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  1. Just sent small amount of xrp, entered the address and destination tag from CB --> Binance
  2. WEIRD! I just sent a small amount of BTC to Binance, just copied and pasted the address.
  3. Can you elaborate? I haven't sold much, but when I do it is pretty straight forward.
  4. Depends on the State. Uphold is great for smaller purchases via bank. I anticipate Binance USA becoming a legit exchange for the alts they do plan to sell. Might as well get verified with Bittrex, Coinbase, Uphold, and eventually Binance USA to have multiple on ramps/off ramps. I believe these exchanges to be the better insured, and plan on being proactive towards USA compliance which means they will be limited in what alts they sell. Am I missing any exchanges?
  5. Is the support price of XRP floating around in No Man's land right now? A few days time frame to call the mid-20's the new support seems like it is too short of a duration though it is currently testing it again. I did dabble in a small sample purchase to see what it feels like to buy this low, for investigation purposes of course.
  6. The walrus is associated with wisdom, belligerence, humor, and awkward feelings or self-awareness. If you dream of a walrus, it indicates that you are protecting something or someone and that you are the dominant member of a partnership or leader in a situation.
  7. And separate from any passwords you use to access any exchanges, wallets, etc...
  8. That 10 year bull you mention is based off retail investors who got the benefit of highly elastic responses in price and significant halvings for being super early adopters. Institutions and old money will take refuge in anti inflationary, recession proof assets, with world market contractions becoming the helping hand to push this type into investment into crypto that they otherwise had a strong pass on up til now.
  9. Lots of encouragement in the twitter thread, looks like we still have some capitulation to go if there is another psychological bull market left in this.
  10. There were others who said this is a high risk investment, has a high likelihood of failing, and be prepared for your investment to go to zero. You just selectively chose to listen to what you wanted to hear. Take what you can out that experience, and make the most of it. With that said, I did buy a little more today.
  11. There was lots of unjustified, emotional hype making a bullish case after the pop. Now you can say the same is beginning to happen on the bearish side of things. In a market that is still driven on speculation, manipulation, emotion, this drop feels like it was supposed to happen. Only problem is even the long-term hodlers are exhausted from buying the dips.
  12. I believe the likelihood of a recession happening in 2021 or sooner is greater than it not happening. Most economist do though they don’t always have the best track record when making predictions. World Governments are beginning to launch countermeasures and equity markets are becoming volatile thanks in part to the trade wars. A lot of it still depends on regulation. While smaller retail investors might lose demand for crypto to keep money handy, institutional investment and fund managers will be seeking ways to reallocate their portfolios and if a definitive set of rules to follow with crypto investing were there, i can see them allocating a couple percent as a hedge. This would place major upwards price pressure movement .
  13. It has to do with going against the herd mentality of buying on the way up and selling on the way down. It's not easy to do which is why most lose money. A lot of those still here would advise to set goals ahead of time and to take some profits in the case of a strong bull, there is nothing wrong with doing that. Of course we could all be fools on a one-way street to zero-ville. Lucky for me, I have fast food experience. Do you want fries with that?
  14. Actually those who buy now have the advantage of avoiding two years of aggravation. Bet they have yet to have the opportunity to take any profits at X20 their investment.
  15. That is an awesome, concise way to put it. Thank you for your input. I am a bit surprised though that your input as well as the votes do not reflect item #1. Then again we are talking the most likely of results and not singling out to one. It wasn’t meant to portray as a doomsday scenario. I just think (speaking as an American) we are spending way too much lol.
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