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  1. Thanks, I wasn't intending on running nodes with the same keys, I was looking for info on what would happen if I tear down the current hosts and re-provision them with the same keys but without any of the rippled database files. I think you've both provided the info I was looking for - cheers!
  2. My generated validator keys, token, and node seed keys are all secure off-server - and I'm deploying each rippled instance whether it's stock or a validating node using ansible templates, so I'm happy enough with that for now. However what else should I be backing up? When i generate my validator keys, and my node seed/pubkeys are those private keys added to any of the rippled's management databasees? Say I want to redeploy to new hosts, can I simply redeploy using the same configs/keys or do I also need for example the existing wallet.db files?
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