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  1. Well, I mean, I'm sure they have milestones in software development and customerdeals. So if they say they need XRP high, they should have some milestones in XRP price as well. Or at least have predictions on what XRP price should be with current and future use of xRapid & coil.
  2. Hey all, maybe I didn't do enough research about it myself, but maybe you can help with this. I know that it's in Ripple's best interest to increase the price of XRP, but have you seen any comments from them regarding the lackluster price action ? Or maybe any prognosis, I can't find anything from Ripple about XRP's price. Thx
  3. No, I think it would mean mainstream adoption, otherwise IMF wouldn't want it. And beside that it would mean it would be regulated and no longer with a commercial company.
  4. So others predictions are ****, but yours is like... what ? i don't get it.
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