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  1. Until exchanges can work on speed—the fastest ones with most liquidity will be a necessary evil. It boggles my mind why more don't invest in machine learning to automate a reasonable portion of KYC requirements. Not that hard.
  2. I've been looking to work abroad in IT for awhile. Language barrier seems to be the prominent issue. Not even sure how to go about it any further than that. "Work from anywhere" jobs seem to only consist of customer support and blog writing or programming with 10+ years of experience.
  3. A linear plan of attack is busting down your door and taking your laptop. Your steps should (in order that they are meaningful) should be: ISO download>Burn with the dd command in Mac's terminal to get your first taste in the terminal...you may struggle, but it will be a valuable learning lesson. Hit CMD T to check the progress. If you decide that you want to boot it up to install, follow the prompts. Hit terminal in Linux, sudo apt-get update to fetch the packages, sudo apt-get upgrade to install the fetched packages, etc. Install whatever AV you have. Then follow that guide about offline repo's if you never want to have your pc on the net again. Eventually, you'll run into what SE Linux does. Think about disabling your wifi card, deleting the driver for it or getting rid of the network-manager. It's really up to you at this point. But you always need an up to date AV because...virus definitions change...but if the system isn't online, you don't have to worry about it other than the infection of your system from mishandled files...but do you see how this could be redundant? At some point you'll question what is meaningless for your system and workflow, as per your inital requirements.
  4. Noice—so the problem that you are facing, will be no longer when you learn about repositories and how to configure them. This might help you to get started later down the road: offline repo's The only few ways AV could not be overkill is if you transfer an infected file which would somehow make your system connect to the network forcibly or destroy it completely. It would have to be a very elaborate attack that you are trying to defend against. If that's the case, you'll eventually learn about SE Linux, encryption, and the rest of the safety-comes-first puppet pals.
  5. I see. The trope that Windows being insecure is dying slowly—any and every system is inherently insecure with the proper 0-day. I would not use Kali as your first OS as it would require System Administration skills to properly provision another user (noobs don't know that you're not supposed to browse up and use the system as root...) To get your feet wet, I'd spin up an ISO of Ubuntu MATE or Mint. If you'd prefer a RHEL taste, go for the latest CentOS distro. Check out this: Linux the Hard Way Beta
  6. Honestly, I would forget about all of that VM stuff. You're only as secure as your host system. All you need to do is buy a separate machine, never connect it to the internet and put it in a safe. If you must insist on using the same system, now isn't the time to be playing around with something you don't have any concept of—one wrong config file or chmod'd permission is the end of your machine. If you're looking for something gui based, you're already opening up yourself for being attacked. The best security is one that never has to touch the network and is physically secured. If you want reasonable security, I see nothing wrong with an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, disable Cortana, get yourself a copy of ESET and Malwarebytes, run Bitlocker, image your hard drive—and if you are really paranoid, disable USB in the bios, setting a password on your bios as well. Rotate administrator passwords. For email protection (which is really starting to get Knoxious at this point), I'd use Symantec MessageLabs. Nothing wrong with wanting to use Linux, but the time isn't right for you to be implementing security when you don't have a deep understanding of that system—it's a completely different work flow. Sudo apt-get just doesn't cut it at some point.
  7. Siacoin: The girl who you really should be dating super seriously right now—she's totally into you too; but if you keep taking the relationship for granted, she'll grow exponentially without you, forgetting who you ever were.
  8. Dated XRP. She gave me Zerpes and although we've had tough times— we're deeply in love. She sometimes takes too much of my money, but in the end, she makes a lot of cents.
  9. As far as my current understanding, it helps to think of Crypto as assets, not currency, at the moment. Not sure about the UK, but if Trump's plans go through, you're looking at lower capital gains tax. The moment you convert to fiat is when it becomes taxable income. The moment you buy crypto with fiat, they (the assets) are eligible for tax write off's—again, for the US. Not sure about UK's code; but readers should know.
  10. Just wish they would hurry up and make this a less painful process. If Fidelity allows you to view your CoinBase wallet through their services, why doesn't this count as KYC? Good read.
  11. This is a current problem with almost every exchange. None of them prepare for high volume, invest in proper servers or hire people. Those tickets should be getting cleared with more folks helping. What happens when people want to take exits on XRP once it *really* gets to higher prices? As much as I hate to say it, this is just why I almost want some kind of oversight to get involved to make them regulate this the way that a fair market should be. Because clearly, they don't have the users interests in their mind as much as they'd like to think. Could you imagine a major stock market being down just because the owners want to be sparsely prepared and appear ostensibly greedy? Something has to give and they need to start thinking deeply about what happens when crypto really starts to get adopted. There's just no excuse. Period. This needs to be a fast process. No politics, no lag, and a fair market.
  12. Agreed...thought I was the only one seeing pointless content. But it will die down soon hopefully. Let's keep it relevant y'all.
  13. What are the official slack channels? Is there just one?
  14. It's the biggest hostage situation I've ever seen, realtime.
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