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  1. I do go camping again in January for those who want to know when the next parabolic spike happens.
  2. It is a price range that seems realistic if things materialize right purely due to speculation assuming a bitcoin driven bull run will have alts again making higher returns although yet diminishing returns from previous bull runs. Those numbers don’t necessarily translate to retirement but rather financial freedom much sooner than planned allowing more flexibility when choosing work and possibly freeing up more time to innovate on other ways to make an income. At the very least it would be a nice sum to further compound future investments with. This all mixes into the grand
  3. Oh man, it feels like I am buying crypto for the first time. I'll figure it out when I get some time to myself in the quiet of my own home.
  4. I’ve been procrastinating. We can set it up to our ledger? I don’t want to move my whole stash to a supported exchange even though that seems to be the easiest way to do it.
  5. Crypto legislation in 2021 is priority #56, between #55 - Unionizing Drycleaners & #57 - Reallocating the Metal Alloy composition of the Nickel printed by the U.S. treasury. Way more of a hinderance towards xrp than BTC.
  6. While that would be a Swift kick in the Tether regions, that was the swell pump in which xrp was running off on its own while everything else was hurting. This correction has the whole crypto market cap correcting.
  7. Specifically a brand named Meow Mix with a variety assortment of chicken and salmon flavors, plus it has hairball control!
  8. Not necessarily. The poverty rate was 10% pre-covid, modern day lows. We have expensive phones, nice clothes, and still have sushi delivered to us all the time. We just have poor fiscal responsibility and don’t condone or encourage saving in our culture unfortunately. There are many people who make well over six figures who fall into the statistics presented previously.
  9. I would say no to leveraging crypto with debt for nearly everyone. Here are some USA statistics: -64 percent will retire broke. -Half don’t have a means of coming up with an unexpected 1,000 expense without borrowing. -Only 16 percent are saving 15% or more of their income. XRP could make more people a lot of money than it already has, but it will burn even more people as it already has. It took nearly 3 years to go green on my xrp investment and most people I know capitulated long ago. Good luck to us all.
  10. I bought myself a 3rd class seat in the back, next to the bathroom, but I’m at least on board.
  11. Which exchange? I tried to buy some through Vanguard but it was OTC a while ago and seems to be a hinderance to dollar cost average with.
  12. I feel left out of the ethereum train, so tempted to buy.
  13. If you are a rainbow trout, then you are a North American fish. Are you residing in the USA? Was that xrp investment held for less than 1 year? Then better set aside about a third of your gains for Uncle Sam, meaning your break even Re-entry price is much lower than you think it is.
  14. Oh geeze probably shouldn’t had put a down payment on that fully loaded F-350 yesterday. Luckily statutory law affords me 3 days to return it for a full refund. Figure I may as well take it out for a night on the town. The problem is I can’t afford anything other than a drive thru and the truck is too big to fit through it.
  15. Are you a mailman, cause you sure know how to deliver.
  16. Thanks smoothy for taking the torch. May your Tuesday be well. Off to catch some zzzzzz’s.
  17. Can we hit .70 in the next 5 minutes. How am I supposed to go to sleep.
  18. .65 with some immediate sell pressure. keep going buddy!
  19. Close to it. So that would mean this mini bull run would be 93/1000 over with if we go the magical 10X on this run. If bitcoin gets some more legs soon who knows it could happen.
  20. The revenge of the alts, particularly XRP sabotaged my camping trip this weekend, I was trying to stay off my phone as much as possible. I do welcome explosive price shifts anytime, anyplace and hope to be inconvenienced again.
  21. Well that’s typical of conventional assets and life in general. I don’t think you are bringing any kind of enlightenment by stating obvious things.
  22. Sell at a dollar to recoup investment. I’m holding until 3 then 10 unless I feel it is not going anywhere.
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