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  1. Right, no one will be throwing themselves in the gears on principle alone. Still, we'll see how the Moneygram play works out. If customer fees appreciably drop and people flock to it, the risk calculus may change for other financial institutions in other parts of the money business on a faster than expected timeline.
  2. Haha -- I won't claim to be able to predict any catastrophic upheaval, but I think you can still find value in something like the "bullshit talks" observation (even if bullshit is supposed to be doing the walking). Incumbent institutions (from whom these regulators appear to have been gathering information) may be sitting on the sidelines now and predicting the status quo will remain for some time, but I understood him to be saying they will embrace a sudden jump forward if the money is talking.
  3. Fair point--it could be more rapid than they expect, but perhaps this indicates nothing is imminent. It is also worth putting this in context. The agency is addressing whether to extend a rule allowing regulated entities to estimate exchange rates on money transfers in certain situations as opposed to providing the exact amount ("the Bureau is proposing changes to the Rule to mitigate the effects of the expiration of a statutory exception that allows insured institutions to disclose estimates to consumers of the exchange rate and covered third-party fees instead of exact amounts"). Ripple/XRP and SWIFT gpi are recognized as solutions that would eliminate the need for this less desirable exception (estimated exchange rates). In other words, this isn't about regulating Ripple/XRP, rather it recognizes Ripple/XRP as among potential future solutions to an existing problem while allowing the band-aid to remain on.
  4. Note the following excerpt, which indicates we should not expect mass adoption in the short-to-medium term based on comments from the industry. Perhaps it is not surprising, but interesting:
  5. Thanks, that is helpful. So it appears, for whatever reason, these transactions are repeatedly listing Address One in the metadata. See, e.g. Tx hash: A6C5C939D72133D1E7215A37C663B57B43CF87F7BFB4CD1297857A09778A9251:
  6. There was another spike of these sorts of transactions, which Ledger.Observer is associating with rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrBZbvji (an early--i.e. spring 2013--account, seemingly now with a link to sologenic?). I'm curious how Ledger.Observer associates this account as the hub of each these transactions because it does not appear on the transaction details.
  7. I think proponents of the position that XRP is not a security could argue that you would hold it to cut down your transaction costs by not having to convert twice (fiat>xrp>different fiat). Additionally, as coincenter emphasized in its analysis today, this is an *objective* inquiry (i.e., "a reasonable purchaser would...") not dependent on any of our *subjective* intent. These "Other Relevant Considerations" seemed generally favorable (maybe those lobbying investments are effective). That being said, it seems like there are plenty of unfavorable parts of this, as noted in the other thread:
  8. I'm just a caveman who fell in some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your world frightens and confuses me. My primitive mind can't grasp these concepts. But there is one thing I do know...many of the factors listed in the SEC Framework for "Investment Contract" Analysis of Digital assets are unfavorable to XRP's status in relation to Ripple, and even more so in the past than present. --Keyrock
  9. NightJanitor's description of Proof of Work (overlooking the language for this one, tsk-tsk):
  10. jbjnr with his opening post in the thread "Analysis of Ripple's XRP Sales" is a must read:
  11. Is there any interest in a year-end list of the top posts to XRP Chat? If so, voting may be unwieldy, so I suggest a nominating process followed by a decision from the moderators. This idea was sparked when I was reading a comment in the Island of Misfit Toys (i.e., Off-Topic) and thought there was a lot of quality content that may have been overlooked throughout the year elsewhere.
  12. Haha, point taken and fair enough. Call it my detachment from any reality.
  13. "Use case" -- The unparsimonious selection of this phrase (compare "use") and sincere renditions of the "making the world a better place" bit (that is, statements made earnestly about the world-changing attributes of the tech and not as a self-deprecating reference to HBO's Silicon Valley: https://vimeo.com/98720197) are my favorite indicators of the crypto clique's detachment from everyday reality.
  14. "402" --I believe a play on the HTTP status code
  15. This was an insightful take: Still, the notion that it is a "live controversy" in the public sphere that must be treated this way remains frustrating to many.
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