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  1. Denied unfortunately but I agree with Hogan's point!
  2. BCBacker is one of the youtubers I like, he insists for a long time that around $75.000 will be the top. Here is his analysis:
  3. Since Ripple agrees to extend until 10 December I hope Judge will only give that as Jeremy says.
  4. It is legit, got the same email, went to their site (not through the email link though), they added some KYC info required about place of birth, tax residence and nationality (if I do not forget something).
  5. Great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great news!!! Have I highlighted enough this is great news?
  6. Maybe I am a total pessimist here but to be honest I do not think SGB will be over a cent and probably even that seems pretty high. It is going to be used for testing purposes right? Cannot see how it can raise and hold any serious value. I also cannot see FLR anywhere near 50c. That would be crazy. I will be happy with anything above 10c. Most people will see FLR and SGB as "free money". And there going to dump their bags asap when the tokens are launched to grab those money. Hope I am wrong and FLR/SGB tottaly moon though
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