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  1. Wow... I can't believe I missed that, I feel so foolish 😂😂😂
  2. This may have been posted previously but I couldn't find anything myself when searching the forum so apologies if this is the case. I know Coinbase shouldn't really matter but it is usually where most of the beginners to the crypto space begin which would in my opinion have a dramatic effect to XRP (price will probably go down further based off previous events of good news) fingers crossed up. What's everyone's thoughts on this, mainly in regards to authenticity?
  3. I personally use LBX where I can buy and sell XRP and a few other cryptos directly from GBP. As well as that transfers only take a couple hours. Fees are about 3% however saves all the hassle. Down side is that your limit is £1000 per day but can be increased.
  4. DCA - Dollar Cost Average. Hopefully its self explanatory however just in case it's not its basically helping you understand on average how much you spent per coin. Sorry my mistake there with the acronym, I should really start proof reading haha
  5. So I have just seen Alex Cobb's new video explaining how he's basically certain HSBC is using XRP and so many others agree. But take a look at this: https://www.swift.com/news-events/press-releases/hsbc-goes-live-with-swift_s-global-payments-innovation-service What's your thoughts?
  6. I have been trying to register on LBX since you have mentioned it but unable to due to an error everytime. Also is there a referral link you can provide? May as well make the most of that £10 referral scheme
  7. 'if it ever goes to just a penny' that's the reason I do not want to invest in other ALT coins as there is a possibility it will go down and with it being so low already it will make a massive difference to the original investment. Obviously i understand its the same with all cryptos including XRP. But with XRP and how Ripple as a company is executing the roll-out for cross border payments with so many well known Global Banks and Institutions its kind of a no brainier but also a chance of it hitting the fan but in my personal opinion... fat chance of that happening.
  8. at least you were smart enough to buy at the time. being the close-minded person i was at the time I didn't bother even giving it a proper looking into the facts
  9. If i can get to the 75,000 XRP - 99,999 XRP club i will be more than happy, but i have a very long journey ahead of me... lol
  10. Same! if it hits below $0.20 then I'm thinking of investing £2,000 (Approx) and get a cheeky 12,500 XRP
  11. I suggest you ask for a refund my dear friend :/
  12. Just curious to see how cheap people have managed to buy XRP. Fairly new to XRP but when i originally heard about it it was below a cent per coin but thought it had no future oh boy how i was wrong lol! I'll start... I have managed to get $0.33 but more than 50% of what I hold was at $0.60+
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but when I have previously done research on Revolut they did not have the function of actually sending your cryptos you have purchased through them. So to me it sounded more like eToro.
  14. Hi Guys, Sorry this isn't in the correct category but I only have access to a very limited amount currently. I am from the UK/England (whatever the world likes to call it) and I am currently using Coinbase ( Without SEPA because I'm not patient enough to wait) to purchase ETH to then exchange for XRP from Binance. I know this is not efficient at all, and this is why i need your advise. is there a more effective way except SEPA transfers? As i have mentioned previously I'm not very patient so if it is a way i can do same day that would be great! Thank you in advance!
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