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  1. Nope. Still around 900 million to go. https://jed.tequ.dev/
  2. Well as of today less than a billion for Jed to go!!! I was hoping he will get here sooner but June was a low volume month and that slowed down his dumping.
  3. I don't know the forum but I know it is the usual "insider" BS, as always.
  4. Since yesterday Jed has less than 1,5 Billion left. Took him less than a month to dump half a billion zerps. Before the end of August his stuck will be depleted, maybe even sooner. Keep up the good work Jed!!!
  5. It looks more and more ridiculous for SEC. Ii is sad to thing all the damage these clowns inflicted on all of us.
  6. SEC is getting more desperate to hide things under the rug or is it just me?
  7. Sorry guys but FLR no way is going to trade near $1, let alone $2 when it goes live. It is virtually free money for us XRP (and other token) holders. Most people are going to dump ASAP for a far far lower price than $1 to get that free money as fast as they can. If I was on bitrue, by dumping my 15% in IOUs now I would make something around the capital I have invested in crypto. So I would do it without hesitation and probably buy back some FLR when the network goes live and price tanks (and it will), because it sure looks a promising project in theory. I honestly hope I am 100% wrong for obvious reasons, but I must admit the fact that people buy FLR IOUs at $2, without even the network being live yet, looks absolutely insane to me and a recipe to get rekt.
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