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  1. Recently i got an email from "Money Map Report". I was watching the video of one of the author and he predicted that on October 31st he expects a Pension Apocalypses as many state government and private pension are in huge debt and that will effect wall street like never before. Even the dot com crash and real estate crash would look like nothing. Given the way market is going right now what is everyone thinking about the statement and also the effect on crypto when market crashes While doing some research i did find good article from forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnmauldin/2017/10/10
  2. No matter where it goes. I think ultimately its going to Win for Sure. Sometimes longer wait might be better..
  3. This is the response from conibase support. Which does not answer that why it is longer on my account. Hi there, Thanks for writing in! It looks like your hold period is longer than the average wait. I understand your frustrations and I’d be happy to clarify what this means. Holding periods allows you access to your entire crypto balance before your bank clears the purchase. Providing your crypto purchase immediately into your wallet allows you to understand your total balance and sell at the price you want immediately. Once the crypto hold clears, you will then have the ability t
  4. I provided the Bank Info and doing ACH Transfers. After buying the crypto it is saying i need to wait for 15 days before i can transfer my ctypto
  5. I just opened an account @ coinbase and used ACH since last 3-4 days to deposit funds. I bought some ETH so i can transfer to binance and buy XRP. But when i go to coinbase to transfer ETH to binance it says we have to wait 15 days before we can transfer. I am little confused on why do i have to wait and does anyone know of any better exchange where i don't have to wait so long and get advantage of low prices of XRP.
  6. @GoldenGoose Thank you for the nice answer and you put it in very analytical view. I will not be trading. This will be investing and reading different posts i think now i understand what you mean. Only thing is don't know what is end of bearish but i guess that will be upto individual needs to decide how low they are comfortable with. Thanks again.
  7. Totally New. Reading lot about Ripple and XRP. Like the stories and like the idea of starting to invest. Just opened a coinbase account so I can buy BTC and transfer to Biance and then buy XRP. Now I am reading lot of stories about XRP 100 Billion . Ripple kept most of them and can release certain every month. Along with that my question is how can the price of XRP be affected (go higher or lower) depending on how many tokens are floating. I might have mixed between tokens and coins, still try to understand the difference before i start trading/investing into XRP. So what is average
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