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  1. You know - be like all the right-thinking bros. No thanks. The funny thing about you is that I'm quite sure you are a likable sort in real life. It comes through between the lines of you tiresome harangues. You and others have let your cornball status go to your head. Secretly I think pessimism bothers you because you know deep down that your conviction isn't strong and to be reminded of another viewpoint drives you nutso.
  2. Tell me something, genius. If my persona is such a pariah and object of scorn how it it I have more reputation points than posts?
  3. Like many here, his 'gold status' has gone to his head. Creating a hierarchy was this site's big mistake. The duller ones actually begin to think it means something. Incredible.
  4. Oh, this is wonderful. Really. I have a strong notion that 'decency from Blubber' (possibly the very first time ever that that phrase has been used in the English language) means adherence to the accepted orthodoxy. You look down from some self-appointed great height and try to corral the lost kitties. Very entertaining. Unique, even.
  5. Do you ever lament the time and effort you spend here ensuring that everyone sounds like a dial-tone?
  6. And XRP sits at the Right Hand of God ..... how apropos.
  7. Reminds me of what one of the US military geniuses said in Vietnam: "We had to destroy the village to save it" Hopefully BTC goes up in smoke as well. And good riddance.
  8. At what point does a series of dips equal a bear market?
  9. If the market gets interested and there is a string of events that ignites a new bubble, then watch out. However, I believe it will take something truly game-changing to ignite this space again.
  10. Of course it is nonsense. Try to convince the fanboys of that.
  11. Yes, well said. Somehow crypto investors began to convince themselves that they were entitled to insane returns. As this bear market continues, perhaps that might be tempered a bit.
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