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  1. Two months later and he is now at 1.975 Billion. Keep on dumping them Jed, I cannot wait to get you of our backs!!!
  2. Well it is not a victory yet, the judge will decide. It is funny though how SEC claims Ripple has not much of a use case for XRP, and then goes on and request business info from companies all other the world that collab with Ripple
  3. Relax people. Sinking ship and stone age Just an expected drop. We merely in the beginning of the XRP bull run about to take place the following weeks.
  4. Talking about a bunch of crooks. Costing to XRP retailers billions of losses with their corrupt actions. Really pathetic and disgusting.
  5. Well myself I am not a big fan of BTC as tech, maybe I am even biased as an XRP holder, but I would never go to the BTCchat (if there is such a thing) to beat down BTC when it fell 90% in the last bear market and tell them how stupid they are, how worse it will get etc People who do that are total losers with really big issues, they should seriously get a life.
  6. So busted!!!! Maybe @xrpDeslie is fahimth14 alter ego
  7. Just another troll account that used to be around especially during the big SEC crash "warning" us about what a scam XRP is, how we must sell all our bags ASAP, how XRP will go to zero blah blah blah blah all the usual crap. He vanished when XRP start rising again and will probably return when the bull market ends to save as again. Ignore him and report him to mods. PS My favorite "If you continue holding onto this bag you're a fool. You've been played. I sold earlier this year thank god. Here to warn you." Since then we did a 600%-700% or something. Solid advic
  8. This guy claims Kraken relisted XRP. Anyone from US using Kraken to confirm? PS: It seems it gives an error if you try a transaction.
  9. https://u.today/xrp-etp-to-be-listed-on-europes-third-biggest-stock-exchange
  10. I wonder whatever happened to this dude, we need more of his brilliant insight
  11. Not really since US is out of the game and people there already dumped before the delistings.
  12. I just praise the lord insightful dudes like this one warned us back then!!!!! Imagine still holding your bags of this scamcoin and had to go through this...oh wait!!!!!
  13. PS: Here we go again $1,6+!!!! PS: Let's make that $1,65 shall we? It is pumping like crazy!!! Almost 50% from ATH.
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