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  1. I'm guessing Credit Card linked to your Uphold account similar to Wirex.
  2. ok , but what about the volume? no insight in this , right? would be nice if we can see more about this, we have no idea how big this is.
  3. xippix

    Money Tap now live!

    mm i'm a little bit confused, it this good or bad news? Will it use XRP? and does this bring the volume up?
  4. xippix

    Was that It?

    sit back and relax. it's a marathon, we are now at mile 1
  5. "Looking back and looking forward", maybe some news today?
  6. xippix

    New SBI presentation

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeldelcastillo/2018/09/24/bitcoin-breakthrough-japanese-giant-opens-corridor-to-africa/#522dcad97d3c what about this? Edit: Aaah ic, they are using also Bitcoin sorry for asking..
  7. xippix

    Tweet from SBIVC fuels speculation?!

    natural translation is: "Thank you everyone for supporting SBIVC. Hope you've had a good week! The final day of the [upcoming] three-day weekend is a harvest moon. It looks like we can enjoy moon viewing if the weather is good. Have a wonderful three-day weekend while enjoying the height of autumn. [smiley emoji] #SBIVC #VirtualCurrency #HarvestMoon" Notes: The Japanese place a lot of importance on nature and the seasons, and mention it a lot in greetings. Moon viewing is an annual thing here, and this year it happens to fall on a national holiday (Monday), hence the three-day weekend mention. https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/9hoydz/sbi_tweets_us_to_enjoy_the_moon/
  8. this is fake? 16 may 2018?
  9. See https://coinpost.jp/?p=42755 Google Translated: "On the 24th, the domestic major virtual currency exchange "SBIVC (SBI virtual currencies)" announced that it will carry out the system upgrade of virtual currency exchange service (VCTRADE) on September 1 . It is said that maintenance work will be carried out about two times in the future, and it will be expected to step up service enhancement. Currently, limited services are provided only for preliminary accounts, but there is a possibility of starting acceptance of general account holders and implementing board trade. SBI group representative Kitao mentioned that ripple (XRP) has "the potential to become a global standard in the virtual currency world", and eventually, Ripple's international remittance solution "xRapid" Is expected to be implemented in SBIVC, and it has also been attracting attention that SBIRC adopted currency pair "XRP / JPY" earlier than "BTC / JPY" etc."