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  1. Still, It might all be show. We might finally get clarity. If XRP is not deemed a security it might just skyrocket. I have good hope. Edit, maybe a might too much...
  2. Maybe there wont be any upward price action...
  3. It's already getting rekt, doesn't need a crypto crash.
  4. Hopefully somewhere in our lifetime.... But I'll settle for a mere 10 percent of that.. (edit : even 1 %).
  5. down the drain that is... I don't know. think it's gonna take us by suprise soon and shoot up.
  6. Thats what they said when it passed $1... Didn't quite hold up....
  7. Why the hell do people say BTC is a store of value ?? It's nothing.. I Know exactly 1 person in my surroundings that had owned BTC. It's highly volatile and no one uses it. The price is 7k+ because a few chinese whales wanted it so. And the 'institutional money' everyone was talking about last year never entered the market. Get your heads straight. If a real economic crises comes up, everyone will flee from volatile and risky investments... God I hope I'm wrong... 😁
  8. Why the hell did they agree with Jed McCaleb keeping so much XRP. I mean, with another 4.5 billion left its no wonder XRP wont go up. The founders just got too many, they would be too rich.
  9. So... How low will we go? I mean, news and speculation don't drive XRP up. Even real usage doesn't seem to budge it. Only thing driving the price is following BTC down, and even further down. Could really use some good news, Anything we can look forward to ?
  10. Maybe it will do the same as XRP did a few years ago.
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