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  1. The bears 🐻 have gone into hibernation (not this bear). All time high vibes are running high. Almost everyone who has bought bitcoin is in profit right now
  2. I have had bitcoin in my cold storage since 2018. I sure hope retrieving it works one day. 10 years from now I could be the most illiquid millionaire.
  3. 4th quarter of a 4 year bitcoin cycle? Elongated bitcoin cycle? With runners on all bases this is an exciting game.
  4. About a dozen friends and acquaintances were talking to me about crypto for the first time ever around April. In hindsight that was a sign that things were due for a correction and the last few months took the wind out of the sails even for a lot of long-term holders. I’ve sent a few text messages regarding this month’s uptrend and while they are aware of it they aren’t paying close attention to it like they were in the past and they definitely don’t wanna put any more money in right now. I speculate bitcoin will continue to get to an all time high, then FOMO will kick in again. 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill getting close to passing and surprised about the amount of attention cryptocurrency regulation got from the Senate Bill. I still have faith that the house will find a way to weed through it, and send it back to the Senate for final signature. If it doesn’t then it doesn’t take affect for a while so still time to hash it out if necessary. Following that there is a 3.5 trillion dollar bill being introduced that will require a lot of lubricant for the printing presses as well as our rear ends. Inflation seems less transitory with every passing month. Macro outlook Bullish.
  5. Today could be a good day. If BTC closes strong, to celebrate will be a sublime experience at Applebee’s where I will dine like a gladiator most decorated.
  6. Incoming! Let’s break to the mid 40’s and put an end to this range we have been in for months!
  7. If today‘s candle can engulf yesterday’s then it’s go time.
  8. Found a good amount of USDC I forgot I had. Added some $RVP, $WEX, $ORAI yesterday. BTFP! BTC supply trending off the exchanges. Won’t take too much more for the velocity of price appreciation to continue.
  9. I love buying the pumps. The 6k pump, the 10k pump, the 14k pump. My 40k pump purchases will be 10 year+ holds.
  10. Soon, very soon I will have a good flow of fiat coming in. I will be buying a good amount for some time to come if prices stay here or go lower.
  11. Time to buy more bitcoin. I put my money where my mouth is regardless on how many cat food dishes that mouth has been.
  12. Just one question! 👋 BTC dominance to charge forward with a second alt season blow off top to follow in this scenario?
  13. I don’t have liquid fiat to invest for about another month but I would be Dollar Cost Averaging at these prices on BTC if I could. I also would want to accumulate some newer generation alts to hold for five+ years (ie. WOO, CELL, RVP, some defi). I’ve sold off on my XRP to get my investment back and a little profit which is about 1/3 of my ownership but now intend to hold the rest. Short term pain for long term gains.
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