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  1. Why the hell did they agree with Jed McCaleb keeping so much XRP. I mean, with another 4.5 billion left its no wonder XRP wont go up. The founders just got too many, they would be too rich.
  2. So... How low will we go? I mean, news and speculation don't drive XRP up. Even real usage doesn't seem to budge it. Only thing driving the price is following BTC down, and even further down. Could really use some good news, Anything we can look forward to ?
  3. Maybe it will do the same as XRP did a few years ago.
  4. Nice one Janna, it won't be long before XRP price will start to rise to it's deserved height.
  5. One day has to be the day, so it might as well be today.
  6. Like buying XRP is the treat and right after that price always drops... Time to break out guys...
  7. I wonder how big the chance of XRP price dropping due to an exodus is if it keeps underperforming..
  8. So much for staying above 30 cents... I could really use some positive news now.
  9. Heading back to 3300 sats. Hopefully we get a bump above 31 cents soon.
  10. And why do they want to achieve a low XRP but everything else higher ?
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