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  1. Well, let's hope we're seeing finally the proof that they solved the chicken and egg question. In my view we need more operators using the same corridors, rather than one main entity driving the volumes...
  2. Seems the ODL volumes are picking up well again on the utility-scan, especially USD-MXN and EUR-USD.
  3. The poll is on opinions and therefore not based on facts and realistic or even possible scenarios. It therefore reflects what an average XRP holder has in mind in general and within the prospective of his/ her portfolio. Of course, some bias is inevitable but perhaps that was exactly what the poll was all about.
  4. You really provide a lot of good insight, many thanks. I know the matter is far more complex than it seems from the surface. Happy to see that I'm not the only one with these questions in mind πŸ˜‰. Enjoy your weekend! NB I just listening to The Scientist by Coldplay by coincidence but it fits the matter perfectly. Nobody said it was easy...πŸ˜„
  5. I've read it several times and as far as I understand the Index is based on the daily volumes, so I can't grab what you mean with "capacity". If the average 28 day liquidity shows an increase, of course this facilitates ODL. In other words, it's difficult to justify an increase of the MXN liquidity index, which should significantly be driven by payments, while the US for the same corridor shows an opposite direction.
  6. The reason that we (or some) suspect that Utility Scan is missing something is confirmed by the fact that the Liquidity Index sometimes goes in opposite directions (even if it's a 28 average). These days the US shows a lower volume while the Liq Ind shows a steady increase... I would name this source uncertainty rather than call it unreliability or even worse by some. It's a "best guess" for the moment until official figures will become available. But a best guess is still highly appreciated because first it's better than nothing and second major shifts (e.g. the treasury payments) are st
  7. The utility-scan seems quite stable for over a month of time (4 mln Daily excl weekend). How can this be explained, even if we now the liquidity index is different (sort of 28 days rolling)?
  8. Completely agree! Very much in line with what I wrote on page 1. Santander is obviously dealing quite a bit with South America and there are simply no corridors yet... Even if there were (and there will be), Santander will not be the first Intermediary to exploit this corridor for the various reasons mentioned.
  9. There are a number of things to clarify: 1) what are the most used remittance destinations operated by Santander? Are these coinciding with the ODL corridors that are available as of today? 2) if yes, is there enough liquidity to sustain the medium sized payments? What is the average payment sent by Santander? 3) are the regulatory constraints solved? How should a bank formally weigh the risk of sending FX payments using a crypto as a bridge currency? Regulatory reporting (BasleIII) fixes a number of rules to stick with for credit risk, counterparty risk, FX risk, settlement ris
  10. My comment was towards letherrip, not you. My comment already confirmed that XRP is probably the most polarized token, so it has absolutely many haters (idealistic reasons or whatever), but it also has an incredible share of followers all over the world. This sounds as if XRP supporters are excluded from the crypto community, whatever this is.
  11. Haha this is ridiculous and it perfectly shows your biased and narrow view on reality. Of course, XRP is perhaps the most polarised token but the "token that THE crypto community hates most" says everything on where you stay as well as on your intentions. I really encourage you to take a brake because this isn't good for your mental health.
  12. I suspect that this is due to a total reset of the system at least for some customers. Abandoning the "treasury" payments is not the only change Ripple has adopted but rather a different way of handling payment transactions (batch driven vs real time payments). Obviously this requires system configurations and extensive testing. Today it seems to be picking up so some of your excitement might be back.πŸ˜‰
  13. I remembered some payment managed by Mercury FX in January 2019 (by the way, what is strange that the GBP/MXN corridor still is not operational as it seems while the first payments were processed here)
  14. Yes indeed, it's one of the most interesting videos I've encountered recently (we should thank also Crypto Eri because she led me to the video).
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