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  1. I disagree with $1,000 if it is in terms of present value based on what others have said, some sort of integration with a superior technology will come. I would sadly agree the last statement could be a possibility but then we would need the poll to reflect the Chinese REN in lieu of the US Dollar in America.
  2. I an willing to give someone 2,000 XRP if they can delivery me two pizza hut franchises...
  3. Certainly a true consideration to take. As a Florida resident with no income taxes at the state level, I forever remain oblivious to such taxation.
  4. Hodl > 1 year 425,800 > Your Income Your take home cash out = $85,000
  5. I have sells written down for 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50. I would be out 80 percent by 50.
  6. Pretty much all the week hands are gone at this point for disinformation to have any kind of impact.
  7. Welecome to Candy-land! Hopefully it can be put on the calendar before the government shuts down again next week.
  8. ManBearPig

    I’m out!!

    Bags are packed and ready to forget about them for a while. If xrp can repeat one more massive bull run then I am set, and that doesnt account for other cryptos I am invested in. If it goes up a bit moderately that is cool too to help supplement the nest egg. If it goes to zero, that would suck but life would not change. I suppose I would buy some more xrp if the prices continue to drop here and there. Still maxing out the 401k to build wealth the conventional way with 20-30 years of compounding returns on my side. If blockchain progresses without digital asset increases and a paradigm shift changes the landscape of the largest economy of the world for the worst, I have all but one thing left to say. Do you want fries with that?
  9. People are already filing their taxes and will be receiving refunds soon enough if not already. Only 25% of tax filers wait until the last two weeks to file. Also, the influx of people filing on tax day are probably not receiving their returns on the same day as the timeline to get approved and bank account funded can take weeks (XRP please have a seat over there). So no, there is no extravagant tax day party where every single American tax payer all runs to the bank on April 15th to rejoice and buy crypto in harmony sending prices halfway to Pluto. Should the apologies come proportionate to the rate of filings or do you want it all in advance? Do I get imposed a fine and a penalty if I don't file my apology with you by April 15th?
  10. ManBearPig

    XRP sub-30¢

    I needed a bit of a pick me up this morning, so I bought 200 xrp for a meager 57 dollars.
  11. "Get your buy orders and puke buckets ready"
  12. ManBearPig

    I’m out!!

    Are you out of XRP or cryptos in their entirety? Instead of leaving, at the very least I would keep a smaller percentage of your net worth invested, small enough to where you feel like you can forget about it. Your concerns are valid, but the potential rewards are still worth keeping some skin in this game. Alternative investments (real estate, stocks) are theoretically at the end of their bull runs so the opportunity costs are not as high to remain in crypto.
  13. XRP-Chat tends to be more conservative with price predictions (well at least now), but only has a fraction of the communication when compared to other media platforms (ie. Twitter, Reddit). If there is a possibility of a utility driven bull run taking longer than everyone wants it to, and the next bull run is psychological then one could argue that there is still too much optimism, therefore the opposite theory will prove 2019 to be bearish.
  14. Van Eck Bitcoin ETF was withdrawn about an hour ago based on the predicted outcome of it not being passed. There is a high chance there will not be any kind of crypto ETF in 2019. I agree for another drop then consolidation for a good part of 2019.
  15. I can feel it in my gut of another potential major drop. Or perhaps that has something to do with that extra chilli dog I had for lunch. In either case, it is certainly a realistic possibility in which fiat has been set aside for deep discounts.
  16. I started liquidating my BTC for XRP in the summer in a series of many smaller transactions and the utopian predictions and people already counting their money left me skeptical from the start. But I wanted to decrease my exposure to POW and support something that was by far better for the environment. I am still skeptical of the thought of Ripple owning the escrow accounts of an enormous supply and the founders who have themselves a substantial amount. While the XRP ledger is truly decentralized, this fact still does not sit well. I am skeptical about how Ripple can acquire unlimited capital through escrow sales at the expense of retail investors keeping the prices propped up who get nothing. I am skeptical how Ripple could still succeed to a degree if XRP does not become adopted. I am skeptical that competitors will come while USA regulatory clarity is stalled, and will continue to stall amidst a long standing government shutdown. I am skeptical of the possibility that people could get impatient investing in XRP and reallocate their blockfolio to other promising cryptos. I am skeptical that the last bull run will be the last exponential explosive growth phase for most existing cryptos. However, the research I have done as someone who comes from a non technical background along with an ordinary IQ, it still excites me to see where this can go. With continual fundamental strengths to build upon, first mover advantage, and even a little bit of luck here and there, it certainly is worth the risk if you are going long. Heck, if it is 1 dollar three years from now that is still going to outperform the equities market, that is for sure!
  17. I don't have an answer for this, but it appears to be a valid concern. It would make sense that there is a time limit for xrp adoption before other technologies catch up. Another important reason for regulatory uncertainty to get ironed out. Edit: This thread provides good insight -
  18. Que pasa?! I meant keep on adding more xrp little by little monthly on top of the 25k. I am still waiting to see if xrp can hit a dollar. No matter what it is a good time to be buying right now given the risk/reward. There are some other good projects out there as well but few which have as much potential as xrp right now.
  19. Assuming the original poster gets a 60X return on investment six years from now and starting out with a lump sum of approximately 25k xrp would be worth $510,000 pre-tax in six years. Not too shabby....certainly not retirement numbers but a good degree of financial freedom or a decent house. If the OP continues to buy $100/month during that time then we are talking millions then.
  20. ManBearPig

    US Tax Deduction for XRP Losses

    For the USA, If you moved crypto around at all at anytime in 2018 (exchange to exchange, digital asset to digital asset, wallet address to wallet address), you more than likely realized some losses that you should account for to offset other income up to 3K (as stated in the post above mine) when you do your taxes. If you have been hodling your xrp on a Nano or an exchange through 2018, better not to touch it. If the crypto market booms this year and you take some tax profits later in 2019, you want to realize those gains as long-term rather short-term. The income savings on qualifying profits as long-term will far outweigh a 3,000 dollar income offset loss.
  21. It is a good plan, but do not get in the mindset that you are going to retire. This is still a high risk investment and be prepared to lose your entire investment.
  22. Get your puke buckets and buy orders ready!
  23. This thread makes my brain hurt and my brain processing power is gassed for the week to even attempt deciphering this from my civil engineering background . Look forward to a good read over the weekend and learn something new. Love xrpchat for the realistic info and intelligence it provides inbetween threads. Well done gents.
  24. ManBearPig

    Missed my buy in

    If it goes to a penny, i might just take out a new line of credit and buy a couple million. Could you imagine, me if all people with a couple million of xrp? One could only imagine to be so lucky.