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  1. Do you think BTC is exposed to a second systemic downtrend in the event that world conventional markets retrace again?
  2. I’ll be worried when the cows are spinning circles in their pastures and the roosters are croaking at the moon. Or is it the other way around? The tidal positions of this star alignment may in fact continue positive confirmations of the enlarged distance the Bulls have to run.
  3. Gold hitting ATH's and BTC making strong summer jumps.
  4. Biggest news of 2019/2020. And it’s awfully quiet for a capitulated asset such as xrp. Love it!
  5. You can’t have a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.
  6. 14 months until exponential growth, though diminished returns compared to the 2017 bull IMO.
  7. Chasing candles is not a good strategy, but diversifying is.
  8. I highly appreciate @Eric123's charts and hope he continues to post them. In my opinion I think BTC will continue to be volatile with socio economic events and skew the BTC curve. It could accelerate it as well (insert speculation here). VET has become my 2nd largest bag with its recent pump though I enjoyed it more when it was less popular with moon boys talking about it. Solid use case just like XRP. XRP is still a heavy bag but think it needs USA regulatory clarity that I wish would have further progressed by now. Bigger issues are taking away from that. Speaking as an American, international countries financial centers can definitely take that throne away. Other high market cap cryptos have their own potential as well.
  9. It's not a Hijack, rather it's a legit correlation that data continues to build upon and consider, while the actions being taken by central banks should be highly contradicting the correlation.
  10. If crypto regulation in itself was already in uncharted regulatory territory, this is intriguingly awesome.
  11. I am holding onto my xrp for quite some time into the future, though XRP has been hammered in the XRP/BTC chart especially over the last 12 months therefore it looks like a bad time to capitulate into BTC (time will tell). Perhaps the animal spirits will allow xrp to run with bulls again. My blockfolio has squeaked back into the green overall +5%. I am either near break even or moderately successful on all my holdings with exception to XRP. In hindsight, it was a bad move to be heavily allocated into xrp for the past couple years, but through the magical powers of diversification XRP is being less weighted towards my blockfolio as other assets continue to appreciate. However, the future could indicate that the opportunity cost of not holding a significant amount of xrp at this time could be an even bigger mistake. This is where the speculation comes in. The nice thing about XRP is that it is obviously tied to Ripple who is at the forefront of digitized payments and is a glamorous fintech company with plenty of transparency. With proven technology that provides for a needed use-case, along with a history of catapulting off a bitcoin driven bull run, I speculate it is worth holding onto for a little while longer.
  12. You called it. If it isn't difficult enough already to be speculative in the long-run, short-term highly leveraged moves are straight up gambling.
  13. Great all around write up. Look forward to the next one.
  14. Blockchain industry forecasted to grow by an annualized compounded growth of 67% from 2020-2025. How this translates to digital asset price appreciation is not able to be definitely ascertained, calculated, or identified. Bitcoin is in its own world as far as being an independent store of value instrument to hedge against centralized banking fiat. My gut tells me BTC, XRP, as well as other speculative alts are worth hodling for years to come.
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