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  1. I don't know either... It's huuuge ! Especially big investors must follow this utility, it's the most relevant KPI in my opinion...
  2. Thank you for your work. The question is why all these stuff? But it's hard to find simply by external analysis I guess. Anyway, I don't know if you know this site (dex monitoring) => https://dex.xrplapps.com/
  3. Hi all, I just found two interesting pdf, released few days ago, from Temenos. https://www.temenos.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Blockchain-Reality-whitepaper-2019-Aug-21.pdf This document seems to date from 2016. They were in full ripple shilling mode at that time. Another one, also publised few days ago (I don't know if it's again a 2016 document) : https://www.temenos.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/products-instant-payments-brochure-2019-Aug-18.pdf I wanted to share you these findings. Hope it's not already on the chat. Enjoy!
  4. What's 'Krungsri Blockchain Interledger'? Anyone got infos about it ? Edit: I found this :
  5. I am French. I am still waiting for the money from a French customer who made a bank transfer to me 3 days ago... xD
  6. 1 day ago : https://media.abnnewswire.net/media/en/docs/ASX-BPG-2A1126476.pdf 1 year ago : “We believe that using DLT to replace CHESS will enable our customers to develop new services and reduce their costs,” ASX Managing Director and CEO Dominic Stevens said. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-asx-blockchain/australias-asx-selects-blockchain-to-cut-costs-idUSKBN1E037R So, what do you think guys ?
  7. Guys, here is an extremly interesting document => http://www.mas.gov.sg/~/media/ProjectUbin/Cross Border Interbank Payments and Settlements.pdf Found by Michael del Castillo@DelRayMan, credit to him. Do you think that XRP could be the “universal” Wholesale CBDC (U-W-CBDC) used in the Model 3c ? Thanks in advance for your returns.
  8. Did anyone notice the rise of payment's proportion in all transactions these last weeks? https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/metrics
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