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  1. It’s an open forum, in a speculation thread specific to xrp with no rules being violated. Stop getting so emotional on your investment.
  2. As XRP went down the path of working with regulatory clarity it has become obvious that other pressing matters will tie up governments in the year ahead if there is any chance of major bank adoption or using it as a medium of exchange with tokenized assets between institutions. There is still growth in the xrp ecosystem as remittances continue to be adopted and I just read coil will getting a plug in for wordpress. Don’t underestimate the future of streaming payments and web monetizing! XRP has shrunk to 20% of my blockfolio due to other assets growing rather than selling off. But I plan on staying long with xrp as its intended use cases are way different than other cryptos I own and is being promoted by solid American/Japanese enterprises.
  3. Nearly half of the total bitcoin supply has not moved in two years, 60+ percent hasn’t moved in over 1 year. At least 20 percent are estimated to be lost forever. Just like it doesn’t take a whole lot of selling to bring the price down it won’t take a whole lot to bring the price up when there isn’t a whole lot of btc being sold on the open market.
  4. I once read an article a long time ago it was a 1:50 ratio for dollars invested to market cap on the last bitcoin cycle. Not sure of the validity of that claim or if it is applicable to future bull runs.
  5. We will never see prices this low again.
  6. Diversify between conventional assets and crypto. Keep a good bag of btc + xrp and spend wisely on some other alts.
  7. That’s the first column i always look at and it is shocking that people still do not comprehend it when pointing it out to them.
  8. We are up to 80k deaths. I don’t think the number of cases would have changed much unless we shut down way back in January which no country outside of China had any clue that would be necessary. The virus had already rooted into society by February. I also think there would had still been a devastating effect on the economy if it was kept open. Take the NBA, college basketball, MLB for example... private enterprises were closing down on their own without government intervention. Consumers would not be spending money as they would be too afraid to go out with restrictions, and stock markets would still be crashing if not sharper and steeper than they did because of the fast spike in cases and deaths. One thing we can all agree on is we weren’t prepared for this and hopefully lawmakers can come up with a procedural way to handle things in the future when this is over. The crypto market crashing along with everything else makes sense to me as pandemic flash crash and it also makes sense to me that bitcoin should outperform assets in the future as it was designed to counter excessive devaluation of world currencies.
  9. Anyone’s guess can be as good as any, but I think central banks printing trillions of dollars around the world and covid-19 flattening curves have alleviated world markets and panic selling which crypto was evidently not immune to.
  10. I think xrp was overbought and manipulated emotionally to have high expectations too soon. Programmatic/OTC sales probably affected the price in some way but I don’t think the sales based on the volume of xrp was enough to drastically lose momentum against xrp/btc. Additionally when Ripple was criticized for sales Brad Garlinghouse noted that when you compared the inflation rate to circulating supply of xrp versus bitcoin, it was always less every quarter. As others have already noted it is my belief that xrp is more at equilibrium after the past year’s shakeout which coincidentally has me excited for a potential bitcoin driven bull run in the years ahead. If XRP adoption sneaks in sooner then I will be elated.
  11. The rest of the crypto market is still mostly tethered to the performance of BTC. 1,800 btc are created everyday and sold onto exchanges to make-up for the cost of mining. That means at current prices, approximately 14 million dollars is required daily to buy into the market exchanges daily just to sustain those prices. Next month, btc generation will be halved to 900 daily meaning only 7 million dollars will be required daily to sustain prices. If net daily purchasing continues to average 14 million daily, BTC price should go up and xrp price would have a high likelihood of following. I think in part why xrp didn't follow during last year's BTC pump is that XRP was blindly overhyped more so than most and all the moon boys got wrecked who have noticeably capitulated into other cryptos since then. If XRP ever appreciates in price based of its utility performance, I speculate that is a much more long-term effect when compared to the next bitcoin cycle.
  12. Perhaps initially with new investors into BTC but not the other way around. I would think you would have something similar to the spring of 2019 where it was more concurrent but with less velocity than 2017. I think the the tens of thousands of percentage gains wont be there again, but expect certain alts to highly outperform BTC.
  13. Economic contractions caused by CV-19 are going to continue to suppress bitcoin with limited capital to invest with in the short term with a tendency to be risk averse, though when things pick up I expect it to take off amplified with effects of the halvening. Fundamentally the use case is strengthened as major currencies become further diluted. The more readily transferable, more divisible version of gold eventually becomes attractive here. I still believe the biggest likelihood of alt-coins pumping in the relatively near future will be due to a bitcoin driven bull run, and expect some particular alts to go mental again as a result of this. There are some interesting alts out there with different use cases that derive their own value through their intended niche, directly or indirectly, that theoretically should produce enough demand for the asset to increase in price on its own. XRP being one of them. Based on the rationale above, its worth keeping a healthy bag of BTC as well as some large to mid-cap alts handy.
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