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  1. yup that's it United nations? Unicef? https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/01/14/united-nations-confirms-piloting-ripples-cross-border-payment-technology/
  2. xippix

    What about API’s and banks?

    @Tinyaccount and @CryptoDrover thanks both for your explanation, really appreciate it!
  3. xippix

    What about API’s and banks?

    Thanks for your answer. for example: SWIFT ( or replace it with other company ) comes in. Everyone talks about 100 , 200 dollar ( or higher ) but the price is only driven by the Exchanges? They decide the price only? Because if i look at cmc i see the volume ( because they publish it through their API. But the volume of a large bank or institution is not visible because they don’t publish this data. A bank buys or get the xrp maybe for free from Ripple? Or at a discount? But can it be that banks have another layer of pricing? In the end the banks are the ones with the most XRP. So we “the private holders” and the “banks” can have different prices for XRP? or can it be that you and I pay for example 50 dollar for 1 XRP via Exchange, the bank Exchange this with another bank or person for 0,01 dollar ? If so, we say marketcap is not important only volume, but if we don’t see the volume from the “banks” why the price Will get higher? Only by the Exchanges that publish their data via an API and get this listed at CMC? sorry for the unclear story, but hope you understand my point
  4. Maybe a stupid question, but now we are all looking at cmc and other websites for the XRP price. Today another bank is using XRP ( and also a lot of other banks / company’s ) but they don’t have a API Connexion or public data available. How can we see the real value without the Exchanges / existing API Connections? I can’t imagine that banks Will make this info public? We are talking about fliping the switch, but can the bank data be hidden from the CMC website? ( or similair ones? ) sorry for the newbie question 😉
  5. Thanks for the site, question: i want to bookmark the website on my phone. But if i bookmark this on my iPhone, ( and i’m only intrested in xrp ) i need to select xrp each time i visit your site. do you have a direct url for bookmarking all the xrp news?
  6. xippix

    Visa buys earthport

    Sorry , i’m on mobile can’t see the date on that blog. Maybe our guy bg123 is right
  7. xippix

    Visa buys earthport

    Yeah, but see my second link: Daniel Marovitz, President of Earthport, agreed with Ripple CEO Chris Larsen’s interview with Forbes magazine on the future use of distributed ledger technology in payments.
  8. https://uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUKKCN1OQ0EM?__twitter_impression=true Visa buys eartport ( ripple partner ) Also they launch a new API! https://ripple.com/insights/earthport-launches-distributed-ledger-hub/
  9. xippix

    XRP Standstill

    Yeah, come over ... happy to have you! when xrp moon? 😉
  10. Yeah let’s close this topic
  11. https://blog.coinbase.com/giving-back-now-and-building-for-the-future-8962d7a71344 even worse lol
  12. Then we need to wait 30 min more
  13. Hahha no xrp today https://blog.coinbase.com/introducing-dexter-b41d28f992b9