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  1. I think it's just BTC maxi's trying to regain market cap again for BTC. That's my impression. The recent dumps, all perfectly timed and syncronized, just seemed to be performed to free up liquidity for a new BTC rise. I don't believe in coincidences, certainly not in crypto market. But I could be completely wrong.
  2. I'm not a trader so for sure you know infinitely more than I do on this matter. However, I've worked for a big bank for 30 years even in Compliance functions and I'm sure that without regulations the stock market would be complete wild west just as the crypto markets are today. Manipulation in crypto is an order of magnitude more severe than in regulated markets. By the way I love the metaphor "putting a nice suit on the devil an sending him to church". The fit is perfect 😉
  3. The stock market is regulated and at least the principles of free and fair operation of the markets are in place. There is oversight, coordinated actions are forbidden, just as pump and dump schemes, false information providing, direct manipulation such as flooding the market with fake orders, all is forbidden with severe penalties. Of course there are grey areas and marginal manipulation is possible, but not as wide spread as in crypto. It's not even forbidden for crypto due to a lack of regulations. Not in the US but in most jurisdictions it's perfectly legal. The other side of th
  4. I think this is generally seen as positive but with a marginal impact on demand at least in the short term. For the rest I agree with others that it looks as if we've run out of steam and coordinate/ synchronized dumping is continuing (22.30/22.45). Honestly I'm getting a bit tired of this manipulation. I'm sure that this will end and turn positive but in the meantime those with big money continue to enrich themselves. I guess we have to live with it but obviously I would love be to see some regulation to at least limit this wide scale robbery.
  5. Well let's not start the discussion on the Howey again. For being a security I believe the investment of money must be also in a common enterprise which is quite a stretch (in my view!).
  6. Perhaps that is based on the fact that they didn't produce one single document. I can understand that they have to make an inventory if what is relevant, mandatory, verifiable. But not producing a single document doesn't like like a collaborative approach. They even don't explain their difficulty to produce such documents or what the status is of this research, while asking for an extension of the period.
  7. I like your answer, obviously, but I'm afraid "my thinking" is not sufficient in this case. I don't know the legal system in the US, I'm not a lawyer and in any case these trials tend to be highly unpredictable because the legal context is so fundamentally different and hardly understood even by the experts.
  8. In fact, I read and listen carefully to these guys to keep both feeth on the ground. The danger is, as always, that we tend to listen better to whom we like te believe. I like JH a lot, because he's good, but this is partially due to (my & other's) psychology...
  9. Indeed seems more a resistance problem now rather than finding support. There's a perfect reverse H&S on the hourly chart and a W shape on the 4hrs chart. Perhaps the worst is over?
  10. Could be one of the triggers. As often it only needs a hardly meaningful news item to start the downtrend. Probably any negative news would have had the same effect. This article explains well how complex and sophisticated the crypto markets are behaving. One of the better analysis I've seen recently: https://insights.glassnode.com/surveying-the-may-2021-sell-off/
  11. Continue to see organized dumps even today, see dump at 15.00 on all tokens. Does this mean that bears are trying to take control or is it just some syncronized profit taking? Positive is that each dump seems to be countered reasonably well.
  12. My AVG is 0.29 but still I feel uncomfortable. As others I feel I should have sold some 20% at the top, but, as always, selling is far more difficult than buying and looking back we're all excellent traders 😄. Moreover each sell one has to take into account the tax liabilities that must be considered as a loss on top of the gains. This means that one should buy almost 30% lower before having a clean "profit". The exact figures I still need to find out which is one of the reasons not to sell...
  13. Don't know if analyzing charts makes any sense these days. At exactly 18.00 a big dump on all coins. The big guys are playing with us I'm afraid. How this will end up nobody knows (honestly I'm a bit tired of these continuous manipulations but I guess we have to live with it).
  14. Sounds very familiar indeed. As you mentioned earlier I'm feeling very relaxed, almost as if I'm perfectly aware of what is coming. This isn't entirely true obviously but for sure it's cyclical behaviour.
  15. Think it's more the whales abusing this information in order to create panic and shake off the weak hands and/or trigger SL. There are just too many dumps on predefined time frames. Look at the dump at exactly 15.45 (CET).
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