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  1. Update (https://codiusmonitor.com/panel/news ) : Service activity monitoring charts Upload tool refactor Server panel views refactor Usage documentation
  2. New update (https://codiusmonitor.com/panel/news ) : Hyperd pods management Separate stats for pods/contracts Refactor of all bash scripts Automatic codiusmonitor cli update fix (if the update is failed on any of your servers - please follow the installation instructions to update) Complete usage manual coming soon.
  3. Hey people, just want to share an update. Quite a lot of work have been done in a past few weeks. Everything is stable now, a lot of functionality added & significant UI refactoring. https://codiusmonitor.com/panel/news new: Codius variables editor Fail2Ban installer & manage Netstat command support Stats from codiusd API UI review & stability improvements
  4. As mentioned on gitter, you need to update your codiusmonitor client first, in order for new functions to work at your server. Please follow the manual at https://codiusmonitor.com/panel/client . The upload test itself runs for maximum 60 seconds, however if your client is not updated it will keep showing "loading" because the old client can't interpret "upload test" command.
  5. Hey, Apologize for the problems you might faced during past week - probably it was too early to publish this project and there were a few tricky bugs which appeared only with higher load. Everything was fixed. Published some updates today: https://codiusmonitor.com/panel/news Plans: Moneyd payments channels cleanup Fail2Ban installer integrating codiusd installer
  6. If you've been experiencing issues with codiusmonitor.com - it was because of the tricky bug in one of the API's packages which appears only on high volume of connections. Solved and stable now, sorry for inconvenience.
  7. hey i'm doing some updates right now, please check after an hour btw in case of 1006 error try to re-login. but actually this must be solved in the update coming now. Update: Done by now.
  8. Hi everyone! Thank you @Mr_McFearson for starting this thread. Just got my account activated, At first i need to notice that I might have published it a bit early, but since i was using it myself for almost a month though there is no reason to wait much longer. Fixed yesterday, the issue appeared because there are 3 different names for a variable which is setting a codiusd fee. (COST_PER_MONTH, etc.). Supporting all now. Regarding trust and security concerns: Source code of the client software is available here: https://github.com/opahopa/cmonitorcli . Anyone welcome to check it and insure that it doesn't access any sensitive information such as `.moneyd.json`. Need to note that originally i was building this project for own usage and the codebase isn't the best (didn't spend time on documenting, etc) If you want any comments on code please contact me. Workflow is simple: client software open a secure websocket connection with the API which is mirrors the requests to user interface and the over way around. All the data transferred over SSL. Client is only accepting a limited amount of commands (https://github.com/opahopa/cmonitorcli/blob/master/services/monitor_service.py) and interpret them by itself, which means nothing except that particular commands can be executed on the server through this client (basically it's changing the codius fee and restarting the codiusd-related services at the moment) => even in case if your https://codiusmonitor.com account will get compromised, there is no harm can be done except changing a fee on your hosts / restarting the services. It's like a firewall with only whitelisted IPs(commands) having access to server. In addition, no data is stored at the codiusmonitor.com servers except of the authorization data. "cmoncli" save the stats directly at your server in open sqlite database. I guess in terms of real danger for codius hosts the actual issue now is that wallet secret is openly stored in `.money.json` and the servers list is openly available. (vulnerabilities scanning, brutforce) Happy to address any further questions. If you have any issues with the software or ideas for improvements please contact me at: contact@support.codiusmonitor.com Twitter for future updates https://twitter.com/codiusmonitor
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