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  1. No worries. Probably stalling due to working out details of a settlement together. I wish
  2. All doom and gloom in here for quite a while. It seems to me some people are really desperate to refill the bags they dropped. Or just want to justify their decision to drop their bags. I don't know. Whatever!
  3. I believe closing in for the ruling on Ripple's Fair Notice defense is the critical point for any settlement. If they feel the judge is going to rule in Ripple's favor, SEC must settle. They do not want the FND evidence to be used against them by other companies in future lawsuits
  4. “But simply initiating the action will impose substantial harm on innocent holders of XRP, regardless of the ultimate resolution.” “Upon learning of the proceeding, intermediaries will cease transacting in XRP because of the associated legal risks.” Here you are some common sense...cannot believe how corrupt SEC is for dragging us into this
  5. Thankfully it is only for 3 days so I guess we can live with that since we waited up to now...
  6. Well SGB started trading in BitStamp at 0.38 cents and noew is down 20%. Went to 0.43 at some point but then dumped to the 0.3 area...
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