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  1. Revise yours maths (NBC+CB) x (NBC+XRP) = (NBC)^2 + NBCXRP + NBCCB + XRPCB
  2. franz

    The Future Zerpening: 2020

    Finally a thread How i like
  3. franz

    XRP FUD Box

    Ripple-XRP born 2012 this guy here, he was talking about it 50 years ago ;-) the target, in 2019
  4. franz

    Hard to Watch

    like FUDDERS (4 FUDDER whit ripple)
  5. franz

    XRP FUD Box

    because in a few days it will be the world economic forum in Davos. Trump, Macron and Putin, will explain to Merkel and Berlusconi, how to create a Blockchain. like that, the world order will be reestablished Too bad that Kim Jong Un, will not be there, he is too busy mining Bitcoins.
  6. franz

    Reporting In

    Rizla....rizla smoking paper ?
  7. https://jiomobilephone1500.com/cardano-vs-litecoin-vs-ripple-vs-iota-forecast-price-prediction-comparison.html
  8. nice, with PrntSCrn, u can capture a screen image, without use your cellphone camera u can gain 20"
  9. look for "global money transfer", and think if all of this will be replaced by XRP...
  10. 500 €, or £ , me too
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  12. franz

    something happens?

  13. franz

    something happens?

  14. something happens? https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/graph r4ADPWR1iGkNwuveqgjfpxGHmjzZ6YMKxu
  15. franz


    Xrpen tanks.