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  1. I don’t think it will matter. In 36 months the number of exchanges will have dropped by 80%, by either bankruptcy or acquisition by larger players. Especially once the banks get into the game and buy some of the larger exchanges....then it will be a major war to see who can last.
  2. And even more people just won’t hear about it. There is a ton of crypto in accounts where guys own a few hundred dollars worth (most of them invested a couple of grand last year on the way up or at the top). Those guys aren’t even looking at this space anymore and unless they hear on the news that the industry is pumping again, they won’t be back.
  3. More likely: 2018 - Good start, bad end 2019 - bad start, nothing changes 2022 or 2023 I retire
  4. Sorry, maybe you are new here...or maybe you aren’t on Twitter. MANY polls said that ~50% of people following here and there actually subscribed to $589 EOY. The last 4-6 weeks they have finally quieted down. Like I said, 6 months ago I caught major flack for not thinking $10+ by now.
  5. I do see what OP is saying though. When I first arrived on this site 6-8 months ago people were ALL over me, calling me a FUDster because I said I didn’t think there was any chance that XRP was at $1 by year end. They were all saying ‘minimum $10 and anything under is a joke’ and I was saying ‘so you expect a minimum of 35x and if I say anything less, I am a moron?’ OP is trying to make them look dumb....and I have noticed that none of those real hardcore 589ers have joined this thread.
  6. They are not dependant on one another....so, it really isn’t a fair question. At some point (not for at least 18-24 months) we will enter a recession. During that recession, fundamentals of crypto will keep improving and the price will begin to go up. A global recession MAY keep prices down lower than would be otherwise, but not likely to to a huge degree.
  7. I don’t think he said that....what’s the issue? People here can’t have a discussion about any other crypto? Is that a rule? And are you the person that makes said rules? Enforce said rules? Or did you just take it upon yourself to get involved for no apparent reason. I believe that the OP was bringing in decent commentary and was being positive....nothing negative about what he/she posted Honestly, I would like to know. Thanks in advance.
  8. I also missed. Transferred fiat over and unbeknownst to me my bank put a hold on it (this was Saturday am). Waited all Sunday with no fiat in my account. Bank calls me Monday am ‘oh, we stopped that transfer, it was unusually large’. You mother effers. By the time the transfer was in, markets on the way up. I believe it goes down again, but if it doesn’t....I won’t be buying again.
  9. Somewhere between $.50 and $.70 EOY 2019. I am going to just keep accumulating (another 20k this week) and I am not worried either way. I believe that by 2023 we will be in great shape and if things change (and they could) then we can pivot before then.
  10. Seriously 🥴 But clearly the wallet requirements will change over time if that were the case. Obviously nobody is going to invest would could be thousands of $ to have an operational wallet, or the whole thing just won’t work.
  11. Oh crap, is that what we are going to have to start hearing in January?? If so, I quit the internet.
  12. Nope. Tell us where the new money is coming from to not only get it back to where it was ten days ago, but double that. From all of the people that just sold? From Korea? Where?
  13. That is NOT the point. I am talking about the market and the implications of a BTC decline on that market. Public perception. Market perception. BTC gets killed and every news report will be about the demise of crypto, not the demise of BTC. Beyond that, BTC isn’t going anywhere just yet. All of the big FI will start with BTC. They are getting ready and I can assure you, they won’t incite the next increases with XRP and it’s urility (even if WE know XRP licks the crap out of BTC and that BTC’s days are numbers in years, not decades). Why is such a simple point, so tough to make around here?
  14. BTC is important to XRP because 95% of the world thinks that crypto IS BTC. The number of articles would be insane...BUT, it won’t happen. Too many huge companies are just wading in and they need BTC to succeed, at least until the general public understands crypto a little bit better Eventually, imo, PoW will be in trouble, but that day is years away. That doesn’t mean that in 2-3 years that XRP (in MC anyway) won’t be higher than BTC....in fact I think that’s a distinct possibility In other news I am really happy the Temenos speculation has passed, as well as the rodiculousness of the Riddler. When January 1st hits then maybe we can all start having better/more educated conversations about the future
  15. Yep. I wonder how many things we have to debunk before the weak hands give up and the real investors get to make some money.
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