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  1. I've invited Greta Thunberg to join us. She'll be there to cheer us up during our long wait to see what comes first: XRP's moonshot or the end of the world.
  2. Nice one! I didn't think Aussies were ever that clever!
  3. I read this news story . . . https://www.foxnews.com/world/ruinerwold-farm-end-of-world-cellar . . . and I figured it out. @Ripple-Stiltskin is Jed McCaleb, and he lives in a cellar in the Netherlands. He supports himself and his "underground" family by illegally selling discounted XRP in the local pubs. If we can get an accurate estimate of his remaining balance and rate of depletion, we will have a very good idea of when we can expect rapid appreciation in XRP's price. Ripple-Stiltskin is not really Jed McCaleb and does not live in a cellar, as far as I know.
  4. Paraphrasing one of Pomp's final questions: "If XRP can be used by banks and financial institutions to transfer money, why wouldn't they use Bitcoin instead?" How can these people be so blind to Bitcoin's flaws and limitations?
  5. They're not a flat rate, so it varies. The most expensive ones would be .25% for the conversion from XRP to EUR. That's very cheap, and it's not imaginary. I'm still asking @Cooliozxrp to describe how to do it quicker and/or less expensively. I expect to be ignored, since his modus operandi is little more than drive-by mockery.
  6. I must live in an alternate universe. I know how cheap it is because I have done it several times, with an "imaginary coin" amazingly enough.
  7. Irrelevant. It's a simple question: If I want to send money from the USA to Europe and have it be liquid and available for either purchasing (something else) or withdrawal in euro form, inside of a couple of minutes and at very low cost, what accomplishes this more quickly/cheaply than XRP, @Cooliozxrp?
  8. Describe how you would do so. I assumed nothing. I have a need to send/receive money to/from Europe.
  9. If I have USD in my account at an American exchange and can convert it to EUR in a European employee's account inside of a couple of minutes, via XRP, anytime, what exactly is imaginary about it or its capabilities? How would you get money to them any faster/cheaper? And which digital asset(s) do you like better than XRP?
  10. By the power vested in the office of the President of the United States and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (with a notable assist from the Sultan of Brunei), you are hereby debunked. We are in the early days of alt-coin autumn, and it will be 8 weeks until we feast (or are feasted upon).
  11. No worries. It confused Undershoes also. I could have been clearer, and heaven knows there is no shortage of the type of posts you believed mine to be. In the meantime, I'm officially presenting The Gold Cow Award for Reading Comprehension to Sharkey.
  12. I actually agree. My point, however feebly made, was to suggest to the FUDpack that such acquisitions are further evidence that Ripple is a legitimate business making a genuine effort to change the way money is used and value is transferred. Thanks for posting the news.
  13. "With the Logos acquisition, Xpring now has a team of 32 employees, having grown from a team of just two last May." Yet another acquisition that you would not need to bother completing if your entire raison d'être is merely to scam money from bagholders!
  14. I'm starting to get the feeling that Cooliozxrp doesn't like Ripple or XRP.
  15. There's good money to be made for those who've kept some powder dry for times like this. In the meantime, let us not forget the less fortunate: Those who purchased Skycoin in December of 2017 (or are still buying it now).
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