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  1. I can't remember secret key of: rNY7duVPbwL6nANYUWNxwg9WKzdQEkydBp. Can I make another way to withdraw ripple from r4L1rgq6YPRVv5dAZBXe8Tt2UGRcbvKBYq? thank you.
  2. Hello everyone. I have address ripple. This is my address: https://bithomp.com/explorer/r4L1rgq6YPRVv5dAZBXe8Tt2UGRcbvKBYq When I send ripple to other address then error: Master key is disabled. Please help me. Thank your.
  3. Hello everyone, My node ripple can't start. This is error: 2018-Sep-04 12:11:13.026525079 SHAMapStore:ERR state db error: writableDbExists false archiveDbExists false writableDb '/var/lib/rippled/db/rocksdb/rippledb.e2dc' archiveDb '/var/lib/rippled/db/rocksdb/rippledb.5a7e' To resume operation, make backups of and remove the files matching /var/lib/rippled/db/state* and contents of the directory /var/lib/rippled/db/rocksdb Terminating thread rippled: main: unhandled St13runtime_error 'state db error' This is my config: [server] port_rpc
  4. How to create transaction use regular key. My amount of regular key > my amount of ripple address. Can i create transaction use regular key?
  5. Can you tell me, how to check regular key of ripple address?
  6. Thank you. I use http://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/ for sign transaction. What is regular key?. Is it an p PassPhrase(12 words)?
  7. Hello everyone, When i use secret key of ripple address to create payment. But my transaction have error: Status:[PRELIMINARY], Result: tefMASTER_DISABLED: Master key is disabled. Status:[FINAL, tejMaxLedger], Result: tefMASTER_DISABLED I want to enable Master key and create transaction. Please help me.
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