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  1. Sorry guys but FLR no way is going to trade near $1, let alone $2 when it goes live. It is virtually free money for us XRP (and other token) holders. Most people are going to dump ASAP for a far far lower price than $1 to get that free money as fast as they can. If I was on bitrue, by dumping my 15% in IOUs now I would make something around the capital I have invested in crypto. So I would do it without hesitation and probably buy back some FLR when the network goes live and price tanks (and it will), because it sure looks a promising project in theory. I honestly hope I am 100%
  2. I believe that the most important thing today is not the proceeding itself, but the fact that the calling maxed out with 4.000 people. That is a huge message to the judges about the sentiment "XRP investors" have for SEC.
  3. Don't worry the call is in 9 hours from now. https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2529514/sec_news-vs-ripple-conference-call
  4. I was pretty sure for quite some time that Ripple ALREADY knew a lot of SEC's dirty laundry in communications. And they just need discovery to officially bring them to light. How it plays out makes me more confident on that.
  5. Looks likes the SEC keeps it dirty and the judge hopefully will not like it...
  6. Elon: It was not me dumping it was Tesla, I just did the pumping Yes great use case...
  7. Got caught up at work and other stuff today forgetting to check prices and finding XRP +20cents just feels so good
  8. Well it really looks to me like you are very much participating with 24 posts in an hour or so Imagine if you wanted to participate! How often would you post then? Anyway, unlike you, I will share my wisdom after few years in crypto forums during which I have met so much better riddlers of superior quality. You need to try harder with your posts, less spamming, more offline periods. Just my two cents!!!
  9. Just another useless riddler/troll/insider/scammer/whatever. Just another addition in my ignore list
  10. When the price dumps, newbie accounts posting pumps. Wish I could predict the market so easily!
  11. I was kind of joking, but it was your first post asking for tezos investing in an XRP forum so could not resist the urge. In all seriousness I have no idea about tezos, and no time to search new stuff or fiat to invest. Personally I would not invest while we are in a bull market, because you can easily get burned and instead of x10 get a /10. But that's just me.
  12. I will give you MY mind frame and exit plan for what it's worth. I am planning to sell parts of my bag at specific gains percentages from my DCA starting at around ATH with around 10-15% (with an aim to get initial capital plus taxes I will have to pay). Then I will sell other increments at some other selected price targets for profits. Not insane gains, but not bad for me, let's say 3X or 5X of what I make annually, depending how high it will get. Planning to hold at least 60% of my bag long term (at least 2028). I believe it could be a really valued asset by then. If price dro
  13. Nothing better than a good dose of hopium in the morning!!! More or less I agree with you. XRP will have its run past ATH by the end of the year (probably sooner). No matter what Jed, or the SEC, or the courts, or whoever does. I believe we will see $10. Beyond that I am not sure, but I am pretty confident we will touch double digit.
  14. That SEC has a lot of dirty laundry in that comms and is scared shitless that it will come out in public
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