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  1. Cryptos made by banks or countries are no threat to xrp, they're actually good. They can be exchanged to Xrp then to other fiat. There'll be one major bridge currency, I think xrp will be it if freaking Ripple gives up their giant 50 billion position.... Greedy chumps. The only reason why XRP has not been deemed a not security at this point is because Ripple holds a giant bag and using them for their own profits You heard it here first, they'll eventually distribute it among banks, burn them or have IMF take over or something. 5-10 billion of xrp is well over enough for Ripple to hold
  2. Ripple holding 50 billion xrps. They don't need that much xrp. And they sell, do what with the billions? You don't need billions to run a startup at that level
  3. AlibabaGrp

    Risk Analysis of XRP: The Four Horsemen

    You're one of those people that thinks like what if walmart created a web better than Amazon, what if Taxis created an app and destroyed Uber, what if Blockbuster came back and destroyed Netflix and yada yada yada.... you simply don't understand what makes a business successful lol yeaaa banks will just create another crypto and XRP game over
  4. There's a reason why 1% of the population has more money than the 99%. And 80% of those 1% are self-made. Let that sink
  5. AlibabaGrp

    Risk Analysis of XRP: The Four Horsemen

    Xrp itself has no competition. Its only competition would be another digital asset, which doesn't exist really, nothing close to xrp
  6. The problem is Ripple holding 60 billion XRPs. Why not spread that btw 20-30 big banks with long ass agreements? The dynasties of this world wouldn't like Also, Ripple should stop running any nodes/validators. EazyPZ fix
  7. If it goes below 0, it'll freeze
  8. Strong support at 0, we may bounce there
  9. If XRP doesn't disconnect itself from other cryptos in 2019 max 2020, that means we've been lie to the whole time and "utility" is just bunk dreams
  10. You mean to tell me the big billionaire whales wait 9 weeks to make a big decision?
  11. No I'm not being sarcastic 1- 24c is indeed the bottom because we've visited it in 2018 bear market. I didn't say xrp is dropping to that level again for sure, but anything is possible, even if it's a 20% probability 2- I said 24c is bottom because there's a strong support there and was visited once 3- technically, we have not seen capitulation for Bitcoin yet 4- xrp follows the rest of the market
  12. 24c is bottom, if it goes below that, it'll be a wick, it'll be a fast drop to 18c then back to 24+c
  13. AlibabaGrp

    Euro exim bank

    Dozens of major banks will use XRP and hold XRP by end of 2019. These banks are - Gypsy Union - Taco Del Fart - 50 Cents Credit Union - Thrones of Games bank - BBH Bank (Big booty hoe Bank) The rest aren't public yet, we will announce them when they feel comfortable
  14. AlibabaGrp

    Euro exim bank

    lol 300k for a bank is a massive joke. WTF, not even 30 million. When the CEO says a major bank is going live with XRP by end of 2018 and we hear this bank is the FIRST bank to use XRP, is that okay with you guys? or is it FUD if I question Ripple?