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  1. Actually, Ripple (open coin) was founded in 2012, so it is 8 years old. When Microsoft was 6 (1981) they partnered with IBM to provide MS-DOS on new IBM machines. By the time the company was 8 (1983) MS-DOS was one of the most popular operating systems available. A year later Bill Gates was featured on the cover of Time magazine (April '84) So no, Microsoft actually saw a lot of growth during its first decade, and its success came from the actual adoption of its product. You might want to try another analogy.
  2. So 70+% of the followers on Twitter believe XRP will be worth $100. This solidifies why I don't have a Twitter account and why don't read the garbage posted there. Another interesting metric would be to see, of those 70%, how many are 20 something's still living with their parents.
  3. Yes, we do want ODL adoption, and yes that would come through RippleNet, but there is a much bigger problem here. None of these companies use ODL. Corridors outside of the US don't use ODL. FI's never speak of ODL in their forums. Yes, we want RippleNet adoption, but more so we want to hear that these companies that are on RippleNet want to use it. So far it seems every FI on RippleNet is there for the speedy messaging service and new payment networks. Not ODL. This includes FI's outside the US. Why don't we see FI's excited about ODL? It's been said the more FI's that use ODL, the che
  4. and McDonalds is partnered with Visa. Soon we'll be able to order happy meals with XRP. Connect the dots everyone. Or... financial companies work with each other in many different ways. Just because one in the giant network of businesses has the ability to use XRP, doesn't mean all (or any for that matter) of the others are even considering changing their partnership interfaces or payment systems in any capacity. When one of the companies, any one of these companies, announces that they are actually using XRP and that it is actually saving them money, then i'll care. U
  5. You are correct, I over simplified. Still, search for "RTGS Global" (in quotes) and you'll see all the financial sites and groups that are talking about it. You don't see Ripple/ODL typically discussed often in these groups. I'm not concerned if XRP is up to the task of updating the global remittances world. I'm concerned that the global remittance world doesn't care, or at the very least, doesn't take Ripples solution seriously.
  6. There are several replies in this thread that properly identify how XRP/ODL might be a superior solution. But there is a long history of the superior product/service not being the adopted product/service. It is true that banks want faster transactions, but I don't think they are willing to give up the status quo or take leaps of faith on a technology (cryptocurrency) that may be lost to history as a failed fad. If you think that's ludicrous, do a simple search for "RTGS" in your favorite search engine. You'll find numerous financial industry related sites, including banks, talking about
  7. So I've been seeing a contradiction lately. Some say XRP is being used and ODL is growing. Some say we don't see XRP being used because companies are waiting for regulatory clarity? Then how is XRP/ODL being used now? Are these just companies that are gambling that the regulations will eventually come in their favor? What specifically needs to be clarified for FIs to use ODL?
  8. Clearly Eric123 should stop showering. Were in a pandemic, why do you need to shower in the first place?
  9. "Instant payments" does not equal XRP. Yes Ryan Zagone is on the steering committee, but there were 16 proposals being reviewed. I thought I read a report last year from the faster payments task force that showed they didn't feel Ripple/XRP checked all of the boxes for what they were looking for. If I recall it was one of the fastest, but didn't meet all of the other critera. The TCH proposal I believe was the favored. Having trouble finding it now. Honestly, if any crypto is used in the solution, its going to be some USD pegged solution. The only good news I see for XRP in this is th
  10. Do you have any sources for these reports? The part that has worried me the most is the lack of discussions of Ripple and XRP in fintech and other financial sites I visit. It seems most data I find on the web either comes directly from Ripple, or comes from individuals with a vested interest in seeing XRP rise in price. I've been having problems locating discussions and success stories of the technology itself.
  11. Whelp, good luck on your adventure. Ripple is a private company and doesn't have to disclose anything. Many people have looked for facts before, but when they didn't find anything, the community declared they are all hidden behind non disclosure agreements. You get a lot of 'like minded individuals" together to research topics that lack clear facts and, well, your dot connecting won't be limited to the weekends. Every major religion has members who study their respective religion to look for "facts" that they can share with others. Despite many of these religions being in conflict w
  12. Maybe, how about: I'll cut you down so low, you'll make the price of XRP look good.
  13. Oh I see, we're just hoping to be able to cash out on a crazy pumped price that will come crashing down as quickly as it shot up. Like a penny stock pump and dump scheme. Okay, I can see that for prices in the tens of dollars, but the amount of substantial base you would need to get into the hundreds or thousands of dollars makes it hard to believe. I mean, the order book is only going to remain thin as long as price isn't moving, as soon as price starts to go up more and more sell orders or going to be placed, The higher it goes, the more people are going to want to sell their positio
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