better idea of when those price actions are likely to happen, and what the price is likely to rise or drop to. If you don't see the value in that, you really have no business being part of a TA discussion. Finally, like with all forms of analysis, never just listen to one source. Every person performing technical analysis uses their own methods. To get the most out of TA follow multiple people who at least show some sign that they know what they are doing. Combine their findings with your own analysis, and you can generally make fairly informed decisions. Now, I am curious about your methods. Would you like to share with us the analysis you have used to determine that XRP will grow to $20?
  12. Not coins, dollars. Who do you think everyone who has been DCA'ing for the past two years has been buying from? With the halvening coming up, the giant Ponsi scheme that is crypto is getting rolling. Time to turn that money into coins again to offload on everyone who comes late to the party. I'm only concerned there are more of us waiting this time to partake. I'm uncertain if we just barely get back to ATH before dropping, or if we shoot past it. Time will tell.
  13. Should have used ETH to make your point. It's up 53% in the last 4 weeks compared to XRPs 25%. I'm confident this rise has nothing to do with utility.
  14. Jokes on them, you'll be 20 cents richer when XRP hits $589
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