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  1. Such a good question. There is a strong impulse right now to think about what we might have known had xrp been categorized as a security from the outset, blunting the "information asymmetry" on sales, which is the central harm alleged (i.e., amounts sold by individuals owning 10% or more of circulating supply). And when you're aware that there are what must be Ripple-employee-associated accounts systematically selling massive amounts into price rises (e.g., https://bithomp.com/explorer/rLHVsKqC72M8FXPfEwSyYkufezZJvNZuDY), you read the SEC complaint with a "yeah-they-kind-of-have-a-point..." so
  2. I take their claimed relevance to be that we were (are) among the foremost Rubes being preyed on through use of the "information asymmetry," nam sayin:
  3. The court record is public, but to reduce the burden on that system for the people who need to use it I've omitted a direct link (easy to find for those who care to though). I tried uploading the other pages to imgur: https://imgur.com/a/0W0sSyJ
  4. ...by the Plaintiff in a lawsuit against Ripple for taking the remittance customer in a claimed breach of a non-disclosure agreement: In all seriousness, Creditcare alleges use of blockchain for the remittances in No. 13. If the allegations are true, TLM Remittance Center SDN looks to be a Ripple customer and perhaps could be making use of the XRP ledger, now or in the future. As to the allegations, Ripple hasn't submitted anything of substance yet. It doesn't look like there is a good way to post a pdf here, but maybe someone else can grab the full document.
  5. Additional details from Moneygram's filings are below on the details of their relationship with Ripple. This gives more specific contours to everything previously diclosed, indicating that the market development fees are paid by Ripple in XRP and Moneygram liquidates the XRP, as the CEO has publicly said in the past:
  6. Weren’t they talking about volume incentive payments, rather than volume itself? That is, the payments are not arithmetic and the volume increase anticipated would not unlock a proportionate incentive increase? I could be mistaken so don’t hesitate to correct me.
  7. My guess: xrparcade.com / @LeonidasH . The timing of an uptick in coverage coincides, and the style is similar. If not Hodor, the mantle has been taken up. No pressure to confirm or deny
  8. Here were a couple of comments from the Q&A: Fees are proportional to the amount of volume but they will flatten out (i.e., they are not arithmetic) Will sequentially build into other corridors; doing Australian dollars and Filipino pesos Contract extended to 2023
  9. Just to add to the original post, Ripple's former MGI board observer announced she was taking a position at Standard Chartered confirming she was no longer serving in the role with Ripple/MGI.
  10. Looks like it will actually be the morning of the 25th: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/moneygram-release-fourth-quarter-full-163700522.html
  11. Agreed, and I would expand on both points. First, Ripple Labs, Inc.'s work for XRP is demonstrable and rational because it is profit motivated and more insulated from irrationality due to the duties of its executives. While nothing is bathed in sunlight, they outwardly seem to be doing pretty well. Second, early individual holders have the same incentive from a theoretical perspective. Nonetheless, the gap between economic theory and reality when the market is still not perfectly liquid is concerning. Who knows when someone will decide to renovate their penthouse and require some Sim
  12. The extent of any benefit to Moneygram or its customers is beyond me, but as pertains to the ODL check out the this Worldbank.org site cataloging remittance data: https://remittanceprices.worldbank.org/en/corridor/United-States/Mexico https://remittanceprices.worldbank.org/en/corridor/United-States/Philippines It was interesting that US>Mexico and US>Philippine both had negative exchange rate margins for Moneygram, and Moneygram alone. Not all access points belonging to Moneygram, but I didn't see other providers with negative margins. I'm sure that observation could
  13. I’d be interested if anyone more knowledgeable has insight on the apparent shareholder shakeup (?) at Moneygram. Longtime shareholder Thomas H. Lee Partners (and various interrelated companies, “THL Funds”) has been a substantial owner for a period of years (see, for instance: https://nypost.com/2018/01/06/thl-partners-risky-bet-may-cost-them-decent-moneygram-bid/). 17-6-2019/27-6-2019: Ripple Labs acquires 6,230,895 shares. Notably, for purpose of this post, THL entered into a voting agreement committing to voting its shares in favor of any Ripple Director nominated as part of the transa
  14. Right, no one will be throwing themselves in the gears on principle alone. Still, we'll see how the Moneygram play works out. If customer fees appreciably drop and people flock to it, the risk calculus may change for other financial institutions in other parts of the money business on a faster than expected timeline.
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