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  1. NDA's... oh, I thought that's just what you're supposed to say when you can't find XRP where you would hope to find it.
  2. I don't disagree that as traditional investments lose profitability, investors will turn to new markets potentially taking on a higher risk reward model. But crypto really is closer to gambling than investing. Besides the fact that determining what the "value" of the market is today or will be tomorrow is near impossible, we still have yet to see if our own beloved XRP is ever going to be used in a capacity that raises it's price. If you check casino stocks or gambling figures during recessions, you see they drop like everything else. I agree that there is a large possibility that global economies have been artificially supported by monetary policy (I mean negative interest rates, sheesh) and that this recent virus induced sell off may be the catalyst for popping the economic bubble, but as traditional investments turn sour, shy of the tin foil hat #xrpthestandard theories coming true, I will not be investing any additional money in this market. I'm curious, did your macro hedge fund managers specifically mention moving into crypto? Seems most professionals I speak to still suggest it's too risky to take seriously.
  3. Oh yes, the stock markets this week have made me weary. Maybe I should pull out those investments and move them to the even more unpredictable, highly speculative world of crypto. That seems like a great financial plan.
  4. Although I cautiously agree with you, if you look at the prior 2 quarterly reports, the Ripple reimbursement was higher. So you might infer that, as ODL is ramping up, the cost is slowly dropping. Also note, that the most significant ODL increases happened in Q1 of this year so the next report should be interesting. Still, though, there is always that concern that Ripple is idealistic and willing to burn through all the free money we have been gratiously providing them over the years to get this dead horse to dance.
  5. Why are you here? If you find the discussions to be rubbish, please move on and spill your negativity elsewhere. No one analyzing any crypto is getting it right all the time... but that's not the point. TA isn't about knowing exactly where the price will be in 'x' days. I mean think about it, if someone could do that, they'd very quickly develop a large following which, at some point, would then change the behavior of the market rendering their method inaccurate. So you can be confident no one is posting highly accurate price predictions. TA is about possibilities to help better inform investing decisions. Almost every prediction is going to have a break up or break down option. But the TA gives you a better idea of when those price actions are likely to happen, and what the price is likely to rise or drop to. If you don't see the value in that, you really have no business being part of a TA discussion. Finally, like with all forms of analysis, never just listen to one source. Every person performing technical analysis uses their own methods. To get the most out of TA follow multiple people who at least show some sign that they know what they are doing. Combine their findings with your own analysis, and you can generally make fairly informed decisions. Now, I am curious about your methods. Would you like to share with us the analysis you have used to determine that XRP will grow to $20?
  6. Not coins, dollars. Who do you think everyone who has been DCA'ing for the past two years has been buying from? With the halvening coming up, the giant Ponsi scheme that is crypto is getting rolling. Time to turn that money into coins again to offload on everyone who comes late to the party. I'm only concerned there are more of us waiting this time to partake. I'm uncertain if we just barely get back to ATH before dropping, or if we shoot past it. Time will tell.
  7. Should have used ETH to make your point. It's up 53% in the last 4 weeks compared to XRPs 25%. I'm confident this rise has nothing to do with utility.
  8. Jokes on them, you'll be 20 cents richer when XRP hits $589
  9. Great, I have no doubt that Ripple is working with these groups and is indeed helping to lay the foundation for how financial transactions are managed in the future. But this is because of their role with the development of ILP. What about XRP? Nothing here suggests to me that XRP is playing any role in FIGI or the overall UFA2020 initiatives. I find it much more likely that the end state will be several sovereign coins unified through ILP. Countries probably like their walled gardens. Am I missing something?
  10. Libra, JPMC, USC... seems something is missing. I continue to see Ripple working with all of these companies, but mainly in the ILP tools category. I'm not seeing anything promising about XRP itself. Maybe I'm missing something.
  11. Devil's advocate; What if you were unsure this XRP thing had a future (who knows, maybe due to some kind of upcoming regulation.) If your biggest asset could at sometime decrease greatly and rapidly, but you still have a successful business model for building fintech tools (messaging, ILP bridges, ect...), wouldn't you consider not relying on the XRP and look for stable investment money instead?
  12. How do you predict the pattern of value in something that has no inherent value. It's as much art as it is science. I have seen no one get it completely correct, but I have seen @Molten call far more correct patterns than most. Unlike your comment, I find his insightful and valuable. Let me remind you that this is the price and speculation group, created specifically for short and long term discussions/speculations on price. If you have nothing to contribute to such a discussion except for the mockery of others, I kindly ask you to unsubscribe.
  13. These predictions look nice on paper, but do you really believe there will be enough new investment money to support attaining such levels? I feel like it's possible we may see a new ath, but if we do, it won't be much higher than the previous ath. I mean, when you zoom out over the last 10 years there is definitely a logirithimic curve to the market growth. Couple that with the general populace shift of seeing BTC as a mysterious and interesting potential to an environment destroying manipulated scam coin that burned them in 2018 and well, you get my point. All that said, human greed does continue to surprise me.
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