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  1. I agree with you in the vision that Cryptos become a sort of safe haven for the deflationary properties of a finite asset, similar to gold in the event of a financial meltdown. I have heard an argument that In a contracting economy there will not be as much money available to invest in cryptos so the crypto market will tether with the equities (stock) market. While that may be true for the average joe retail investor, I can see some reallocation of high net worth individual’s portfolios begin to get some exposure into cryptos that would spike demand. The inverted yield curve has predicted every recession in the past 50 years, which historically has it following 10-30 months from today. The SEC is likely not protecting conventional equities markets, but certainly at the hands of the federal reserve by controlling the money supply through interest rates who just recetly announced there will be no more increases this year signaling they fear a slowing economy. They have also artificially inflated the economy the past decade through treasury buybacks (quantitive easing) during Obama’s presidency. Trump and Congress are temporarily pumping money into the economy with the tax cuts and you better believe republicans will do anything they can tod continue to inflate things with an election year coming (Democrats would do the exact same thing). When the recession does inevitably come, it is going to especially hurt due to the fact that unlike credit bubble of 2008, the USA can’t afford to spend their way out this time without major consequences towards inflation and unsustainable debt levels.
  2. Do you gravitate towards other top 10 cryptos, or looking at other small market cap cryptos?
  3. If it goes up, then great. If it goes down then I am prepared to bend over and take this one like a champ all the way down to zero.
  4. Well I don't but buy XRP directly with my paychecks. I use my day job to service the debt I have accrued in exchange for XRP, so my paychecks technically are an indirect investment. I have already liquidated the 401K, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 529 College Fund, maxed loan to debt ratios on the home equity, title loan on car, tapped into checkings and savings account, emergency fund, applied and maxed out several credit cards, took out itemized personal loans, enrolled back into an American college graduate program for basket weaving to take the max out on student loans to reinvest into crypo, capitalized all margin trades on traditional investment brokerage accounts, and even accepted money in a briefcase from a guy named Steve wearing a Charcoal Colored Suit behind Walmart.
  5. I like listening to a couple with headphones while I work out, it's a good way to recap the major milestones of the week without having to quit my day job. It is both informative and entertainment, you just have to sort out the difference of the two with your own research. Do keep in mind, even the most popular youtubers don't have a substantial amount of views to make a lot of money, they get a lot more revenue through donations to their channel and to their wallet address which gives them a strong incentive to Hype Hype Hype! It will be interesting to see how their channels evolve six months from now in the high likelihood the realm of crypto remains bearish.
  6. The ball that gets utility rolling has yet to be forecasted by anyone. All they hypothetical scenarios previously predicted will eventually have some of them snowball into effect, but only after this unknown & unforeseen event occurs. With that said, we'll never see prices this low again.
  7. That doesn't sound mentally healthy. I mean, yea, xrp drives us all crazy to an extent, but to pin your hopes and dreams on a small investment with grandiose expectations uses a lot of energy. That time would be better spent working on careers, exercise, education, and relationships. Perhaps I should invest in crypto rehabs to hedge my bets against cryptos.
  8. Get your popcorn ready for one last major correction.
  9. Holy moly, a majority of investors are from 2015 to mid 2017. I always figured the majority would had come from the 2017 bull run... Actually now that I think about it, newer investors would tend to have weaker hands thus explaining mostly a contingent of veteran believers remaining in this market. When the bears go back to hibernate the masses will return for the next pumpening.
  10. We are a democratically elected republic evolved into a two party system in which whoever petitions to be the most extreme whether to the left or right gets the most attention. Fiscally they are all one of the same incapable of compromising for the greater good of the people.
  11. I disagree with $1,000 if it is in terms of present value based on what others have said, some sort of integration with a superior technology will come. I would sadly agree the last statement could be a possibility but then we would need the poll to reflect the Chinese REN in lieu of the US Dollar in America.
  12. I an willing to give someone 2,000 XRP if they can delivery me two pizza hut franchises...
  13. Certainly a true consideration to take. As a Florida resident with no income taxes at the state level, I forever remain oblivious to such taxation.
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