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  1. Well to be fair @Jotaro the previous of his threads were full of people trolling, if I recall correctly some dude was even making some sort of countdown to mock him like we are in kindergarten or something, then he moved to pm's. So while I agree one should post openly his views rather than sending pm's, I cannot blame PhiGuy.
  2. Crypthawk is a known scammer, PhiGuy on the other hand just gives his predictions unless you have proof he tried to rip people off or something. His predictions up to now are failed (like 99,9999% predictions on cryptospace of course) but since we are on the price and speculation part of the forum anyone is free to post that he believes/predicts it can go to 10.000$ just like sooooooo many people in here post that XRP will go to 0, it is worthless etc every single day. If you think it is a crazy prediction, it's cool, just ignore and move on. Why waste your time?
  3. I do not think this has major chances of happening, at least so soon. There has to be a crazy speculative bull run, which does not seem to happen anytime soon considering the coronavirus crisis taking its toll on economies all around the globe. I believe the success or failure of XRP will be judged between 2023-2027 based on utility and not speculation. I think it is possible to have a price above $5 and hopefully even higher. Personally I will be most happy even with $3 as an investment return. $20 I would be crazy happy.
  4. Dude is a BTC maxi. In his twitter he posts stuff like "Why BTC is better than gold"
  5. When he posts his speculative predictions publicly you whine about it, when he does not post them you whine again. It seems a total waste of your time to me. Just ignore him and your problem is solved! And also if you think you are "saving" anyone you also waste your time. If somebody bases his investment decisions on the posts (or PMs) of an anonymous dude in a speculative forum with an antelope (or whatever that animal is) eating popcorn as an avatar, he is so stupid that does not deserve to be "saved" in the first place .
  6. Good news for the crypto market of India https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/news/sc-allows-trade-in-cryptocurrency-quashes-rbi-curb-on-use/articleshow/74470078.cms
  7. Pointless thread. Ripple has virtually stopped selling for months now.
  8. Well he is actually a BTC maxi and coindesk has close to zero credibility but whatever makes you feel good.
  9. Get out of here no bank will ever use that XRP scam coin Thanks @LeonidasH, good news are pilling up!
  10. I think it is still 99% speculation. I believe we are still too early for utility to have any effect, I would say no sooner than the end of 2022. Things definitely move to the right direction though.
  11. Roger Ver/Jihan Wu pump BCH, Craig Wright pumps BCHSV. It is that simple.
  12. https://azcoinnews.com/the-u-s-bill-proposal-referred-to-ripple-and-xrp.html
  13. Ripple has no single reason or benefit to fork XRP. Why don't you fork it? You can take the source code and start your own chain, the only problem is whether you can convince the Ripple validators to convert to it. And then you would have those billions of the new token all to yourself...
  14. Nope. That cannot happen since Ripple does not control the trusted node operators. It is clear you do not know even the basics about XRP. I suggest you educate yourself before writing unsubstantiated nonsense.
  15. Nope. That would be the worst possible decision for Ripple. If that happened I would sell my bag soon after. Short term there will be a small pump, long term it would mean that Ripple admits that XRP is pretty useless. If he had the hope to find any use for XLM you think Jed would burn it like he did? Nobody in his right mind will destroy something of utility just like that. IF (and that is a big IF) Ripple succeeds the 100B XRP won't be enough for this world.
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