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  1. Good points. I love the functional utility of Bitcoin as a store of value. Of course it operates poorly as a medium of exchange due to fees, scalability, and transaction time. Those aren’t the only disadvantages but people have to look at the history money and see what Bitcoin was invented to disrupt - the deflationary, centrally manipulated currencies of modern history. I recommend reading The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. Tip your hat to bitcoin for making a point. You can’t expect such a game changer to die that fast, especially since it hasn’t came even close to being mainstream. Now if mining didn’t require harvesting the energy of the sun, I would be shilling it myself, but it hasn’t prevented me from being an investor in the short run.
  2. It’s not like there is an overwhelming amount of activity happening on the forums. Subdividing what little conversation there is to virtually almost no conversation at all and we will be left with discussing what the price of tea is in china. We might even get bored enough to discuss where Ripple vs. XRP content should go!
  3. I think you already answered the question, those numbers are in fact arbitrary, any long term prediction has to be in the world of crypto. He provided a broader rough order of magnitude figures over a long duration. I don't think it was meant to be specific to what would the price of XRP be in another speculative bull run, that would be an entirely different subject in itself. If a hypothetical event gets injected into the picture, then I am sure the dollar amounts would hypothetically change as well.
  4. Is there an excel file out there that is good to use to help establish a cost basis/tracking of crypto purchases utilizing First In First Out accounting practices?
  5. I usually keep my stuff in cold storage but I was making a trade and the exchange froze withdrawls for a week + climbing prices put me over the threshold for just a couple hours before prices retraced. I suppose I have to fill out this darn form now come tax time.
  6. It was probably somewhere around 10 people, late in 2017. I don't know anyone who invested earlier than Fall of 2017, including myself. Half of them are gone and say they will never be back. None of us are in the Tech industry. I got three new people to do their own research, and they bought XRP recently. I am holding unofficial custody of XRP as Christmas presents for a couple people as well.
  7. It sounds interesting to be honest, but I am still just going to HODL with the assumption that I will never see my money again. The question is, what is the buy back strategy?
  8. I hope so, I really don’t want to eat cat food for dinner again this weekend.
  9. I like the demo data. It has 4 out of of my top 5 bags! Just need to edit TRX for VeChain.
  10. Declining lineal volumes, hopefully it picks up a bit soon.
  11. Some people would trade it all for #1. 60% of Americans could not weather a 1,000 dollar emergency meaning a majority never make it past step 3. #1) Health #2) Friends and Family #3) Debt Free #4) Financial Security (can weather a prolonged amount of time without income) #5) Financial Freedom (can make your wealth work for you without having to be a W-2 employee). Most people still continue to work at this point. #6) Rich - hypothetically defined. But spend too much on depreciating assets while forgetting to invest in yourself and you can find yourself at step #1. I like to aspire about crypto fast tracking me from #4 to #5. If not then that’s okay too, maybe I will get my entrepreneurial spirit back after two failed goes at it. There is always the long term ‘live within your means’ route as well. I am going to shut up now before I start coming off as self righteous.
  12. I wont feel silly with a 300% lineal price appreciation or 100% compounded annual rate of return on an investment. Now I might feel silly when my portfolio of equities goes through a worldwide recession and struggles to climb back to where it is today, but that is a different story!
  13. Everyone's plan will be different. Most people will not follow their plan even if they told you what they plan on doing. I think the smart thing to do is dollar cost average on the way in and dollar cost average on the way out. Recover you initial investment at lower prices, even if people are telling you that you are crazy to sell so soon. Have periodic withdrawals from there to help your financial security and financial independence, and of course leave a ultra-long bag on the table for years to come. That is a broadly painted picture of it.
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