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  1. Thank you @Cobalt : ) I was messing with some config before I had to run off earlier today.. then when I got home, to my delight I was running again. And since I seem to be full of endless questions.. do you or @mikkelhviid encounter "Timed out on Upload" when trying to upload a pod to a codius server? Seems like I get this more often than not. Occasionally I will get a successful upload. I didn't see any timeout setting in the config or upload parameters, so just trying to find out if this is a common problem at this point or something maybe caused by something on my end.
  2. Cool Thank you for the info. I am here as a developer looking to get going on this platform. Very excited about it! When I say I wanted to see the content on on the host.. I was meaning I would like to see if the app code is accessible by the host owner.. I am not familiar wither hyperd but it seems like that containerizes the code maybe.. Looking to find that out. I did however get going on setting up a host. I had it running but then after a server restart I always get a returned message of : {"message":"Self Test Failed","stats":{"selfTestSuccess":false,"uploadSuccess":false,"httpSucc
  3. thank you both again! The upload success does seem pretty inconsistent. I was not planning on running a host, but was thinking about running one just to see how the uploaded content looks. If you don't mind me asking, do you run your own host? I see people running them on AWS.. not sure if that is a reasonable thing to do..
  4. Ahhh I ended up sorting the hosts in https://codiushosts.com/hosts by hosts in the US with the most contracts. Tried the top one there and it uploaded right away.
  5. Thank you I am user Codius CLI. Last time I just kept trying to upload and eventually it went through. I don't run my own host.. Do you normally upload to your own host or do you use other peers?
  6. Very cool!! Thank you for that very useful tip. : ) Do you have any suggestions on finding hosts to upload to? I kept trying an upload and was getting errors about exchange rate.. I found https://codiushosts.com/hosts to try to find hosts maybe locally.. but they all seem to time out on upload. Any tricks for this part of the process?
  7. Ahhhhh thank you!! Sure enough it started up for me no problem this time. If you don't mind me asking, can you tell me where you see that they were having issues with their balance? Also is there a list of these connectors, so we can switch to different ones if one is having an issue. thank you again for helping me out!
  8. Hi thanks for the response to my post! Sorry if it's a stupid question but I'm not completely sure which connector I'm using.. Is that referring to the server listed in the moneyd.json file? If so here are the contents of that file minus the wallet & secret. Thank you for the help!! { "version": 1, "uplinks": { "xrp": { "relation": "parent", "plugin": "/usr/local/lib/node_modules/moneyd-uplink-xrp/node_modules/ilp-plugg in-xrp-asym-client/index.js", "assetCode": "XRP", "assetScale": 6,
  9. I'm having trouble getting moneyd started. Sorry if this is answered but I didn't see the answer. ran these commands npm install -g moneyd moneyd-uplink-xrp moneyd xrp:configure moneyd xrp:start I have a wallet with 100xrp in it starting moneyd 2018-08-23T01:46:45.110Z connector:route-broadcaster info generated random routing secret. 2018-08-23T01:46:45.116Z connector:accounts info add account. accountId=parent 2018-08-23T01:46:45.119Z connector:accounts info add account. accountId=local 2018-08-23T01:46:46.940Z connector:/usr/local/lib/node
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