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  1. Hindsight loves to mock me mercilessly. I attempted a limit order at $1.04 for OMG three days ago and should have just done a market order to jump in around $1.10 in the early trading of its Coinbase Pro debut. Hindsight laughed even harder when OMG briefly went to $4.55 last night, even though I know I wouldn't have held it that long. When I consult him for his input and opinion on tomorrow's trades, however, he is strangely reticent and non-committal.
  2. As for me, I'm making plans to take yet another ride on the XRP train as I prepare for it to surge into the .20's (or higher) in the coming weeks. If more of you would stop arguing about it like a Hatfield fighting a McCoy, you would realize you can become wealthy with XRP even if it never again exceeds 50¢ 40¢ 30¢ 21.47¢. If you hate XRP, don't buy it; and certainly don't spend your time in an online forum devoted to XRP in a misguided attempt to convince others to hate it.
  3. This may be the dumbest pandemic in the history of pandemics.
  4. Opportunities abound, especially in times of higher volatility. I'm glad to see you've been having some success. And it's tough to beat those tax rates. Good luck!
  5. Bitcoin is reliably storing value . . . for hours at a time.
  6. "Complementary" rewards, just like the peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Where do I send all of my XRP to claim my free Reese's?
  7. I think you're getting confused by the difference between a highly liquid ODL market and the price appreciation associated with the overall demand for XRP. We would be absolutely thrilled if some party could transfer $100,000,000 in value between countries without moving the price significantly on either the buy side or the sell side. The price of XRP would have to rise substantially, before that could happen.
  8. Looks good. You need to edit "CONSENUS" before it's ready for prime time.
  9. @Tinyaccount, it seems that Ayers Rock would make a decent shelter from fire and smoke. Might I suggest you carve out a home there, much like the one near Moab, Utah? * Note: I will not be held responsible for the quotation marks after the N, which are prominently displayed on Hole 'N The Rock.
  10. I'm not on social media and should have known that's where the image went viral. It had been texted to me by a friend. My concern is real, though. If a continent must burn, I would rather have it be Antarctica. And as it's re-freezing, some talented artists could convert it into a giant ice sculpture (penguin, perhaps?). Here's hoping the fires are gone soon and that the smoke does not give new meaning to the "drop bears" you warned me about.
  11. I can only hope the rains have helped considerably, since the time NASA took this photo.* This is absolutely terrible. Best wishes for the lives, property, and health of our Aussie friends. How is the air quality in your neck of the woods, @Tinyaccount?
  12. The dance leads to a kiss, and everybody's green this morning. XRP is outperforming the rest of the Top 10, at least for now.
  13. The last time the 12-Day EMA was above the 26-Day was from late October to mid-November, which included the move from approximately $7,300 to over $10,500 in a couple of days. They're currently dancing as closely as they have since the mid-November cross. Here's the Coinbase Prime Daily, as of a couple of minutes ago.
  14. And what, exactly, did the Stellar burn do for the medium-term or long-term benefit of the Stellar Network or XLM investors? In the last 5 months, XLM has spent less than a single hour over 10¢. And it's been significantly lower than that since mid-September. The market knows about the escrowed XRP and the circulating XRP. It currently values each one at about 19.6¢. Our choices include buying, selling, holding, or avoiding. Asking Ripple to fall on their sword for some short-term benefit to XRP investors is shortsighted.
  15. I came. I bought. I sold. Repeat.
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