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  1. And as you can see I was well aware of that. I a simple question and it was turned into this lol
  2. XRP was made before the ripple company was formed. It was gifted to ripple
  3. seems as if you are the idiot bud
  4. ........let me guess you think XRP and ripple are the same thing too. you guys are ******* stupid
  5. the irony ......umm you aren't even asking the correct questions. I had a question and I made a thread for it. You wanted to debate me on something that isn't even related to this thread. So make of that what you will I guess haha.
  6. hmm so now that you are wrong you are going to simply try to deflect the issue? GG man
  7. https://ripple.com/insights/top-9-frequently-asked-questions-ripple-xrp/
  8. https://www.fxempire.com/education/article/the-separation-of-ripple-and-xrp-why-it-happened-what-does-it-mean-and-what-are-the-differences-516096
  9. Can you buy stock in ripple? no. Is ripple a public company? no
  10. look, open source XRP. Proprietary ripple net.
  11. What do you know about ripple and XRP? Doesn't sound like you know anything....
  12. ok.....can you not see the patent or who its assigned to or the fact that XRP is open source vs ripple net? hmm
  13. https://thereceptionist.com/blog/should-you-collect-ndas-from-your-companys-visitors/#content_upgrade_popup_23144 Ripple isn't a little guy company. They have NDAs signed with everyone involved. Do you remember the White House meeting? Still have no idea what was said. First of all they have a full legal team on call 24/7 to deal with issues. They are tied to major countries. They have offices all over in different countries. As far as the XRP, that is owned by the individuals but the ripple net with all the platforms to speed up, increase rate and everything else belongs to ripple. If ripple went out of business tomorrow, we would still own the XRP, could still trade it. The ripple net however would be gone. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/fa/43/40/567f2565faf1b1/US20160224949A1.pdf is newer but it lacks a equation such as Patent number: 5025369. Goes into more questions with this "Assignee: David Schwartz Enterprises, Inc. (New York, NY) the patent is filed to that instead of personal " Simply im trying to find out if any of you may know more. If you do not, hey it was worth the try. People want to throw out their opinions, thats fine but there's no facts. Im lining this stuff out because it is fact. There is no denying a patent. Does anyone know where I can find stuff on DSE or whatever the other project David did before ripple? that was the previous company David started. That and this may have some real similarities.
  14. "troll One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument" I don't think I have been acting like a troll. However other people who have came onto my post are the trolls .....
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