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  1. Good luck!. I'm really sad about this. Thought we were on the verge of something great.
  2. XRP is looking like the new Bitconnect right now. The SEC case could take years to resolve. I just sold out while I still had some profit left. It's over for now.
  3. The price has taken off, it was much lower a couple of weeks ago. You missed it. It may creep up a little on Friday but it's mostly priced in already. If you are buying now, prepare to dump just after midnight on Saturday.
  4. Ok, makes sense. That must be why I keep getting shot down for calling this stuff out. I guess hype is required to move the price for a while longer yet.
  5. Then please educate me. What is the truth here?
  6. A minute ago you were 'really scared'. Glad you are safe
  7. Perhaps you can calm youself with some herbal tea or something?
  8. Really? I see it the opposite way. The price jump was just specualtion, possibly due in part to the riddles, but nothing actually happened to cause it, and it was hardly the earth shattering rise that was predicted.
  9. Ok Thanks. I haven't seen the new riddler yet, but thats good advice
  10. The Riddler has retired and, since the 5th, has been discredited. After EOY when the 589 bear has also been proved wrong, will we see some sensible price talk, or do you think we will just get another nut-job stepping in to replace them? I think the XRP community would get less ridicule if this kind of thing went away. Sorry in advance if this offends you, but it's a genuine question.
  11. Could you list some? I haven't found any yet
  12. Bitcoin Ben has form here. At the peak in January he claimed to have two insiders in Coinbase that told him Litecoin was going to have a huge spike, he told everyone to buy as much Litecoin as you can and tell your family. Then it didn't spike and Charlie Lee sold out, suddenly there was no more talk of Coinbase insiders. Then he claimed to be on the Litecoin marketing team and wasn't. Then he started promoting Jsnip4, another youtuber, he bases his forecasts on he mom's phsycic predictions. Not sure how he has become so influential.
  13. Very interesting. Thanks for posting
  14. Thanks @Mr_McFearson this has helped me to understand now. ?
  15. Sorry if any offence was caused, I had to deal with a family crisis and have not been back on the board for a while. Thanks to everyone that responded. I still don't understand it to be honest. I read somewhere (wish I could remember where) that the amount that is burned per transaction is so small that it would take 250 years to burn through, so the price increase would take a long time to happen. Because Xrapid doesn't hold XRP it just uses it for a couple of seconds I still don't see where we get to the huge increases being talked about. I'm hoping I'm wrong of course, and I probably a
  16. Hi Guys I'm fairy new to Crypto since I FOMO'd in last December, so my understanding is fairly basic. I had always thought that the price of a coin was only determined by it's market cap and the amount in circulation. But I have seen a few posts on here that seem to say Xrapid can increase the price of XRP without the market cap increasing. This is blowing my mind, so can someone help me out and explain how this works, or point me to a good source that explains it? Sorry if this has been done before.
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