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  1. Wonder how low we'll go.. hopefully not below 30 cents again..
  2. Ethereums price sure moves faster up... sorry, bad joke
  3. Yeah, had enough of this crap for almost a year and a half.. let's just go up !
  4. Oh, I'm not hurt at all, and still very positive. But like you say we should be very happy for only being down about 60% in a year and thank god on our knees for a few percent in a day is a bit too much for me.
  5. Kidding you? I think we lost enough last 16 months. And we haven't even reached last months high while all other coins have. I think we are entitled to be a little sceptical and complain a bit.
  6. I really hope we're gonna catch up soon. BTC rushing past it's 6 month high. We're still in our low 30s...
  7. I don't mind if it's being glued.... but at least glue it to $10....
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