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  1. I have not yet received an email from bitstamp either. I think it is a reputable exchange so I don't worry much for now.
  2. So what is a Tether (!!!) maxi doing in an XRP price speculation forum? Tether is printed out of thin air and pumps the BTC ponzi. And yes at some point it will take the whole market to a downfall with it.
  3. This is the US judiciary system process. They will both deploy their full arguments and weapons. If SEC feels it has not a strong case anymore it will settle. Of course this works the other way round. But with all this laywering up Ripple is doing, it is obvious that IF a settlement happens it will be much more favorable than what SEC initially probably offered to Ripple.
  4. There is difference between a setllement and a settlement. You seriously think Ripple, CL and BG pay all this army of top level lawyers to get a deal like that? If Ripple agrees to a settlement it will be with way more favorable terms.
  5. She says from the sequence of numbers It seems that the case was NEVER listed there in the first place. So obviously this is no indication it is dropped. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/19857399/securities-and-exchange-commission-v-ripple-labs-inc/ As it seems the case continuous regularly, so probably another false call from that Hawk persona.
  6. Followed it him around a bit on twitter and discord back in the day, I see I am blocked now Anyway his MG call was not exactly what happened, but was a "good" call. I give him he might had some tiny info about that. Apart from that he was hyping numerous times groundbreaking news that never happened. All of sudden I remember he stopped praising XRP and started calling it a scam, shitcoin etc that will go to zero and prompted people to drop their bags. I thought the original twitter guy sold his account or something to a different person. He has been accused of scamming and I believe he mus
  7. But it is an unregistered security isn't it? Next headline: "Investor sues Anchorage for being a custodian of XRP"
  8. It seems SEC has the Best though Just kidding but its one of the lawyers actual surname, I hope he is not that good. Looks Ripple has an army of lawyers. And because I am sure they are very very well paid, I hope they worth it.
  9. Not exactly, he said that cryptos like ETH and XRP could potentially been seen as securities, not that he believes they are.
  10. Great analysis from this guy. Not an XRP holder as he states which makes it unbiased. To summarize, he says XRP cannot be deemed a security, because SEC does not even ask that, most likely there will be a settlement without reaching the court and that Ripple could agree (or be ordered) to lock most (or all) of the escrow forever.
  11. Not really. The world does not move around US and its stupid authorities. XRP will most likely have a run. Maybe not as great as it would be without the SEC crap, but still good. And when people see that they will try to jump onboard any way they can, just as they would jump on any pumping coin. It sucks that US people will be left out, but they have to thank Jay Clayton and their administration and of course exchanges like clownbase that act on allegations. Anyway the whole case most probably will NOT even reach the courtroom, as it happens with 80% SECs cases and will be resolved way so
  12. I believe it is just IOUs for the time being.
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