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  1. I’m surprised you guys give him the amount of attention he it gets. Sadly, the only thing that has deteriorated worse than crypto prices is his mental health. The irony in this is some newer posters have come out in support of this thread, which is what he has been trolling against.
  2. This is a good point that doesn’t get talked a lot, especially the respect part. BTC has to be earned which is still open for anyone to do that. It also has a mathematical programmed circulation supply (stock to flows) that can be predicted with relative accuracy. 100 billion xrp being created out of thin air and in which Ripple, its founders, and angel investors having first dibs does not sit well with a lot of people when discussions arise about it being a store of value. XRP in the long run will really have to depend on it’s ability as a bridge asset and other use cases such as streaming payments. If it becomes a median of exchange when changing currencies frequently and long enough, maybe it will be slowly accepted as a median of exchange to purchase anything one day. But that is xrp utopia, and not what my investment is based on. ODL increasing, corridors opening up, and a psychological BTC driven bull run is why I am hodling.
  3. XRP and vechain being used at the enterprise level.
  4. Do you get the same feeling when you get in line at the grocery store and come to the realization that you picked the slowest line, so you move to the other line. Then they open up a new checkout lane and you rush to that one but not before being beat by Momma Cass and her semi-weekly 300 dollar loaded cart. Now your ice cream is beginning to condensate and your worried the milk might be getting too warm. To top it off, you just realized you forgot the mango salsa you always wanted to try. The point is, don’t make it too complicated. Diversify, buy the dips, and Hodl.
  5. It will also create FOMO and the mania will cause even the naysayers to start buying at prices much higher than they were originally scoffing at which will further pump prices. That 2018 swell pump sure hooked me in at the time, I had only been accumulating for a couple months and had nowhere near my targets and bought it up all the way to seventy cents that day.
  6. Picking up some BTC and XTZ on this run down. XRP bag is staying strong and steady. I feel like we bounce from .25 to .40 for the next couple months. Once we hit an overall market cap of 400 billion, that is when my multi-year dollar cost averaging will stop. We are at 280 billion as I write this. If you are long on your holdings, this would still be a good time to buy based on higher cyclical lows forming on the BTC charts, and the halving within viewing distance.
  7. There are two things certain in life on the dips. 1- Buying 2- XRPto20 coming out of Momma’s basement. (Which in itself meme worthy)
  8. One side of me wants to continue seeing the price shoot up, but the other side wants to see prices stabilize for a little while and have a gradual price rise stair step its way for the next several months. The earlier it goes parabolic, the lower it will top out before a deeper correction. But by all means, xrp if you want to form giant candle from here circa 2017 style, don't let me hold you up.
  9. Don't disagree at all. I have a strategy to take profits if we go exponential due to speculation. I also have strategy to stay invested as long as ODL continues to increase significantly and seeing new corridors opening up. I'm sure you can recognize the difference between the two.
  10. All you need is one or two good days, and it's break even. That's nothing! But it's also important to recognize that we can dip at anytime (I'm just saying that in general, not specifically directed at you), which is fine as long as we hit higher lows. Even then, ODL and corridors are what will be important in the long-run, a psychological bull run is a bonus.
  11. Definitely will keep the dry mix handy in case the S&P 500 makes a correction. But tonight's feast will be an upgrade to Savory Morsels of Wet Cat Food!
  12. At least your longer hodl duration will net you long term capital gains with better tax advantages, and this is certainly better than watching if buy orders will execute at 16 cents.
  13. @Eric123 I know it's still a shot in the dark, but do you see all time BTC highs coming this summer?
  14. Profits galore. Finally sitting pretty good in the green, not necessarily there yet with XRP but I speculate its time will come. Link, BTC, Tezos, VET, ADA moving along nicely, heck even HOT included. Could be back in the red by next month, but I'll enjoy this moment at the very least.
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