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  1. Please cancel my order for a 2022 Green Lamborghini Aventador, thank you.
  2. This is my logic, however I just put in a lower buy order where I think it could go over the next couple days, too distracted at work during trading hours for this cowboy!
  3. Vanguard. Old company that Prob not a lot of millennials use with low fees and DIY Investing. That’s where the 30 year conventional plan for auto investment towards my Roth IRA goes in case I lose my crypto keys in a boating accident.
  4. I have a buy order in at $282 for COIN. First time I am potentially buying individual stock since the March dip last year.
  5. Got to love employment at will contracts. It is put in place so large companies can let you go for no reason to protect the employer to reallocate/eliminate Human Resources. However the employee can do the same thing (less common). This Friday I might exercise it .
  6. There are increasing ways to make money in crypto markets besides trading on massive volatility... becoming a liquidity provider on decentralized exchanges, yield farming, helium miners, holoports, gas tokens, staking, or simply holding in accounts with high APR’s. The bitcoin driven bull run continues!
  7. Coinbase must have froze even though you can’t trade xrp!
  8. Reading about President Biden looking to push new spending up to 3 or 4 trillion for infrastructure, education, and healthcare initiatives. Gonna give Bitcoin an adrenaline shot before long.
  9. Are you talking the cyclical peak May-June taking the fast track?
  10. I don’t think we will be hitting Tens of trillions on an altcoin market cap even with a blow off top but I’m still holding my alts and xrp so will not be complaining if it happens. I’ve said before XRP is in a league of its own that can do it’s own run if everything materializes in its favor. Best of luck to us all.
  11. What you meant to say was the top 30 back in 2017 only have so many that hit all time highs today, which was not clear in your previous post. My logic is there were cryptos outside of the top 30 in 2017 that are well within the top 30 now and yes I consider those to carry merit to altcoin relevance when living in the now.
  12. That is wrong. Many others have broken past all time highs. Many of the newer cryptos are already big cap cryptos. I would say alts can be recognized to have some sort of season, though Bitcoin dominance has not given way. We are at a 672 billion altcoin market cap. Last peak was 420 billion. How high will it go this time? 3X is about 2 trillion. 10X is 6.72 trillion. 100X is 67.2 trillion.
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