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  1. It was prematurely coming out of gates too fast. Every possibility is healthy enough to consider.
  2. XRP is here to solve a multi trillion dollar. Still a long way to go if it ever hits that milestone. Outside of bitcoin, no alt coin has proven utility equals price appreciation or at least to what degree.
  3. This chart was done six months ago but has remained relatively accurate and imitates historical trends. The exponential rises have occurred after the halvings. It is the doldrums in cryptoland right now, people have tunnel vision on the present moment, but give it later into the 1st quarter and the anticipation should begin to build up.
  4. XRP is on the X-axis, is this an escrow release forecast?
  5. Not until 10+ dollars, i threw away my nano ledger and recovery seeds to ensure that I don’t sell prematurely.
  6. If you got something out there you think would have been a waste to pass by while xrp did a 20X jump in 18 months, I am all ears.
  7. VET generates a certain amount of gas everyday, called VTHO. VTHO is what is needed and burned in order to use the VeChain network. The idea is to keep the long term price of VTHO stable so enterprises can budget the implementation of the technology and we as consumers don't have to pay for a fluctuating price on goods. Naturally, as the demand to use the VeChain network increases the price of both VET and VTHO would also go up. However the VeChain Foundation can increase the daily VTHO gas generation rate per each VET token owned, therefore the price of VTHO remains stable while the price of VET would go up even more substantially. The VTHO can be bought directly on an exchange or a business could just farm their own VET. Then there is the opportunity to buy nodes and stake, beyond just holding VET.
  8. Walmart deals, beef industry deals, people posting vids scanning products showing the tech and its supply chain origins, the Chinese government’s blessings. The VEchain foundation CEO Sunny Lu is all over the spotlight. I think people are starting to catch up to the news. And the tokenomics are good.
  9. @AlejoMoreno said it well a few posts up as to looking at it from a bird's eye macro view if you believe in the fundamentals. If xrp were to go to .40 next month, everyone would be kicking themselves in the rear end for not loading up right now. I think the point of TA is that it is going to be wrong at times frequently and it is used to leverage an advantage statistically so it does have relevance to track and see what the natural market wants to trend. XRP is targeting to aide traditional banks and finance that the USA is still the #1 leader in (probably wont be in the future finance economy!) , and their unfriendly crypto regulations are definitely taking its toll on xrp. Diversify, buy the dips, and Hodl.
  10. Ouch. No me gusta. Will have to take refuge in the Holoport shipping news for today.
  11. Make it 6/10 of a cent now! Only A pedestrian 650x to go.
  12. The biggest question of them all for the entire crypto space. Utility vs. Price. Because adoption is a lot easier to understand. Bitcoin will bull again well before 5-10 years out, and to what magnitude is entirely up to speculation. Need new money to come in, preferably institutions where even 1/4 of a percent of their managed funds flowing into crypto would have a significant impact. For that to happen, regulation and uniformity needs to get cleared up. The retail investors that are sticking around have buying exhaustion. You couldn’t get the FOMO wave of retail investors who got burnt two years ago to invest if you were giving crypto away for free (i’ve actually tested that theory). The retail investors who have never invested in crypto still think we are sick in the head. Add all this with big bag holder’s selling pressure and that’s why nothing happens with all this good news. Plus xrp is not mainstream enough without BTC’s interventions.
  13. Thanks for the chart... sitting at a half cent. Have 75% of my accumulation target amount. Now if only it could pull a 2017 xrp from .005 to 3.50+!!
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