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  1. I understand TA very well. It can be a helpful tool in liquid markets. Crypto is manipulated by a few and if TA does apply then whales are using it their advantage to suck more people in to either a pump or dump scenario.
  2. This post was interesting until I opened the link and saw the charts. Charts and TA are bs in a 100% manipulated market. If a tiny group of whales are controlling prices, then how does TA have any validity. Stick to the fundamentals and look longer term.
  3. I am a staunch supporter of XRP. Let’s state that first. Does anyone find it strange though that volume is up about 6X on CMC and price is up only about 30%? CoinMarket Cap is garbage, but if we compare apples to apples from what happened in 2017, it doesn’t even remotely correlate. Back then, 6.2 B in volume on the same website equaled about $2.00 per XRP. $10B in volume got XRP up to almost $4.00 back then. Today we are are at 42 cents with $6.2B in volume. Anyone have any ideas other than someone must be selling a shitload into strength?
  4. Thanks Hodor! Honored that you read it! I’m mostly a passive observer, but wanted to use Coil to hopefully make my contribution to the XRP ecosystem.
  5. Oops. Hopefully this works. https://coil.com/p/ManCave/Welcome-to-the-Man-Cave-/iglv72Q9B
  6. Hi everyone. I’ve been poking around Coil the last few days and finally posted my first blog there. https://coil.com/edit-post/cjvjru46e6iwy0755igsvz49d Please consider checking out Coil. There seems to be new material everyday and it’s a great way to support the XRP ecosystem. I posted, but also paid the $5 per month to see what everyone else is contributing for content. My first blog gives my 2 cents on XRP. Going forward, I will be covering different topics so I will not spam this board with future posts. Go XRP and Hodl on!
  7. If this has been covered elsewhere, please send link. With the latest news that an ILP-fiat connector has been created, I started wondering how ILP benefits XRP as this technology develops and grows. Wouldn’t ILP result in a stay of execution for other garbage crypto coins/tokens? The IOV sounds like it would allow quick payment and conversion across different block chains. Wouldn’t that prolong or even promote the existence of BTC and ETH? I know the tech is flawed and also POW should ultimately fail, but it is what people know today. Why provide an avenue to inter operate and con
  8. I hope I can be helpful here rather than sarcastic and condescending. The partnerships aren’t fake and the ones that seem small are for the FUDsters to say “it’s just a small insignificant partner”. From my perspective, XRapid will be ideal for remittance companies and eventually corporations. These are just starting to kick off now. The big banks that everyone is waiting on will eventually hold XRP. Once they can figure out custodial solutions, I believe they will hold also for large transfers. That will probably start this year if Brad is correct in saying that 2019 is the year banks begin
  9. Crypto is the Wild West of investing. People here try to apply technical analysis to crypto, buying “undervalued”, etc. What is undervalued? My opinion is that almost everything is overvalued because it’s worth 0. If you’ve done your homework, the first thing you did right was buy XRP. We, as investors, have one basis to buy- fundamental use case. Nothing else in crypto applies as you would evaluate a stock. You bought well. .38 is a good entry point. Remember this even if it dives to .2 or less. The entire crypto market is manipulated and controlled. Do not get rattled by the day to
  10. Good point. Many of us, including me, tend to draw parallels to normal investor reactions in other markets/securities. May not be warranted here yet.
  11. Well, I share your frustration but I was more implying that there are bigger forces at work suppressing price. There was an attack on ETC the last few day and even it was slightly up today! My point was that we’ll need a big player to get things moving and get the FOMO going, or there are big players at work now preventing price from moving anywhere. Regarding Jed, definitely not a positive but the utilization over time should make that insignificant.
  12. Well not to plant the seed with the FUDsters. Just telling it like I see it. Look, it’s great that there are more adopters, but I’m tired of seeing idiots claim “moon imminent” and “this is the year”. It may be the year, but it will be because we have bigger fish entering the market. Waiting for the required liquity from hundreds/thousands of low $ remittance companies would be like death by paper cuts waiting for the required price to support larger institutions.
  13. Very good point. Not to be a downer but this is a small ass bank also. If you look up the business profile it has like 5-10 employees. It isnt even in the realm of local community bank. Look, I’m a huge supporter and it has to start somewhere but I dont think this will have an impact even when they actually go live. Seriously, I don’t know what it will take at this point to see a response in sentiment. A year or two ago, there was rumor that Starbucks might accept bitcoin for coffee and sh*t went crazy. With Xrp, announcement after announcement doesn’t yield jack sh*t. In a logical wor
  14. I was wrong. Not because I listened to a bunch of fools on Twitter, but I figured that a Coinbase rumor brought us to $3.80 last year. I figured the price could easily FOMO higher based on one grand slam good news release after another. If this was a NASDAQ stock, we’d be at $5-10 at least. I’ve never seen such a lack of response in price therefore I’m convinced either the price is artificially suppressed or that lack of regulatory clarity truly kept a lid on things. Im talking about FOMO alone. I don’t think we’ve even seen the utility use case reveal itself yet. Volume and ledger payments d
  15. I’ve thought about this at length. Pure speculation, but I believe that exchanges will ultimately be bought by banks to win client base. When looking at XRP, I think the exchanges exist in the short to mid term for 2 reasons: 1) Banks are waiting for green light on regulation and will then start making it convenient to hold and transfer certain DAS like XRP. 2) Exchanges are needed now also to help mitigate volatility risks. Once price is established/fixed/elevated for proper liquidity, then banks could hold directly without worry of volatility risks. Ie. lost money on conversion an
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