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  1. Because it cheapens the integrity of the community. When people come out with unsubstantiated news or unrealistic price expectation (589, 1000, ect...), especially when their information originated from the cesspool that is the Twitter and YouTube communities, they should be called out. If you're going to bring that garbage here with out any legitimate evidence or intelligent argument as to why it is valid, I think a few sarcastic comments are perfectly fair.
  2. If that's truely the case then the only advice I have is to not allow yourself to fall victim to the social media hype. Many, actually I think it's safe to say most, Twitter/YouTubers/crypto sites write what they write to either drive up their traffic (aka, make money) or, due to little regulation, are part of larger effort to manipulate markets. Pay attention to announcements and moves from 1st class entities only, and due your due diligence to ensure those sources actually made those announcements or moves. Don't underestimate the power of human greed or you're likely to fall victim to it.
  3. Based on this post, and his recent MoneyGram post, I'm suspicious of McRipples intentions. Some group is trying to get these rumors to fly. McRipples "innocent" questioning of them seems like an attempt to give them some validation.
  4. What if we combined OP's suggestion with its original name, something like 'Zerp' + 'Ripple' : ' Zerpple'. Nah ignore that, that's a stupid name.
  5. That's the interesting thing about crypto, how do you determine it's market value. Sure utility will bring confidence which should raise the price initially, but then what, won't it still be speculative?
  6. That driver is John Romero, he pretty much invented the first person shooter gaming genre. He is a bit of a rock star in the industry. This is a software developer conference, it's not going to look wall street at all. As a developer myself, I recognize many of these speakers. They are big names in the industry.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but with the ever increasing circulating supply, a 2017-like bull run will continue to grow harder to recreate.
  8. 1$ Do we ever reach it or not? Thoughts?
  9. I guess you are right. I apologize, I've spent too much time reading Reddit and Twitter. It's sometimes hard to differentiate the sarcasm from those being serious. I'll try not to be so quick to jump to conclusions in the future.
  10. No offense, but I'd really like to slap the next person who says this. I think some people give the "whales" to much credit. Yes, crypto is not tied to any real value so it is easier to manipulate than traditional stocks and commodities. Yes, groups will coordinate media campaigns and trigger buy frenzies. But I find it hard to believe that there is some secret whale society (outside possibly Ripple itself) that is controlling the over all long term market. And this "shake out weak hands" BS. I'm sure with about a year and a half of losses, the weak hands are gone.
  11. Wow, such a pessimist. If BTC made it to 20k, XRP could very easily achieve highs of .36 or even possibly .368
  12. Why would he use XRP to pay taxes if he he had any reason to believe they would be more valuable in the near future...
  13. Most of us are hoping XRP will decouple and grow on its own merits. Most of us also realize that could be years from now. Until that happens, we're riding the BTC roller coaster so we should probably keep an eye on where it's going.
  14. Crawl, walk, trip, drag, claim you're further along than you are, stand, limp, walk, run. Got it!
  15. Your definition of "long" appears to differ from mine
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