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  1. This fella doesn't even know what the escrow is... God damn, when I think we've bottomed and the pain is over, I see this **** and I'm like mehh probably not.
  2. No one cares if they hate it or love it lol... They can keep imagining and getting destroyed *cough* "SBI GOING LIVE WITH XRP, WE GONNA MOON" "Coinbase will ADD XRP, it's a no brainer", "XRAPID going live, we gonna mooooon" People like them worry me honestly that we may go even lower to capitulate them
  3. because there is none. The only connection as of NOW is imaginary connections made by XRP moonboyz. That swift is going to use XRP indirectly through R3. They may, but not confirmed yet. Unless it's confirmed, I won't believe a thaaang
  4. Lol this is not good for XRP, yet. So why are ppl happy here? Just because there's a SWIFT name and R3?
  5. He's not going anywhere, he's emotionally too attached to XRP. He's like that threatening girlfriend who is mad at her boyfriend... But always remember why 1% have more money than 99%. They do things 99% aren't capable of. A drop to 15c would get rid of a lot of 589ers and inpatient people, and I would love to see that
  6. You're comparing my trabsferable shitcoins to a game????
  7. Well i don't know for sure, but would be pretty naive to think this wouldn't happen when it has happened with crypto mostly btc and eth all of 2018. They buy OTC, then dump on market and short it. When xrp gets the biggest volume in the whole year, pumps to 80c in a day, then retraces down to 30c again, it becomes fishy
  8. Q3 sale numbers were high so institutions would pump xrp to 80c, trigger buy orders and then dump it all the way down to 30c Y'all have to wait til Ripple sells most of their xrp bags before it takes off
  9. He has made many wrong calls also, he said top for btc was 2k early 2017 when btc was 1200
  10. Let's see what q4 sales are gonna look like, if #s mainly USD sales are not higher than q3, how would you interpret that? I'd say interest in XRP isn't that much, interest was high when xrp was below 30c in q3. Means xrp might have to stay low til majority are sold which would meet Brad's saying that he won't expect price of XRP to go bananas til 3-5 years down the road
  11. Cryptos made by banks or countries are no threat to xrp, they're actually good. They can be exchanged to Xrp then to other fiat. There'll be one major bridge currency, I think xrp will be it if freaking Ripple gives up their giant 50 billion position.... Greedy chumps. The only reason why XRP has not been deemed a not security at this point is because Ripple holds a giant bag and using them for their own profits You heard it here first, they'll eventually distribute it among banks, burn them or have IMF take over or something. 5-10 billion of xrp is well over enough for Ripple to hold
  12. Ripple holding 50 billion xrps. They don't need that much xrp. And they sell, do what with the billions? You don't need billions to run a startup at that level
  13. You're one of those people that thinks like what if walmart created a web better than Amazon, what if Taxis created an app and destroyed Uber, what if Blockbuster came back and destroyed Netflix and yada yada yada.... you simply don't understand what makes a business successful lol yeaaa banks will just create another crypto and XRP game over
  14. There's a reason why 1% of the population has more money than the 99%. And 80% of those 1% are self-made. Let that sink
  15. Xrp itself has no competition. Its only competition would be another digital asset, which doesn't exist really, nothing close to xrp
  16. The problem is Ripple holding 60 billion XRPs. Why not spread that btw 20-30 big banks with long ass agreements? The dynasties of this world wouldn't like Also, Ripple should stop running any nodes/validators. EazyPZ fix
  17. If XRP doesn't disconnect itself from other cryptos in 2019 max 2020, that means we've been lie to the whole time and "utility" is just bunk dreams
  18. You mean to tell me the big billionaire whales wait 9 weeks to make a big decision?
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