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  1. About a dozen friends and acquaintances were talking to me about crypto for the first time ever around April. In hindsight that was a sign that things were due for a correction and the last few months took the wind out of the sails even for a lot of long-term holders. I’ve sent a few text messages regarding this month’s uptrend and while they are aware of it they aren’t paying close attention to it like they were in the past and they definitely don’t wanna put any more money in right now. I speculate bitcoin will continue to get to an all time high, then FOMO will kick in again. 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill getting close to passing and surprised about the amount of attention cryptocurrency regulation got from the Senate Bill. I still have faith that the house will find a way to weed through it, and send it back to the Senate for final signature. If it doesn’t then it doesn’t take affect for a while so still time to hash it out if necessary. Following that there is a 3.5 trillion dollar bill being introduced that will require a lot of lubricant for the printing presses as well as our rear ends. Inflation seems less transitory with every passing month. Macro outlook Bullish.
  2. Today could be a good day. If BTC closes strong, to celebrate will be a sublime experience at Applebee’s where I will dine like a gladiator most decorated.
  3. Incoming! Let’s break to the mid 40’s and put an end to this range we have been in for months!
  4. If today‘s candle can engulf yesterday’s then it’s go time.
  5. Found a good amount of USDC I forgot I had. Added some $RVP, $WEX, $ORAI yesterday. BTFP! BTC supply trending off the exchanges. Won’t take too much more for the velocity of price appreciation to continue.
  6. I love buying the pumps. The 6k pump, the 10k pump, the 14k pump. My 40k pump purchases will be 10 year+ holds.
  7. Soon, very soon I will have a good flow of fiat coming in. I will be buying a good amount for some time to come if prices stay here or go lower.
  8. Time to buy more bitcoin. I put my money where my mouth is regardless on how many cat food dishes that mouth has been.
  9. Just one question! 👋 BTC dominance to charge forward with a second alt season blow off top to follow in this scenario?
  10. I don’t have liquid fiat to invest for about another month but I would be Dollar Cost Averaging at these prices on BTC if I could. I also would want to accumulate some newer generation alts to hold for five+ years (ie. WOO, CELL, RVP, some defi). I’ve sold off on my XRP to get my investment back and a little profit which is about 1/3 of my ownership but now intend to hold the rest. Short term pain for long term gains.
  11. I’ve had to stomach some major losses over the last couple months but it’s not bad in comparison to Montezumas revenge coming back from Mexico so the theme rolls on. But now that the stomach has settled and I can finally look at my Blockfolio and budget myself a poolside fine Italian dinner.
  12. I sold off about 30% of my xrp I was holding for three years. BTC looks like it wants to gain dominance back whether it bounces, or bleeds less slower than alts. If we already entered the bear market it will redefine how we look at market cycles going forward. No proper blow of top and no kind of relief rally for this rapid, severe correction. 2018 even had glimmers off some hope as it chopped upwards but this is the Niagara Falls of dumps so far. If there ever was a time for the market to do the opposite of sentiment and break to the upside, it has its opportunity to do so.
  13. It’s all speculative. 5X is a good spot to take initial profits so that’s where the 20% comes in. ADA has already corrected 40% off its all time high so if this really was the top then it has 40% left to the downside to make the full 80% correction per your example. Statistically and historically, most people cannot time the market, the only thing you can control is how much time you spend in the market. The most important driver still remains bitcoin, and I can’t say with certainty where it is going over the next few months, I feel a lot more confident saying where it will go in the long term.
  14. Sell 20% ADA, and HODL the rest on the house even if it’s another four years. Projects being launched are right around the corner and the support ecosystem will be very active. People will be envious at the prices you got in at.
  15. Don’t check the Blockfolio all that much right now. 2017 was about watching it go down and eating away at most of the initial investment but it was something that could be afforded to lose. 2021 is about watching significant profits go up and then watching half of it vanish in a day. 🤮 In retrospect, the 2017 version of myself would still be happy with where I am at even after the crash, but the 2021 version of myself is greedier while having an immense fear of losing additional profits. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. Fundamentally Bitcoin is as strong as ever, my outlook on the good alt coins out there with use cases is more optimistic in the long run than before this bull market, and this shakeout hopefully gets the market under control with all the shit coins and meme coins floating about. My brain is telling me that this could be a bear market summer (not to be outdone by a potential double top in the fall) but my gut is telling me to to just HODL and pretend like the money doesn’t exist. Or maybe it’s that second chilli dog I ate, I thought it tasted a little funny.
  16. It’s a deal but you have to offer me Employment. McDonald’s has doubled down and will offer half off on a meal for every shift, but willing to entertain open offers.
  17. If anyone is interested have a Lamborghini for sale, low mileage.
  18. Would the SEC have authority to regulate something they have already deemed to not be a security?
  19. Based on what this chart portrays, it is saying if you extrapolate the durations of of the past bull runs and apply it to this year's bull run, the peak would hit in September implying this bull run started earlier than 2013 and 2017.
  20. Good for those who can afford to hedge against the continued expansion of the money supply by taking shelter in real estate, the stock market, crypto etc.. Bad for most of the middle class and poor who will never in a million years see their wages catch up with inflation. Luckily I already have fast food experience, so when I open up the drive thru window to serve our Chinese Overlords, I've perfected the slogan, "Do you want fries with that?".
  21. In the USA, Two more multi trillion dollar bills are are expected to try to pass this summer, with a possible multi trillion dollar student loan bailout happening later this year. Economies will grow fast from the stimulus and pent up savings during the course of the pandemic. The inflation monster will rear its ugly head as consumer price index's increase upwards with a higher velocity and central banks will be forced to rise interest rates which will make servicing debt more impossible than the path it already is on. People will want to protect their wealth and the older, larger banks are beginning to get pressured by their clients to offer crypto custody solutions. Companies will continue to invest cash reserves into digital assets. Still a ways to go!
  22. The sideways movement feels calm, almost too calm! ETH all time high. Sold some LINK. Going to reinvest profits to try the low market decentralized alt coin game. I'll be out of work starting next month, moving back to Florida to reclaim residency to avoid draconian investment tax system in California. Going to miss the awesome Helium hotspot location I have. Good luck to everyone!
  23. I have sold 5% already @ 1.30. At $3.30 I will recoup what’s left to get my initial investment another 5%. Then dollar cost average out 65% between 4 and 10 dollars. Hold 25% for either a moonshot or another 4 years of holding.
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