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  1. Too much traffic on livecoinwatch, site is having problems with server load 😉
  2. 3 more billion to overtake Ethereum and move to 2nd spot 😉
  3. 07:12 Time in Tokyo, Japan 🌕
  4. Swiss

    Escrow sales

    I'm wondering if banks like recently signed PNC Financial Services actually realise the opportunity they are missing out if they do not fill those monthly 1 Billion XRP escrow sales? Currently we are are $0.36, so 1 Billion XRP would only cost them $360 Million. That's a peanuts amount for what XRP could be worth in the future. Let's say next month we're at $0.60, they could buy another 1 Billion XRP for $600 Million. Now they would be sitting at 2 Billion XRP, which if XRP will hit (I just pick a random number) $100 would be worth $200 Billion USD. Not even to mention $589, which would net them $1.17 Trillion USD. Something is telling me that 1 Billion XRP escrow sales monthly may not be enough in the future and that an insane amount of institutional FOMO gets created, once the top banks realise in what kind of danger they are with someone moving up the ladder. I could see times coming where banks will literally beg Ripple to sell them XRP, as they were missing out for too long. When we reach 1 Billion monthly XRP escrow sales, the institutional and retail investor FOMO together with all the media coverage might reach unprecedented levels of insanity.
  5. Swiss

    Will Ripple Replace Swift? An Expert’s Take

    Interesting having SWIFT's CEO say that Swift GPI is all about API's :
  6. Swiss

    Will Ripple Replace Swift? An Expert’s Take

    Had never watched this Bitcoin Ben guy before, but found it interestingly confirming (with grain of salt). The guy has a stutter and indeed seems not drunk.
  7. IBM's Blockchain Platform looks pathetic in my opinion. I wouldn't even be surprised if they'll give up on this sooner or later:
  8. Vincent Wilson uploaded another video 20 minutes ago. Title translates to X-Ray presentation in 20 places of interest. Could this little pump be an xRapid test 🤔 In case yes, then this VR-video must have been pre-prepared, it seems impossible he created this in such short time frame.
  9. I would say that Sagar Sarbhai brought a lot of clarification to the table on that Abu Dhabi Global Market panel. Boom!
  10. Swiss

    Fintech Abu Dhabi 2018 Summit

    46:20 this is it! Game, Set and Match!
  11. Credits: The Banker Hear what he says at 4:50 by "not moving the money yet", "investigation of queries" (this could very well be xCurrent) and hints to xRapid once the eco-system is ready.
  12. Swiss

    SWIFT and XRapid

    Interesting explanation on Swift GPI and how 'new technologies' can be added to the framework. Video seems to be from year 2017: