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  1. I plan on taking a look at the VeThor wallet app and seeing how much they cost, but the incremental increase of 4% extra VTHO for the 600K VeThor X Node seems a little underwhelming. The strength X node looks to be where the considerable increase is at of 51% VTHO. I am trying to figure out if there is a finite amount of Nodes. If this takes off, then the node itself can be in for a some serious price appreciation, outside of the value of the VET assets.
  2. Any crypto hodled for greater than 1 year will have the profits fall under the capital gain tax rate, which is variable depending on your total income (wages + investment gains, etc.) Income less than 38,600 = 0% taxes. 38,601 to 425,800 = 15% taxes. Above 425,800 = 20% taxes. Any crypto hodled for less than under 1 year will be taxed at ordinary income depending on what tax bracket you are in (10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% or 37%). Add in state/local taxes on top of this. Now how would a a streaming payment fall into this? Only our future selves know the answer to that.
  3. Many cryptos continue to increase or shrink the overall supply, and still have fundamentally justified charts (when you zoom out far). At least with Bitcoin, it is mathematically ingrained into it’s design so you know exactly what is happening at how much and at what time. XRP escrows have a cap of a billion monthly, but at 2% of circulation that can be a significant impact. Don’t forget about those pesky little programmatic sales as well.
  4. Pretty much share the same sentiment. This past correction was warranted, not too many people were expecting a parabolic move by bitcoin soon. I don’t think alts had a chance to tie their shoes and then got caught off guard again with the steep drop following. Gut feeling makes it feel like that bottom for alts is somewhere nearby, but there sure are a lot of external wildcards out there good/bad that can affect attitude abruptly. While all my crypto investments take long positions (what is considered long in the world of crypto anyways?) I appreciate the TA input in this thread by everyone as it has become routine in the efforts to stay up to date and informed within this realm.
  5. I have now attained enlightenment, that’s a definitive!
  6. It is good to get half a day of sideways consolidation. Finally have a chance to wash all my underwear. @dr_ed What do you think is a good novice start towards TA enlightenment? Self education at the disposal of the internet? Asking for a friend.
  7. I’m adding some to the bags gingerly, it’s still bleeding out. Just entered back into the red on my overall Blockfolio. Should have stayed hiding in the mountains.
  8. It's time to get your popcorn ready or Hold on for Dear Life.
  9. I would think the best case scenario for XRP is to continue its intended use as a bridge asset to bridge all of the world's fiat currencies, under regulatory guidelines. Additionally, XRP could be used as a median of exchange for other tokenized assets (which is already is), tokenized commodities, tokenized real estate, tokenized everything. The liquidity and speed of capital would be a paradigm shift in its own self. The capacity is there for the technology to flourish with minimal disruption to the environment. LONG-TERM as a brain-storming idea, it could compete with fiat one day, but I don't think it would replace fiat immediately without any geopolitical conflict, in which case you would want to buy hard Gold. XRP going to a standard median of exchange to an actual competing currency on a long curve would be utopia in XRP-land. Bitcoin, while its invention was monumental in principal to compete against government inflated fiat, will continue to be used as a store of value for a long time to come, but will be limited by its own design.
  10. I consider my XRP as a long-term investment that is in the high-risk category with a strong possibility of disappearing in its entirety. Those who go all-in and are investing more than they can afford to lose can be labeled as blind by this fact. To help mitigate the risk, consider diversifying your crypto assets with an allocated fraction of your total net worth among a healthy basket of conventional assets.
  11. Got back from a week in the Appalachians, and boy what a great place to HODL during that time. Returned to a noticeably depressed and grumpy sentiment on these boards. Going to continue the incremental purchases on the dips for BTC and XRP. I would add to some of my other alts, but I don't have a puke bucket handy right now. It is a good time to take a vacation, trust me it works!
  12. Trying to catch up and weed through the emotional posting fodder... When Ripple sells Over the Counter, to my understanding and correct me if I am wrong, they move the monthly allotted amount (1 bil) from the escrow account into a new wallet address, then from there sell directly to the client/institution into their wallet address bypassing any exchanges. What doesn't get sold rolls back into the escrow account and the cycle repeats. This is a strong indication for long-term adoption because institutions now own an asset they would like to see succeed for one, but secondly will provide a tremendous amount of liquidity should XRP appreciate. The exception to this would be through programmatic sales which sells directly onto exchanges capped by a percentage of volume in which that volume amount itself is arguably manipulated. That certainly doesn't make you feel good inside for a high-risk investment, but it doesn't change the long-term fundamentals for XRP Utility and Adoption. The versatility and increasing network of companies being intertwined with the technology on top of the software being build on top of it by third parties can easily be drowned out by the noise a stable price is causing while the crypto market in whole has entered a bull market. I do believe programmatic sales impact the price of XRP obviously due to increasing the supply. This is in conjunction with the lack of new retail buyers as well as existing bag holders capitulating and reallocating their capital to other ventures. How definitively known is the seller, or are we just speculating who they are?
  13. Coinbase/Uphold/Bittrex for on and off ramps. Open up a free online bank (no brick and mortar stores) that is crytpo friendly as a back-up bank such as Simple and get it set up with some small test transfers. For purchasing Alts, what Binance USA releases before the September USA ban will be very telling. Bittrex still has good alts listed more than other popular American Exchanges. Smaller International exchanges are still out there. There should be some increasing discussion coming up over the next several weeks regarding the future American impact on alts.
  14. Still far away from quitting my day job but... -Ultra-scaleable alternates to blockchain such as HOT or FTM. -Some of the more known alts such as VET and ADA. -I like what I have read about in LINK and bought a little in the two-dollar range, would like to see if the heavy bag holders dump or HODL before getting anymore. -Bought some BTR yesterday begrudgingly at a 100%+ premium since Americans could not buy the ICO. Perhaps not the best move, but I needed to get on with my 4th of July and we are talking less than 1% of my total stack.
  15. Most of my XRP is sitting in cold storage long-term. My XRP Bags have gone from 60% to 30% of my Blockfolio this year just based on other assets appreciating. I welcome XRP with open arms to become a majority of my holdings again whenever it wants to enter mainstream institutional adoption or piggy back off of a traditional BTC bull-run. I am very bullish on BTC in the medium term and expect to see several small to mid-cap crypto gems go exponential as well
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