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  1. Monthly gain +23.27% Somebody is going to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight! And no I don’t mean in the back alley where they feed the cats, I will be sprucing it up with some celery sticks and carrots at the carry out.
  2. A sustained base at 10k is as the old saying goes.... one more dip before the rip. Then it’s onto electrified bull season, Flu Season, Election season, and not to mention the tail end of fire & hurricane season. Lord help us all.
  3. Approx 43X from here or a price point of $0.78 which I would be fine with!
  4. Roses are red violets are blue, the dollar sucks and the Euro too. Buy some Crypto, fast and swift, better than that FIAT piece of s..t
  5. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Accumulate Bitcoin, And wait til 2022.
  6. There are a few I have been looking at including XDC, working on getting up to par soon on the exchanges that are harder to navigate which sell them.
  7. What we really should had done is bought zap six weeks ago
  8. Do you think BTC is exposed to a second systemic downtrend in the event that world conventional markets retrace again?
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