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  1. How does bitcoin selloff today and its effects on XRP price play in this market analysis? clearly XRP cannot be considered a separate entity and needs to be analyzed together with XBT.
  2. Ciao, I'm not Italian but I've lived in Milan for 6 years
  3. your not getting my point. its pointless to argue. But I will try to be brief and concise, past performance of the market has nothing to do with the future performance. Graphs don't tell you anything. What moves markets is psychology, there are simply too many variables for a little monkey brain to calculate or write software that calculates it. ah I'm ignorant now. good job at name calling. but this is usually the tool people use to slander others when they have no argument. adios. I should have left before.
  4. yes Poker is a better term! It has more to do with human psychology than math. but hey, calculus knows the future
  5. yes, sure. If you had enough information about casino roulette table, you could also make those educated guesses, e.g. friction coefficient, and rotation speed and air temperature on the spin. But you don't have all info so roulette is gambling. Same is true for markets, you don't have information about market, the players, their mental state. News that is out has already affected the market and is too late to react. So it too is gambling.
  6. Most of the things written in your previous report is assumptions. How can I argue against assumptions? Burden of proof is on you as an author of those assumptions not vice vera. I assume spaghetti monster exists, no go and prove it doesn't exist You see my point?
  7. please do continue with fibonacci arcs and vortex analysis, pay no attention to me. Draw enough lines and eventually one of those will cross some important mark, and then say aha! Sandro was wrong, my analysis is correct. adios.
  8. On the first page of any finance book, it is written, market cannot be predicted, history is not bases for the future. I gave you an explanation, investing is not a high art. Its gambling.
  9. Also most of the analysis I read in the crypto world sounds like wishful thinking. no offense, but this is not investing, this is pure gambling, there are no fundamentals! and pretty squares and lines on graphs mean nothing. Take this guy for example: https://twitter.com/jimfred1276 In one of his blogposts he talks about stars and power alignments of jupiter and mars :/ this is the level of average "serious investor" in the crypto sphere.
  10. How many apples where before Apple ? Point is, many tech companies with great insights have failed. Ripple is like many other dot.com companies, it might get big like Google, Amazon but it might fail like many other names we don't know. Apple analogy is terrible.
  11. In other words, why would banks use rxp instead of USD (as they have been doing forever now) to do international transactions? I've heard many times over the forums and reddit that rxp will make things cheaper for Banks. I don't understand why is that. RXP will still suffer currency fluctuation problems like USD.
  12. Hello, I'm a developer, I have played with Ripple API extensively - and made a cli wallet for myself. I'd very much like to develop something to help ripple go big. Give me some ideas? what does community need at this stage? Maybe instead of a browser based wallet system, I could make a nice little crossplatform wallet?
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