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  1. So if Satoshi reappeared and donated his million BTC to Ripple and they start selling it, then BTC is also a security? Correct?
  2. When did I speak about lambos, mooning and crap like that? You should cut down on the steroids asap.
  3. @Spekul8 You do not seem to comprehend how governments work. And all these are government control agencies. For example if it is for China's best interest to fully adopt and use XRP you think they are going to say "Yes but those US SEC guys are smarter than us, let''s blow up everything we built until now because they say in THEIR country XRP is a security"? This is just not going to happen. All SEC will achieve is for US to be left behind in the crypto space.
  4. So you say that e.g If FCA says XRP is not a security (as it appears to be the case) and adoption, usage in the UK grows etc then it will just change it's decision some years later because SEC will wake up and say otherwise, risking to cause its coyntry's economy major trouble and complications? Sorry to bust your bubble but US is not the center of the world and if other countries have an interest in XRP they will not give a crap about SEC.
  5. You' must be a total and absolute moron to think you owned shares of Ripple buying XRP.
  6. You are looking for investment advice on a public forum. And I am not an intellectual Seems legit.
  7. OK so sell your XRP bag since you think it is a crappy investment and move on with your life. Why bother joining an XRP forum to preach how crappy it is?
  8. Oh boy...another new account preaching how XRP is a stablecoin, and Ripple dumps one billion every month and they want the price to remain at $0.3 and blah blah blah. Don't these people have a life or something? Same o same o...
  9. This moron initiated the whole thing I guess because his predictions to his paying followers failed and so it must be someone else's fault not that he scammed them. The whole petition thing is totally idiotic anyway. These idiots should just sell their bags, if they have any, and leave XRP alone.
  10. Because a lot of powerful people, including media people, are loaded with BTC. If they educate the masses to whom they will dump their bags in the next bull run?
  11. This is an excellent read on the issue: http://galgitron.net/Post/How-China-Can-Kill-Bitcoin
  12. Oh crap we are 0,43% down. The market is crashing!!!!!!
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