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  1. Constantly sifting through all the minutiae in every news story will drive you mad. One of two things happen.....you'll worry about things that aren't there or become hypercritical and pick apart everything that is posted on the topic. Neither of which will affect the outcome.
  2. There is a beautiful saying amongst the Irish peasantry to inspire hope under adverse circumstances:- "Remember," they say, "that the darkest hour of all. is the hour before day." https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/darkest-hour-is-just-before-the-dawn.html
  3. In 1914 the entire world was thrown in to a conflict the likes of which civilization had not witnessed before. The turn of the century industrialization age offered new technologies to mankind which changed warfare indefinitely creating a huge learning curve out of necessity. French soldiers entered the European conflict riding horses wearing no helmets and wearing bright red Napoleonic uniforms making them virtual moving bulls eyes for German machine gunners. By the end of 1918 newly developed tanks traversed the battle field which were a direct response to the new machine gun and artillery shell. The stalemate of opposing forces created the concept of “trench warfare” which resulted in horrific conditions for soldiers on each side. Movement of men waxed and waned by yards and was at a mind-numbing standstill for years. During these times both sides experienced an unknown phenomenon termed “shell shock” which resulted in erratic behavior, panic, hallucinations, loss of motor control and paralysis which at times was permanent. Both armies learned that there were limits to what the human mind could withstand and that is was necessary to rotate their soldiers in and out of the trenches to allow them time to recover. The current state of the cryptocurrency markets reminds me of the conflict in 1918. We are stalemated with opposing forces which we don’t fully understand and are waiting on some sort of progress in any direction. The huge amounts of land which were originally acquired in the beginning of the conflict has been reduced to hardly any movement in any direction. The generals on each side are studying their maps and unclear on a direction to proceed and meanwhile most of us are experiencing the constant shelling of FUD. We can’t see beyond our trenches and can only guess at the rationale our leaders are using. Many of us are experiencing the shell shock symptoms and desperately need a well-deserved leave. There are a couple of comforting thoughts that come to mind. First like any conflict this one has created some fearless leadership and battlefield heroes. General Garlinghouse and Admiral Schwarts to name a few have an unwavering vision of the crypto future and give constant assurances of victory. Stories of fearless charges from field marshal Hodor encourage our embattled troops to press on. This is not simply propaganda but a true vision of the future. Each advance has been calculated and strategized with constant care and careful thought. For those soldiers that have been in the trenches take comfort in the leadership that exists and take your leave. The trench will still be here next week and most likely next month regardless if you’re in it or not. Second would be the patterns that repeat with civilization. They are everywhere from sea shells to patterns of human behavior. We are in a constant Fibonacci cycle. With every new technological advance humankind experiences, there is an eventual acquisition of knowledge resulting in human progress. The process is painful and taxes the patience and resolve of all of us but it does eventually occur and it will in the crypto space as well. The outcome will be nothing that we expected and greater than we could have imagined. Like the opening of each successive Russian doll the pattern is the same but unique in its own way. This Russian doll will soon be opened and our trenches will be a part of history.
  4. Interesting how suddenly there are these articles being written the month before US exchanges go online.
  5. The evolution of Las Vegas as a city is fascinating to me as it seems to exist on its own plane of reality. The fact that it’s located in a hostile location geographically and really only existed in part to the railroad and now is the 28th largest city is astonishing. Add in the colorful mafia characters, rat packs and Howard Hughes and you have a great comic book series at the minimum. A perfect brew of American greed and the wild west. If someone were wanting to purchase land in the Las Vegas area in 1960 most would have considered it insane, however, to do so would have reaped massive rewards over the years. Of course the challenges of behind the scenes politics, market manipulation and negative sentiment would have seemed overwhelming. Not to mention the large investors that would apply and exorbitant amount of pressure on local land owners to sell in order to obtain prime land. Fast forward to today and the new budding city of Cryptoville. It shares the wild west flavor with huge amounts of volatility and colorful dark web stories about drug dealers criminals and terrorists. Those that have purchased in Cryptoville are feeling the pressures of regulatory uncertainty and falling values making us pioneers question our investment. What I find comforting, however, is to see the massive amount of investment happening around us each day even as the price of our plots deflates more and more. This dichotomy should bring a lot of comfort. High rises are being constructed, airports are ready to allow onboarding and offboarding of a massive amount of tourists in and out of our city bringing billions of dollars. Rumblings are occurring in local government showing a positive sentiment on the growth of Cryptoville and although there are no clear regulations set, one gets a sense that the regulators are waiting on the nod from the crptomafia . Obviously, the owners of these now empty structures have a lot of influence over the development of our city. Do the laws of probability suggest that all this development will be left unutilized? Airports with no planes, resorts with no travelers and casinos with no cash? Not likely. The only thing missing is the massive amount of advertisement driving the tourists to travel to our new digital asset land. Perhaps the casinos and restaurants are putting on their final touches and making preparations. Rest assured the hotels and resorts will soon be full but the question is when and how will the whales make this happen. Sentiment needs to change before 45 year old John Plumber will be willing to transfer some of his wealth to Cryptoville. My belief is the whales will recognize the primary driving force of all investors which is greed. Perhaps stories will begin to circulate about windfalls of cash made in Cryptoville by early investors. Casinos may produce flashy commercials showing exciting profits to be made with snappy slogans like what happens in Cryptoville stays in Cryptoville. Safety and security are made a top priority to protect all travelers and woven into all advertisements. Many are asking when will the whales make their move while it may be more compelling to ask “how”.
  6. Most recently I’ve heard many different descriptions of the down trend the crypto markets are experiencing and I’ve noticed some very interesting behavior. First off as a futures trader and investor I’ve been witness to many downtrends in a variety of markets. Markets change over time which is very much like the seasons but without the comforting predictability. I personally think of these down trends as draughts in the market which can cause an exorbitant amount of stress on the people participating in it. It’s interesting to observe how other species such as Chimpanzee’s react to this environmental stress and how there are many commonalities. Most striking is how older chimps who have weathered such draughts in the past differ from the younger members of the group. Most react with intermittent bouts of outright panic expending much needed energy. Aggression and outbursts of screeching from tree tops and flinging feces are common. There is now evidence of ritual behavior such as stacking rocks and marking tress which increases during times of stress. Older chimps however adopt a much different approach. The past experiences of similar draughts give an advantage knowing that with time this environmental stress will subside and nourishing times will return. Some advice from an old chimp. Stop flinging feces at others it’s just nasty. The constant screeching is not necessary and no one is really listening. Pay no attention to the chimps with dousing rods predicting next day price explosions as it only leads to disappointment. Take comfort and appreciate the wise members of the group that are providing much needed advice and research. Find some shade under a bush and take a nap. It will rain soon enough.
  7. There are a few questions that have been hovering in my head recently that I'd like some perspective on from the XRPchat throbbing brain. First regarding the Bakkt delay and if this is a good thing long term. I'm surprised at my ambivalence about the delay announcement which feels very much like the "who cares" attitude regarding the coin base soap opera. For well over a year now it seems Ripple has been chumming the waters with an onslaught of positive news surrounding the launch of new products and a series of partnerships. By delaying this implementation gives Ripple the opportunity to fine tune the implementation of XRapid and expand it's XRP footprint adding to the potential energy in the XRP price. Once there is a significant catalyst the kinetic energy would be much more explosive. Theoretically. Secondly, this gives more time for the play ground politics to work itself out between all the other coins which are comparing token sizes. While it does bring negative attention to the crypto space in general, it may be a necessary evil to clear the room for coins with an actual purpose. The longer the beatings continue the more strain it is on these hollow coins which will buckle under the pressure once their developers realize the profit potential evaporated. Third is the sloth like pace the SEC is working to provide clarity to the space. Regardless of the abundance of positivity coming from Ripple and XRP the space is desperately seeking some regulatory direction and it is obvious at this point it doesn't exist. This unfortunately is acting like a governor holding back the progress of the XRP expansion. Perhaps this extra time could be spent on actually providing a much needed road map. Fourthly, I'm wondering about the conversations happening with the larger institutions which have been expending exorbitant resources on US based exchanges and ETF's . It seems there might be a "Holy Crap" moment with these entities who are witnessing major short comings in Bitcoin such as continuous forking, expensive and inefficient mining, and molasses speed. Not to mention an irrelevant use case. Could it be possible with the additional time with this delay gives XRP the opportunity to present itself as the number one coin making the Bitcoin ETF and Futures efforts somewhat pointless. There may be a dialog occurring about their first string quarterback that can't throw and the runner up that's looking more and more like a superhero everyday. I look forward to anyone else's observations.
  8. This has an exhaustion gap feel to it. Time will tell as always.
  9. Thank you for the very concise description. Definitely provides some clarity. Have you had any thoughts on the impact over time the nostro/vostro accounts would have by switching to an instant settlement solution. I assume banks would no longer have a need to have large sums in these accounts, therefore, what impact would this have economically?
  10. Wondering about the Topology Network which I check randomly to avoid working. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/topology When looking at it today which notice the update of 1.1.0 it doesn't appear as though there are any nodes represented. Has anyone any info on this and is this normal or is there maintenance going. Thanks for the info and to all of you who provide information.
  11. When I saw this post I was anxiously awaiting the swarm of entertaining responses. Damn I'll miss this someday.
  12. I'm wondering if I've just become exceptionally skeptical or is the disinformation and misdirection coming from JP Morgan, Goldman completely obvious.
  13. I transferred some Ethereum from Coinbase to Binance and it took about an hour. During that time binance failed to load which got me a little puckered but it eventually hit my account and I was able to make a final XRP purchase with my funds. It's a little worrisome if binance has trouble with that amount of volume when it could be significantly larger in the weeks ahead.
  14. Interesting how there's been talk of a JP Morgan and Ripple partnership and now Satis who also has a relationship with JP Morgan issues a negative report on Ripple. " Feints can draw an opponent to a place of vulnerability, create an opening, disrupt rhythm and direct them into a point of imbalance." Bruce Lee
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