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  1. You are right. I think the likes of DAI and Brad Kimes dont help either. There is virtue in remaining grounded. Remember, we have won a battle but the war has just begun. If we can clear SEC then there is blue sky ahead!
  2. I have amassed a sizeable position in DAG (constellation) and LTX. Market caps are low and if there is an ethereum killer I believe DAG is it. A speccy which rivals VET is AMB. There are rumours it is involved with IBM and shipping giant Maersk. AMB has a market cap under $20m. I think it has plenty of upside plus 45% rewards for staking.
  3. UBX was pumped by a lot of youtubers. Threw a lazy 2K at it. Bought back a decent amount of XRP with the proceeds.
  4. I was one who sold last year after the SEC. Without bragging I got involved in other projects which have 10x and one which 100xed (UBX). I still have XRP but it is only a small portion of my portfolio so I can sleep easy. Saying all that I am glad for the XRP holders that we have seen some rise in the price. Though the gloating on Twitter is a bit much. Good luck to you all and for the long term holders congratulations.
  5. Plenty of alts have gone up more than BTC. Look at THETA, AST, ANKR etc. BTC back to 20K would be bad I feel.
  6. Without widespread usage, XRP will suffer the pumps (not so much) and dumps all other coins suffer. Seems fairly obvious but with the SEC lawsuit hanging over our heads I don't expect usage to increase. I am sure XRP can pump to a high level but the lack of usage will bring it right back. That's why usage is important.! Really simple equation.
  7. Mate, the alt coin season has been in full swing already. Most of the coins have exceeded or are close to their all time highs. Unfortunately XRP and BCH are 2 of the poorest performers. That may change though.
  8. @WarChestMany have diversified but many still cling to theories espoused by the likes of Brad Kimes and DAI. Everyone has their own reasoning but it is obvious now that XRP is one of the most unattractive speculative buys in crypto. Just a short story. I have been diversifying for 6 months now and had a friend who wanted to get into crypto. Heard about XRP but I steered him away (sick of people being pissed off at me). He put $50K in AMB, CHR, TEL, COTI, DAG and LTX. He is up over 1000% on his original investment with little knowledge of what they do. I know this is casino mindset but coins
  9. My biggest problem with XRP which seemingly is unlike other coins is that is ALWAYS fails to hold any gains it makes. Look around at any other token in the space and they mostly go up, consolidate for a while and then move up again. XRP is a great coin for the non true believers. Very easy to trade as you know after a leg up it is coming straight back down. I have shifted large amounts of $ in the last 6 months for many reasons, but ultimately the SEC case was the clincher. I do not know what will happen with Ripple / XRP as no one else does but I do know that the promise of its true pote
  10. Been on this forum for 4 years but rarely post. Dont really feel the need to. XRP is the most unloved coin there is. A lot of that is with the stigma of bankers coin (which BTC has gladly taken the title of) but the negative press does it no favours. A lot of this is the Ripple team itself. Say what you want but all the promises Ripple have made over the years really has been to its own detriment. Most can remember the 5 household names, a dozen banks using XRP by end of 2018, etc. Add to that the countless ventures they have given XRp to which have amounted to nothing (Omni, Coil, Kava L
  11. Seems to me the problem with this is that you need to leave your precious zerps on Uphold to qualify. Anyone feel comfortable doing that? ?
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