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  1. Que pasa?! I meant keep on adding more xrp little by little monthly on top of the 25k. I am still waiting to see if xrp can hit a dollar. No matter what it is a good time to be buying right now given the risk/reward. There are some other good projects out there as well but few which have as much potential as xrp right now.
  2. Assuming the original poster gets a 60X return on investment six years from now and starting out with a lump sum of approximately 25k xrp would be worth $510,000 pre-tax in six years. Not too shabby....certainly not retirement numbers but a good degree of financial freedom or a decent house. If the OP continues to buy $100/month during that time then we are talking millions then.
  3. ManBearPig

    US Tax Deduction for XRP Losses

    For the USA, If you moved crypto around at all at anytime in 2018 (exchange to exchange, digital asset to digital asset, wallet address to wallet address), you more than likely realized some losses that you should account for to offset other income up to 3K (as stated in the post above mine) when you do your taxes. If you have been hodling your xrp on a Nano or an exchange through 2018, better not to touch it. If the crypto market booms this year and you take some tax profits later in 2019, you want to realize those gains as long-term rather short-term. The income savings on qualifying profits as long-term will far outweigh a 3,000 dollar income offset loss.
  4. It is a good plan, but do not get in the mindset that you are going to retire. This is still a high risk investment and be prepared to lose your entire investment.
  5. Get your puke buckets and buy orders ready!
  6. This thread makes my brain hurt and my brain processing power is gassed for the week to even attempt deciphering this from my civil engineering background . Look forward to a good read over the weekend and learn something new. Love xrpchat for the realistic info and intelligence it provides inbetween threads. Well done gents.
  7. ManBearPig

    Missed my buy in

    If it goes to a penny, i might just take out a new line of credit and buy a couple million. Could you imagine, me if all people with a couple million of xrp? One could only imagine to be so lucky.
  8. ManBearPig

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    There may be those that don’t fancy you but they will certainly continue to read what you write. Then of course they try to talk it down so they have something interesting to talk about, because if they brought up their own opinion, nobody would care. Keep up the good work.
  9. 1. BTC - hail to the king and digital bullion 2. XRP - bridge currency with a lot more to be implemented 3. TRX - Decentralized content 4. ADA - Built by leading academics 5. HOT - The crowd is the cloud
  10. Q1: 0.27 Q2: 0.21 Q3: 1.19 Q4: 4.01 prices is USD
  11. ManBearPig

    New EOY 2019 predictions

    I can assure you those with modest expectations (if you want to call a 1,000% annual rate of return modest), who continue to dollar cost average and strategize their future sell prices according to their latest research will be in this game a lot longer than those who become easily excitable which tend to correlate with those who get out of touch with reality in a bull market.
  12. It will be interesting to see how crypto markets mature through regulatory framework, financial instruments (ETF’s), and geopolitical forces in the year ahead and how that may affect technical analysis. I will read into the information you provided. Well done on your 2018 predictions.
  13. Ironically, the person who chose zero was closer than most! @tar What is your 2019 prediction? Asking for a friend
  14. ManBearPig

    New EOY 2019 predictions

    1-5 with some regulatory clarity. Crypto in whole could green candle up to 2 trillion dollar market cap briefly.
  15. Put it up on twitter, you will likely get a ton of feedback (and traffic).