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  1. Sorry I replied within the quote. Not heated at all. Differences in opinions should be dispassionate. I am here for investing not arguments. I think the difference I have with many is that I do believe XRP will go up just have my doubts about it staying up for long. Thats all
  2. I have stated before I am an XRP holder. It forms about 12% of what I own. I learned last year that XRP is just not popular with crypto people in general. There are many and varied reasons but will outline a few that I think are crucial 1. XRP is still perceived as the bankers coin amongst crypto holders. Be they right or wrong it is the perception. Anti bank sentiment is massive amongst this cohort and hence there is a natural anti-authoritarianism against it. 2. People look to the last bull run and say we might / should see something similar. I very much doubt we will ever see those numbers again. XRP will go up but no where near last times rise or even close to it. Why? I know many people who got into XRP because of the whole $589 by Dec 18 rubbish and have been burned. They have migrated to other projects that have made excellent returns. Why would you sell your QNT now for XRP. Seems crazy. Even as QNT has a significantly smaller market cap with room to grow. (XRP does but at $60B it has already done well) 3. The staking rewards offered with other projects is just too lucrative. If you look at a lot of those other projects that offer exceptional rewards they seem to go up then come back a little and then go up again. This is not the path XRP is on so the only real reason to hold is for it to go up and hopefully stay there. But it never does. It dumps just as hard if not harder than the others. 4. The only thing I hear mentioned of late on twitter and YT is the SEC and lawsuit. This is interesting if you have already bought XRP but imagine a new person thinking of buying it. What a monumental red flag. Ripple might win which will no doubt help but this is by no means certain. 5. CL and BG greed. You can not hide this fact. I remain disgusted to this day that they were selling their bags on pumped volumes which they rectified sometime last year. Conveniently this was noticed just as the SEC was bringing its lawsuit on Ripple. Sorry but this is shady as anything. Even a die hard XRP owner must view this with massive skepticism. 6. Despite all of Ripples pronouncements re; ODL etc nothing has happened. This is very important. BG said that by 2019 dozens of banks would be using XRP to shift money around the world. Here we are 2/3 into 2021 and we have nothing at all. Will this change with positive lawsuit. Maybe but maybe not. You cant keep over promising and under delivering. I am in business and if I did this I would be screwed. YMMV
  3. Pomp is a fool. During his interview with Brad G he strategically placed toilet paper behind him
  4. I would like to start this topic to garner ideas from others here on the site. Seems to have gone quite of late for obvious reasons. Why do we believe what we believe? An interesting queston. This can be applied to any belief we have not just crypto. It seems we as humans adopt a position on a topic and tend to stick to it regardless of what might happen to invalidate our views. Example, BTC maxis (I own BTC) insist that BTC will become the worlds reserve currency. This view is based on its popularity in crypto circles. The arguments against this are varied and many but the most obvious reason this will not happen is that is 51% attackable. Which world power would allow rogue actors to hijack the worlds money system via a handful people in China with better graphics cards? Seems ridiculous to me and those not in crypto. However, the notion this is possible is prevalent amongst maxis. ETH is seen as a possible replacement to BTC as a world reserve but its fees on UNISWAP can be as high as $350 invalidating its use for this particular purpose. Yet people who hold ETH (I am one) believe in the fallacy that it might displace the USD. The chances of the US Fed Reserve supplanting their own currency in favour of a handful of ETH owners is amazing. So, over to you. Why do we believe things which if analysed are beyond preposterous? Cheers
  5. I think thats how all public discourse should be. Everyone has an opinion and they are subjective. Once a discussion degenerates to name calling thats the sign of name caller losing an argument. Nothing shuts down discussion quicker than "racist", "sexist", "clmate denier", "nazi" etc. We need to respect differing opinions. This is why I am not on Twitter or FB or any other social media site.
  6. No Problems. At least we were courteous and agree to disagree. Have a great day!
  7. The problem is the market is a lot smaller than it could be because they own over 50%. Liquidity is achieved by multiple markets having buy and sell orders. The market knows they have 50% left to sell. The rise and fall of XRP is the same as all other coins. WHales! They are who responsible for the price of EVERY coin. No project is currently worth what its token is saying. NONE. We are at the mercy of the whales for the prices. Nope they have stated they need sale of XRP to survive. The fees they generate does not cover there operating costs. From memory the fees was only $20m. If they are successful they wont need to sell as much as they have been. But for the last 7 months they havent sold, they have the same operating expenses and have hire very expensive lawyers. Lost MGI partnership and there is very little activity on ODL. Doubt this is not affecting them financially. BG and CL could leave Ripple as soon as tomorrow and it would make little difference to their wealth. The Golden Goose as you put it has already been strangled. They have been selling for years whilst we have been buying. Maybe the SEC rules that they no longer can. BG and CL raised $650m and Ripple $1.2B. If the party stops then they have profited already. As fr when Jed stops selling, the price wont move. WHALES move the price. The largest whales were caught selling.
  8. Liquidity improves if the price goes up and is distirbuted. Distributed is important. With Ripple, BG, CL, JM, and other big guys owning more than 50% of the total who are they going to sell to? Jed has shown he wants to sell all as he has been doing this for years. Ripple were selling more than they should have last year as they were using faulty volume data. They will be selling small lots all the way up but this inhibits price growth. Why has XRP barely moved in 3.5 years? Constant selling pressure. BTC has far less sell pressure. They are a company that needs to sell XRP to fund their operation. They have told us this. All the shiny offices and salaries need funding. If they expand they need to sell more. Furthermore, every crypto asset has no value until you cash out into USD, AUD, CAD or whatever your local currency is. So, you might have $10M worth of XRP in May this year and then 2 months later as is now it is worth $3m. These people are not that silly. They convert to hard assets (real estate, gold, etc) as their wealth is protected. Remember they didnt buy XRP like us. They just got it!
  9. Agree it is in the toilet. I dont own XLM I am not a Jed fan. He should be part of the same SEC lawsuit as the others. The mysterious A. Britto should also be there As above No. Neither was it for Charlie Lee et al. All the same I agree SEC caused massive price drop for XRP. I hope the courts decide too My original point earlier and now is that I had lost confidence in Ripple. This just another FU to them by the powers that be. We can now say that MGI and Ripple deal is done. They have Tranglo but as far as what they are doing it is a secret if anything. By the way, I believe that XRP will go up and hope so for everyone sake. But I am not foolish enough to believe in the crazy numbers people are throwing around as a possibility. The large holders such as BG, CL, JM, Roger Ver etc will be dumping well before it can reach a high price. Thats the problem with having so much concentrated in a few hands. Lets say XRP hits $10. The aforementioned parties including Ripple know that the longer they hold off there will be less liquidity in the system. So if it theoretically got to $20 there is no way they could sell a huge amount at that high a price. So better to sell at $10 and not risk the lack of liquidity. After all they were given it for free anyway. If you owned 2billion of anything I dont think you would care if you sold for $10b, $29b or $40b since it was a freebie. I know I will be selling my remaining stack well before $10
  10. Can you point to where I said I am sorry for my self? I would like you to show me. I have invested in a number of crypto projects and other assets which have served me well. XRP has served me well also but I was lucky to get in below a penny. I feel sorry for those who bought the top of XRP and any coin for that matter. The hope of $589 sucked in a lot of investors who have paid for Ripple's salaries, offices and failed investments. I feel sorry for those who sit in hope expecting some miracle to save them financially. BTC has hit $65K. Will investing in it now make you a millionaire? Only if you put a substantial sum in it which most people cannot afford. Likewise XRP. Why would I feel sorry for a corporation that has sold 1.3bUSD worth of a product they hold the majority of? Do you feel sorry for them? Chris and Brad have made a shit ton and we need to feel sorry for them. Do you feel sorry for them?
  11. I don't. They are a corporation who have profited from the sales of XRP. I feel sorry for those who bought XRP at $3.83.
  12. I didnt mean buy Ripples (plural). I meant Ripple's former partner. Embarrassingly Ripple bought shares in MGI, funded their ODL experiment and Jed has bitched slapped them and is looking to buy them out with XRP he sells whilst they themselves are not allowed to. What a cluster@#$%!
  13. Jed sells XRP to buy Ripples former partner. You cant make this up! Another feather in Ripples cap!
  14. Last thing I swear. I am not sure why you used the terms stupid, retard, ignorant, prick to disagree with someone who has different ideas than you. I think during our entire discussion I was courteous and listened to your view points. I dont agree and I am sure that just like most things the divide in society is usually 50 / 50. But thats ok. I have no problem with your difference of opinion. C'est la vie!
  15. It is clear this is an emotional issue for you. I am taking Warchests advice and leaving this discussion to remain on topic. I guess we agree to disagree! Hope for both yours and my sake XRP has a positive period in the next little while. Enjoy!
  16. Herd immunity is achieved through vaccination or people having the disease and recovering from it. I can only go by Australian stats but recovery rate here is over 98%. So this can be achieved through either method. I will take my own chances with Covid rather than an experimental vaccine which our government has not approved for safe use as of writing. No connection whatsoever. J&J produced a product which contains a known carcinogen and yet rather than being forced out of business and jailed for hiding the truth they are profiting via the production of another product to cure CV. Is this a company you can trust. I cant but everyone needs to make their own minds up on that. I never said architects, builders etc were complicit, did I? If you inferred that from my statements then let me reassure you I did not. However, an Australian company called James Hardie where the inventors of this and they were charged and had to pay hefty fines for the product they created which was injurious to health. They were not forced to shut down but should have. If you do your research the other 2 major vaccine suppliers have similar cover ups of their time as well. Again, if you have accepted the vaccine then you surely have nothing to fear from people like me who wont. Pretty simple I would have thought, no?
  17. Stop loss orders are a waste of time. Not sure if you are aware or not but each time you trade the exchange needs you to lose. So they know exactly where your stop loss is set and initiate an often seen spike candle to take you out. I had this happen to me many times in Forex trading so gave it away.
  18. If herd immunity is the reason then why are we locked down? Seems incredibly counter-intuitive dont you think. Have a look at the numbers of people vaccinated who are catching it and spreading it. Seems not to be working. Sorry, you just said everything is me me me. I mentioned above I have no problem with you getting vaccinated. Not expecting you not to get vaccinated. I realise people with my views are marginalised. The term 'conspiracy' is quite often used in the same way that 'racist' is used now. But, in the US J&J are a vaccine supplier. In 2018 it was discovered that they had asbestos in their baby powder for years. Now I had heard this before but your govt confirmed it. Do you wish to give the people who administered this epic mistake the power to give you something against your will which has no long term studies around its usage? I dont. But maybe you are ok with that and that is fine by me. I do not wish to impose my views on anybody else. As for unbiased, not sure where you think I have a bias? Please point it out to me. By the way, please do not believe me about the J&J story. You can google search yourself. It makes for quite an interesting read.
  19. What does that have to do with my point that the gubmint doesnt care about you? It shouldnt be a political issue. I dont mind any body who wants to get vaccinated. Just not sure why the want me too? Ebola transmits via human contact. Not in the same way as CV but nonetheless it does. It has a mortality rate of 50%. Yet we didnt lock down. Interesting you resorted to using words such as stupid, ignorant and retard which I can assume you associated with me. Shame the discussion went there
  20. Hi RipMcGillicuddy. I assume from your comment that you believe the government narrative re CV. I have no doubt it is a thing unlike others. It is provably so. However, the death rate from it is no worse than influenza in the past. Did we have press conferences to scare people letting them how many people were infected and died? In Australia we have fared very well from CV. Approximately 915 deaths at time of writing. The average age of those who died is 85. 5 years more than the average age. This is never mentioned at these press conferences. Why could that be? Please tell me I am wrong but if you believe the government is there to look after our health then why are cigarettes, a know product which kills by the millions still a legal product in every country in the world? They have banned them from public use but never banned them. Who loses if they ban them? The general public? Of course not. Do we have press conferences to inform how many die each day due to their use? A few years ago we had the ebola virus rampant in parts of Africa. Its contraction was usually fatal. No government I am aware of banned travel to and from these parts of the world. Why? It was and is much worse than CV (99% survival rate) but the whole world has been scared to fear this thing. Who benefits? Pfizer, Astra Zeneca or humanity? It doesnt take Sherlock Holmes to figure these things out. Again, I dont expect people to believe me. Not many people I know do. Not particularly concerned either way. Just want people to question their own beliefs and what they are told as truth. Quite often what we are told is a cover for other things. Let me just say that I am jealous of the USA with your Bill of Rights. You are one of the only countries with such a document enshrined in law. You should never take that document for granted. Wars were fought to keep that a relevant document and it really pains me to see concerted effort to undermine it.
  21. Further to this, BTC has had its December 2017 moment. It has reached a high and is now down. It may go up again but it might also just go sideways for the next 3 years. Most of the other coins have the same graph pattern as BTC. XRP hasnt. Maybe it wont. In the past there were not as many cryptos to invest in so XRP was a standout. Maybe this time it isnt so shiny and the retails ignore it. Who knows but expecting a bull run up over the last all time high is hoping.
  22. Not sure who Graine is or was. Can you put a hole in my thinking though?
  23. I dont want you to believe me. Why should you? You dont know me from a bar of soap. I could be a guy with 25million XRP for all you know coming here to shill to you so I can exit. True of everyone on twitter / youtube. Many here have faith in Brad G and Chris L as the saviours. They are not. As evidenced by the SEC findings they were selling whilst retail was buying. Do they care what happens to XRP? Maybe. But they have made their wealth, significantly more so selling a dream. We as the retail have taken part and want a slice of the action. No more. We buy in the hopes of selling to a greater fool/ Dont kid yourself that we are in it for the tech. We wish to enrich ourselves just like the aforementioned individuals as well. You need to trust yourself and those around you. They are the only ones who care about you. Dont trust corporations, governments, big pharma, big tech ..... anyone. Sorry if this feels negative but unfortunately it is the truth. Right now the world is told to stop the spread of CV we need to get vaccinated. Why? We have had vaccines for the flu for years and it still persists. We are told this by politicians who on either side of the political spectrum lie to us each and every day. Dont care if you are a Trump supporter or Biden. They are the same side of a rotten coin. However this time it is different right? If you believe that I have a an island called Australia to sell you
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