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  1. What percent of XRP will I cash out at $50? 100%, if someone will buy it right now.
  2. GoldenGoose

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Love him or hate him, we've got a 194-page thread spanning more than 10 months of talking about him. It's by no means the only thread related to him, either. If you're a true disciple, go ahead and make your investment decisions and live with the outcome, good or bad. If you're a detractor, consider not spending so much time trying to convince others of his alleged, nefarious motives, particularly if personal/community embarrassment is your primary concern.
  3. GoldenGoose

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Well . . . There's Bronze There's Whale Poo And then there's Me.
  4. GoldenGoose

    Galgitron’s blog: The big race

    Nope. Gold works best as a store of value (sans comb-over, unlike Bitcoin).
  5. We're supposed to care about what is right, not who is right. I don't understand these posts demanding apologies, unless we have 7-year-old members of the forum.
  6. GoldenGoose

    China Urging World to Undermine US Sanctions

    Inherent weaknesses in China's flawed economic model have been exposed. They've got to try something to reverse their cratering economy.
  7. GoldenGoose

    Please cheer me up :(

    When I visited the Central Alps, I could hear a distant song: "Hold-a-lay-Ee-Oooo!" If they're yodeling that from the mountaintops, they must know something about XRP! Otherwise, why would they bother?
  8. GoldenGoose

    It's Happening?

    Anytime someone asks if "it's happening" from here on out, I'm going to say, "No." I'll build an incredible reputation for accuracy; and when I'm finally wrong, I'll be very well compensated for the one-time blemish on my record.
  9. I welcome them to this particular bandwagon. May they be the mouse that roared.
  10. Touché! Clemson came to play that night.
  11. It doesn't say "Roll Tide" or "Alabama" and cannot, by definition, be epic.
  12. I won't be available to attend, but I'm sending a couple of people. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. We've got an exciting year or three ahead of us.
  13. Unless you live in the USA and the government (formerly) tells you that you must purchase health insurance or pay a fine. If I'm ever elected POTUS, would you object to being nominated to serve on the SCOTUS?
  14. Indeed. And in my particular case, it makes sense for my businesses to have separate, European bank accounts that are independently denominated in USD, EUR, GBP, and MKD. It also helps us avoid taking a commission hit each time we need to "buy" one or "sell" another to transact in the needed currency.