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  1. What Stellar did only shows desperation and an attempt to pump the price. I do not think there is a need for XRP to burn. If Ripple succeeds into making XRP global bridge currency 100 Billion will not be even remotely enough for the demand. But that will take time, and by time I estimate 3 to 8 years. As long as they keep making steps that lead to adoption, I am willing to wait.
  2. Farewell @Hodor. See you on the moon!
  3. Where are all those dudes that posted again and again how Libra will be be the end of XRP?
  4. Well that does make sense. Probably false alarm.
  5. https://www.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=17bb5691b5515760 "The main accountabilities include but are not limited to refining and implementing processes and data quality metrics for monitoring of credit limits, producing and commenting on management and regulatory reporting, enhancement and data quality project management, contribution to Regulatory topics and projects, participation in local and global projects impacting MMG/XRP."
  6. And why is this dude credible? PS Cannot take someone with such a haircut seriously, what's up with that?
  7. It seems the transfers are shifting from business hours to 24/7 On Demand Liquidity. Which is cool
  8. Thank you Hodor for another great read! I believe this is just the beginning of an exponential rise in news and collaborations. No doubt at some point price will start to be affected to too.
  9. I don't really know they could also be in BTCchat or something whining "How come that corposhitcoin xrp pumps 15% and we get nothing?"
  10. If you see the thread a guy whining about "dumping" and the "Ripple ponzi" admits he bought at around 1$ so he is deep in the red now. Reminds me of some people in here
  11. @Molten This particular guy who made the chart claims that there is an algorithm defining and controlling the price and that he figured (or tries to figure) out how it works. So it is not just history he bases his claims but manipulation. Personally I am not buying it, but I would be most happy to be totally wrong.
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