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  1. HTTP 404. The page you requested could not be found.
  2. So did you now. Feeling any better? Care to return to the table so we can sit down and talk?
  3. I agree it is a good thing. What I asked for is an explanation of why or how it is good for it. I don't follow. Just asking the real questions here. I want to understand. Why do you think so? What is your problem? I do not think I am entitled and neither did I intentionally behave like that. I am not the enemy. I am just asking questions to understand what is going on. I know it is on me, which is why I try to dig deeper. So I asked a question and what I got was your circus here. It is no problem when you do not know how it works. Fair. I do not know either but I would like to understand that and you did not explain anything so far.
  4. And you have a plan how to do this? It is not only two steps where the first is making XRP the base and the second is everything is just traded against XRP. This is not how the market works and I was asking how this is going to happen which you did not explain.
  5. I have to ask how this base currency thing works in detail. So far I was of the believe that defining some coin as base actually only is a marketing stunt. The message is that everything is compared against this one base asset. For instance charts are then defaulted to the base depending wich pair you look at. What I do not see or quite understand is how the actual usage of an asset increases besides the delayed implicational effects of the marketing stunts. Now exchanges using a certain asset to transact using it is a different story and decoupled from the idea of a base currency as of my understanding. Binance is not transacting all their channels via BTC. This is not how anything of this works. The market decides what is used and the market depends on a lot of individuals. These individuals are not magically jumping onto the XRP train only because Binance decides to use XRP as a base currency to compare everything against it. As I said, there are for sure certain implications but this does not work like flipping a switch and out of a sudden XRP is exposed to all that traffic.
  6. We choose to invest in XRP in this decade and do the other things. Not because they are easy, but because they are hard. ✊
  7. I feel like FUDsters claiming these things makes them believers, or did I get the point wrong? FI's holding XRP is a good thing somehow, isn't it?
  8. That moment when the enemy calls for your saviour.
  9. I am always scanning your posts and they get better over time. I like the sentiment of the "we together" and the community driven approaches. That speaks to the core of my heart. I think this is the way to go. Keep spreading the word. Much love.
  10. 3 months ago there were not even half of the nodes. This scale is pretty nice.
  11. FYI since SBI made the headlines we got like 5 or six exchanges using XRP as a base currency. So now tell me this is nothing. Question is if we perceive a trend now over the next months. Further, and I just repeat here again, these things take time. Onboarding enterprises takes years. This is just about it. Decisions are made now we are only going to hear about 2020, if at all. Patience.
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