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  1. hahah they won't learn.. When I told my friends it might be a good time to buy they hadn't. Now that we have seen these gains they are asking me how to get started.
  2. I see 2 stories for us future grandpa's/grandma's: 1. It's 2050, you sold XRP at 31cents in 2019. Future grandkid: 'Grandpa, mom told me you owned digital assets even before they replaced all other currencies. What did you do with them?' Grandpa: Well kid, I remember it like it was yesterday.. The entire cryptomarket was on it's butt. We had a bad really bad year in 2018, and when 2019 started it didn't get much better. That is when I decided to give up and sell it all.' Future grandkid: 'What happened? Did all developments stop? Grandpa: 'Hmm, not really. Crypto just wasn't perfo
  3. https://s22127.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/fin-fed-real-time-payments-docket-op-1625-final.pdf In a letter from FIN to the Federal Reserve they state that other countries are ahead of the US, urging the FED's to hurry up. Interesting indeed! 'The Federal Reserve should encourage accessibility of a future RTGS system and promote Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as a means to enhance adoption of bank and non-bank payment systems utilizing a future RTGS system. Industry technology solutions that improve the efficiency of system accessibility through secure connection p
  4. Sorry to hear that.. Did you buy it through an official reseller (probably not as you talk about his name)? I hope you had to configure it yourself? It should come without PIN configured
  5. Hahah I was just checking back on the same 😂 https://www.google.nl/amp/s/nieuws.btcdirect.eu/abn-amro-franx-ripple/amp/
  6. If I remember correctly, they just cut down their overhead costs and lowered their margins. No Ripple involved as far as is know
  7. Have you looked into the miner stocks? Personally I own stocks in several gold/silver mines. If you are looking for the big gains (and risk), look at junior miners specifically.
  8. It probably won't just be selling pressure at that level. With XRP shooting up in value there would probably be new money coming in to. Plus, with them announcing this the run up wouldn't be instant. In the month I gave as an example, the price would already be rising. Perhaps it will be a longer period to make sure it's more organic to keep XRP more liquid? Market makers play a very important role in the network. They also can design algorithms to provide the liquidity when demanded. I see your point, though I think it might work out..
  9. This is what I was thinking.. What if they are just waiting for the decision on whether XRP is a security or not. Just imagine an announcement being made by Ripple stating: To maximize efficiency, by the end of this month we will (together with our partners) establish a value of 20$/XRP. Market makers will make sure spreads remain low and sufficient liquidity is provided.
  10. Usually I don't go into the nostro/vostro explanation, especially if they don't even know there are more crypto's than just Bitcoin. Using examples is key to make people understand. For example, I often tell them about the struggle that comes with sending money to our family outside of the EU. Then I show them how much quicker and cheaper these new technologies are. Am I the only one who gets overly excited when talking about this?? haha
  11. This reminds me of november last year. We had several sell-offs like this one. We can go from this looong bear market into a bull market in a matter of weeks. This time we are even in a better position against ETH and BTC.
  12. Bitflip is a mess. 500 of my babies are still in there 😢 Do you also have coins stuck there?
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