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  1. Back in August I received this response from the SEC regarding my FOIA about XRP's security status. Doesn't tell us much but make of it what you will.
  2. David Schwartz said for large international transfers the price should ideally be between 20-80$
  3. Well this is a screenshot from there app the greyed out section could be xrapid
  4. Craziest work story was when I was working for a pest control company in London: got called to a supermarket for a rat loose in the Wearhouse. I had been chasing this thing around for almost an hour it was running along the back of the cage's they use to hold stock like Spiderman, everytime I went to hit it it would dart off again. Eventually it made a break for it towards the shop floor cue panic while I was chasing after this rat it escaped. Only to be promptly flattened by a woman hastly pushing a trolley I looked mortified at her thinking she would freak out she just turned to me shrugged her shoulders and said shouldn't of got in my way... Just another day London.
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