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  1. This kick in the teeth was definitely needed with the recent euphoria.
  2. Not before Bitcoin... market exchange liquidity crises is priming it for next leg up regardless of the tether scare. But I did sell off a few cryptos that were very fractional in the Blockfolio to make Ethereum 3 percent of my holdings while paying a premium getting in around a 1,100 average. I just really thinks it will have legs and would be good to hold with everything else. But not at the expense of my lower valued, hopefully late blooming asset called xrp.
  3. Bitcoin survives not because of the tech but because of its principles of why it was created in the first place and utility as store of value. Just a handful of companies are buying the entire mined inflationary supply that is hitting the market. There is a supply side liquidity crises pushing prices up.
  4. Bitcoin will be around for a while. The fundamentals are stronger than ever as the debt issued fiat time bomb has accelerated by over a decade due to the pandemic. Just look at the prices in the grocery store going up. Governmental hinderance of bitcoin adoption in the short term is possible but bitcoins permissionless, immutable tech will continue to prevail in the long run. For someone who has not gotten exposure to bitcoin I would recommend some smaller dollar cost average purchases to insure that some is accumulated in case institutional investment pushes accumulation too much further out
  5. Also have a Helium Hotspot arriving next week. Should take a couple days to synchronize and will then start earning HNT (hopefully) soon.
  6. I knew they were integrating LTC but didn’t know there was an airdrop. That is something certainly worth considering.
  7. Already positioned into bitcoin. I am picking up the last of the ethereum that I wanted tomorrow (couldn’t procure funds in time for sub 1,000 recently). I am highly confident it will yield some returns at this point even though I’m buying later and pricey. ADA, VET, LINK bags are healthy. XRP is still the discounted capitulated shopper special for those who ever wanted to make a bigger splash. What else is left to buy that is a good deal? Moonshot micros??
  8. Ban their account, cancel their app from Your hardware , and remove their content from web hosting.
  9. More pain. I was starting to hear too many of my regular non-crypto acquaintances starting to talk about Bitcoin, needs to spook them a little bit more. The question is, will institutional investment negate that and make this a 2013 type of bull run.
  10. Want to get more exposure to ETH just because I am bitter I did not accumulate enough before it pumped, so some smaller buys though not necessarily thrilled about buying something that was sitting in the low hundreds several months back. I still like the diversification. XRP is by far still a shopper special.
  11. It is certainly the correction that has been expected, I hope we don't get to the BTC correction we have been fearing.
  12. It was nice while it lasted. Three more years of a bear market, see you in 2024 when Doge dethrones BTC.
  13. Because gains are anticipated to multiply much more and it’s better to position yourself when they are cheap versus trying to chase pumps. The cheapest one of the majors is xrp. It’s best to have exposure to both IMO.
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