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  1. Let's hope so... It's been enough now.
  2. It starts with "chances are"...
  3. “The Bitcoin ETF filing has been temporarily withdrawn", still working on regulations. Let's hope temporarily still means this year. I guess the US government shutdown is not helping either...
  4. Guybrush

    Down down down

    Well, if you can't see the sarcasm in these posts you won't survive at all 🤪
  5. Guybrush

    Down down down

    Not very positive are you ?
  6. 1. BTC 2. XRP 3. ETH 4. XLM 5. LTC
  7. Guybrush

    What an Incredible Year

    We will prevail ! Happy 2019 everyone
  8. Guybrush

    Chine lifts ban crypto

    I wonder what the chimpanese will think about that...
  9. Guybrush

    Ripple Riddler

    Whatever it is, should we only go up from here... then remember, it started at the fifth of november.. If we go back down just forget about it.
  10. My fault this time... Bought @ 0.56... Sorry guys.