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  1. Are you a mailman, cause you sure know how to deliver.
  2. Thanks smoothy for taking the torch. May your Tuesday be well. Off to catch some zzzzzz’s.
  3. Can we hit .70 in the next 5 minutes. How am I supposed to go to sleep.
  4. .65 with some immediate sell pressure. keep going buddy!
  5. Close to it. So that would mean this mini bull run would be 93/1000 over with if we go the magical 10X on this run. If bitcoin gets some more legs soon who knows it could happen.
  6. The revenge of the alts, particularly XRP sabotaged my camping trip this weekend, I was trying to stay off my phone as much as possible. I do welcome explosive price shifts anytime, anyplace and hope to be inconvenienced again.
  7. Well that’s typical of conventional assets and life in general. I don’t think you are bringing any kind of enlightenment by stating obvious things.
  8. Sell at a dollar to recoup investment. I’m holding until 3 then 10 unless I feel it is not going anywhere.
  9. Very well could do that and be the higher low of a longer duration of a bull run. I’ll buy some more if that’s the case but too expensive for me now. Would rather stack xrp or other alts at this point.
  10. Dollar cost average. Get some exposure in case it takes off (which it looks like it wants to every day) and if it dips, continue to get some of that coin.
  11. Agreed on all accounts. Well that’s just two points but nonetheless. A little cool down was needed before the ATH bar is challenged.
  12. There have been massive sell offs of xrp into other assets already by retail investors over the past couple years. Covid winter plus additional stimulus should pump bitcoin into 2021. Time for Biden and Bitcoin to come out of Hidin’. If alts can replicate a fraction of 2017 I am happy person.
  13. There is nothing wrong with going heavy on altcoins, I already am. When the bull happens I will likely cash out on alts but will hold my bitcoin indefinitely. We will see in hindsight with my strategy. Good luck to us all.
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