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  1. Wow, such a pessimist. If BTC made it to 20k, XRP could very easily achieve highs of .36 or even possibly .368
  2. Why would he use XRP to pay taxes if he he had any reason to believe they would be more valuable in the near future...
  3. Most of us are hoping XRP will decouple and grow on its own merits. Most of us also realize that could be years from now. Until that happens, we're riding the BTC roller coaster so we should probably keep an eye on where it's going.
  4. Crawl, walk, trip, drag, claim you're further along than you are, stand, limp, walk, run. Got it!
  5. Your definition of "long" appears to differ from mine
  6. Oh yeah, nothing bad ever came from mindlessly following others. Critical thinking is the tool of demons and fudsters. The bear probably does have a lot of information, likely works with many of the crypto/xrp "news" sites. Here is some nice Sunday evening reading for some of you https://tinyurl.com/y5sfkyl7
  7. If you own Ripple, you already are. If you own XRP, well, probably depends on your definition of rich. If you're like those kids posting on YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, probably never.
  8. ... and the whales start chumming the waters again.
  9. What connections? Most have been over-the-top theories that just because one major institution is working with a ripple partner, their relationship has something to do with XRP. At best, these have turned out to be partnerships that involve the use of xCurrent, but most turn out to be unrelated as financial institutions are large and partner with all sorts of fintech companies for all sorts of varying solutions.
  10. It's not about market cap, its about XRP quantity. I think people fall back to market cap because either 1) they are used to stocks where market cap is used to compare to company financial sheets to determine if current price is over or under valued (meaningless in crypto), or 2) they sense that the quantity of XRP has an affect on the ability of it to rise but rely on market cap (which has volume calculated in) to incorrectly express this. So yes, market cap means nothing in crypto, however total quantity of XRP does.
  11. Google, Yahoo, Twitter... sure they are all household names now, but think about the first time you heard them. Silly non-sense really.
  12. I don't know, my dog, an active member of the dog network with insider information, disagrees. He's probably just a fudster though.
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