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  1. crazy how 30k was only around the end of January...what a rollercoaster.
  2. I've read that he has been selling regularly lately...My guess he's doing this to turn it around and buy his XLM. https://news.bitcoin.com/jed-mccaleb-sells-22-million-worth-of-xrp-ripple-cofounders-stash-could-run-dry-by-may/
  3. XRP looking decoupled at the moment from everyone else...thinking that it might be just a function of XRP not having gotten the inflows others have lately, so there are just not as many sellers as the others have during this correction? Sell depth seems to continue to dominate as it did even during last night's pump, what might that mean? Of course, this might just be temporary as others have said already and it'll follow down soon enough.....
  4. For someone of modest means like myself($3k all-in), It's just very hard for me to see the upside of buying BTC now. With those modest means, spreading myself too thin over multiple cryptos doesn't seem reasonable too. I recently sold all my crypto units, then got back in on this recent correction and thankfully ended up with more xrp units than when I sold. I decided to go all in on XRP again(with what we all believe here is its strong use case), but this time I've spurned BTC. A 2x growth for example seems to me to be a lot more probable in XRP than in BTC. As of today's prices, 2x would equ
  5. Please explain, I'm not sure what you mean by that.
  6. bloodbath beginning, or just a flesh wound?...
  7. I really appreciate the discussion here. That article about market cap from panopticon was very interesting. Your smooth brains made me think being all-out was a little too drastic. I'm fully playing with house money at this point, so **** it right? Whatever...I got back in a little. Left 50% in cash for any pullbacks to come.
  8. Respect what you're saying about it being too early, that's on my mind too....I accept the risk I'm taking with sitting on the sidelines for now though, and waiting for a good dip to build the stacks back up. $10 for XRP will be extremely hard to achieve though...100 billion total XRP at $10/unit would eventually have to mean a market cap of $1 trillion dollars. I know half of that is in circulation now, but as time goes on more will be released from escrow. $1 trillion is over $120 billion more than BTC's, and approx. 37x XRPs, market cap today. 37x is a very, very long way to go I'
  9. No idea of course of how long.... i'm just keeping an eye on it for now.
  10. I'm starting to get fearful as others are seeming to become too greedy honestly. Almost every crypto is rising from what I can gather, with many reaching their ATHs. Relative Strength Index for many cryptos is climbing fast into overbought territory. Too much, too fast it seems. I followed my gut to take my +93% profits(in 3 years) and sold all my coins to cash right now. I know that's not 'moon' territory and I do have a little FOMO on the rises in the last few days, but I'm feeling better about keeping my powder dry for the steep correction that's coming.
  11. I made a bet on gamestop last week that I was able to lose on if it went south and with the downturn that came, it taught me some valuable lessons. Emotions can be dangerous especially when opportunities present themselves in a very short period of time. Don't do market buy orders when the market is volatile, only limit orders with prices you are willing to buy at...and of course that timing the market is completely like shooting in the dark. If I had only entered literally one day earlier, I would have been net positive(I can guarantee that I would have set limit sells to recoup my initial in
  12. The only reason I'm in is because I hope it will moon bigger than my gorgeous backside....$0.41 CAD / unit (which it is now) will surely then be seen as a hell of a bargain if it does rocket up. In my estimation buying at any price point up to and below a dollar/unit I think is reasonable if we are betting it will go to multiples of a dollar at some point in the future. The only reason you buy something like this is for the chance at an absurdly high ROI. Problems arise though if you gamble an absurd amount of money you are not willing to lose. Even for those that bought at the historic top,
  13. I just have a gut feeling this rise is so rapid there will be a fear of correction and profit taking will ensue(which is probably reasonable for some), that'll be a self fulfilling prophecy for a correction....there's a small one already ensuing. If it can rise this fast it can all as fast. Who knows, fog of war.....
  14. That's got a good ring to it....Like clinking coins in my velour pockets
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