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  1. Maybe I am a total pessimist here but to be honest I do not think SGB will be over a cent and probably even that seems pretty high. It is going to be used for testing purposes right? Cannot see how it can raise and hold any serious value. I also cannot see FLR anywhere near 50c. That would be crazy. I will be happy with anything above 10c. Most people will see FLR and SGB as "free money". And there going to dump their bags asap when the tokens are launched to grab those money. Hope I am wrong and FLR/SGB tottaly moon though
  2. Well 3 months ago I was hoping around this time Jed would be out of XRP. Well I was wrong The low volume during the summer did not help his sales. Still just over 700M left to go, but he has stopped dumping for more than 2 weeks!!! Anyone has the slightest idea what is going on?
  3. And Ripple motion to seal granted
  4. 1) Don't risk money you cannot afford to lose I cannot stress that enough. When I first got inro crypto I traded a bit. I thought "easy money". Small amounts, imagine a couple of months worht of my salary, that kind of money. I did manage to make a small profit after few months, let's say a 30-35%. Not bad really for that kind of money. But it felt totally like gambling. Hated it. Stressful even for those small amounts, I cannot imagine how I wolud freak out if that was money I needed urgently. So I took a different approach, did research as much as I could and picked what coin I thought had potential, invested some amount considering it lost money, and I just wait and hold to reach my sell targets (if ever). If it goes to zero, it will hurt for sure (mainly that I picked the wrong horse while other coins I considered mooned), but at least I will get on with my current level of life just as good as before. A risky investment gone bad. That was some time ago. But for me the best approach even now is that. Drop some money you will not need and forget them for some years. Chances are really good you will get pretty happy some time down the road. This is just the opinion of a random guy on an internet forum. But again my second advice is the following so I don't know... 2) Don't take advice from internet forums
  5. Not much sorry for clownbase really. I've read there was a 404 service error yesterday during the meltdown in BTC, I guess they rekt many people once again with their lack of infrastructure. Maybe they should stop whining and use some small amount of the billions they pocketed from the IPO to improve their services. PS. David seems to agree with me
  6. It seems SEC lawyers do a fine job pissing of the jugde The conference up to now has been hilarious
  7. Nice pump!!!! live tweeting of the court conference for anyone instrested!!!
  8. I believe we will see a $8-$12 XRP within a year fron now.
  9. It seems he does not have much experience. Only been with SEC a few months. I hope they bring a junior on board to take the loss
  10. https://ripple.com/insights/first-live-on-demand-liquidity-offering-in-japan/
  11. Nope. Still around 900 million to go. https://jed.tequ.dev/
  12. Well as of today less than a billion for Jed to go!!! I was hoping he will get here sooner but June was a low volume month and that slowed down his dumping.
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