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  1. I think you already answered the question, those numbers are in fact arbitrary, any long term prediction has to be in the world of crypto. He provided a broader rough order of magnitude figures over a long duration. I don't think it was meant to be specific to what would the price of XRP be in another speculative bull run, that would be an entirely different subject in itself. If a hypothetical event gets injected into the picture, then I am sure the dollar amounts would hypothetically change as well.
  2. Is there an excel file out there that is good to use to help establish a cost basis/tracking of crypto purchases utilizing First In First Out accounting practices?
  3. I usually keep my stuff in cold storage but I was making a trade and the exchange froze withdrawls for a week + climbing prices put me over the threshold for just a couple hours before prices retraced. I suppose I have to fill out this darn form now come tax time.
  4. It was probably somewhere around 10 people, late in 2017. I don't know anyone who invested earlier than Fall of 2017, including myself. Half of them are gone and say they will never be back. None of us are in the Tech industry. I got three new people to do their own research, and they bought XRP recently. I am holding unofficial custody of XRP as Christmas presents for a couple people as well.
  5. It sounds interesting to be honest, but I am still just going to HODL with the assumption that I will never see my money again. The question is, what is the buy back strategy?
  6. I hope so, I really don’t want to eat cat food for dinner again this weekend.
  7. I like the demo data. It has 4 out of of my top 5 bags! Just need to edit TRX for VeChain.
  8. Declining lineal volumes, hopefully it picks up a bit soon.
  9. Some people would trade it all for #1. 60% of Americans could not weather a 1,000 dollar emergency meaning a majority never make it past step 3. #1) Health #2) Friends and Family #3) Debt Free #4) Financial Security (can weather a prolonged amount of time without income) #5) Financial Freedom (can make your wealth work for you without having to be a W-2 employee). Most people still continue to work at this point. #6) Rich - hypothetically defined. But spend too much on depreciating assets while forgetting to invest in yourself and you can find yourself at step #1. I like to aspire about crypto fast tracking me from #4 to #5. If not then that’s okay too, maybe I will get my entrepreneurial spirit back after two failed goes at it. There is always the long term ‘live within your means’ route as well. I am going to shut up now before I start coming off as self righteous.
  10. I wont feel silly with a 300% lineal price appreciation or 100% compounded annual rate of return on an investment. Now I might feel silly when my portfolio of equities goes through a worldwide recession and struggles to climb back to where it is today, but that is a different story!
  11. Everyone's plan will be different. Most people will not follow their plan even if they told you what they plan on doing. I think the smart thing to do is dollar cost average on the way in and dollar cost average on the way out. Recover you initial investment at lower prices, even if people are telling you that you are crazy to sell so soon. Have periodic withdrawals from there to help your financial security and financial independence, and of course leave a ultra-long bag on the table for years to come. That is a broadly painted picture of it.
  12. Just bought +700 xrp this morning. I am just about done filling up the bags anymore outside of a major correction. I am just about done filling up any other bags for other cryptos as well. If we are capitulated, that would truly mean people have given up and would not be here. The remaining hardcore believers will skew the results towards a more optimistic tilt. Given that: a) It is awfully quiet around here and b) polls are optimistic (the naysayers are exiting) — these are signs of capitulation. Prepare to sit this one out for a while.
  13. X2 on a good long term XRP bag averaged in under $0.50. You could be right on Bitcoin, but my gut feeling is telling me it will still be the face of Crypto in the years ahead, and it will reach a new ATH before it loses its stature. No other digital asset will out speculate Bitcoin beyond its Market Cap. That major paradigm shift will not come until another crypto goes cosmo based on utility alone. Will it be based on bridge assets, supply-chain management, decentralized app hosting, a separate store of value with better scaling, or something else? I think it is worth accumulating all those at depressed prices including Bitcoin!
  14. Maybe, however the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi of the 12th District of California (San Francisco) probably has one of the highest percentage of constituents who would benefit from such legislation.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. Executive powers to give mandates and a helping hand in the matter, and just to bring it into the spotlight alone would be monumental. It would take a herculean effort to get 100,000 signatures from the limited number of early adopters. A generically, vague response from the White House (while super cool) would feel underwhelming, but who knows.
  16. Does change.org actually do anything? It seems like petitioning the white house directly https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/ would be more effective. Upon 100,000 signatures within 30 days, the white house must respond within 60 days of the petition. All people who sign an provide their email will get an automatic update once the White House responds.
  17. Always good to have some Bitcoin, but I would not chase the trends while already behind between XRP/BTC. On the other hand, I am very tempted to sell of some of my mutual funds to accumulate some more bitcoin as opposed to liquidating my xrp holdings.
  18. You have a better chance of striking a conversation with someone to be an advocate of who makes the best designer socks versus supporting that darn drug dealing crypto gambling!
  19. After you pay off your high interest revolving debts... After you have a 3-6 month emergency fund set up in your savings account... Extra money up to 0, it's okay most of us have been there, find a way to make more income. Extra money up to 10K = 50% of your liquid investable assets after revolving debts paid off and emergency fund established ($5,000 USD = 15,000 xrp) Extra money up to 50K = 33% of your liquid investable assets after revolving debts paid off and emergency fund established ($16,500 USD = 49,500 xrp) Extra money up to 100K = 25% of your liquid investable assets after revolving debts paid off and emergency fund established ($25,000 USD = 100,000 xrp) Extra money up to 250K = 20% of your liquid investable assets after revolving debts paid off and emergency fund established ($50,000 USD = 150,000 xrp) Extra money up to 500k = 15% of your liquid investable assets after revolving debts paid off and emergency fund established ($75,000 USD = 225,000 xrp) Extra money up to 1 mil = 10% of your liquid investable assets after revolving debts paid off and emergency fund established ($100,000 USD = 300,000 xrp) Considerations: If profits are being reinvested from past bull runs, the percentages can slide higher than portrayed above. The above example hypothetically goes all-in on xrp. Investing all-in on a single asset within an asset class is never wise. Not one size fits all. Risk tolerances, marital statuses, age, opportunity costs, experience with crypto, and socio-economic conditions all affect how much you can afford to speculate with. These are only opinions, not financial advise.
  20. @dr_ed Are you a fan of owning gold related investment vehicles, such as ETF's, or is a more direct ownership of gold preferable?
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