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  1. I'm not sure about you guys, but I think that this person is someone from Ripple. So an insider...
  2. My guess is as good as anyone else here... so i'm not sure. I always bought in one buy order. so, one click one buy
  3. My game is to HODL long and if it goes bellow my entry price i'll buy more. Till then, it's game for everyone
  4. This is again something like I have already written... wait for "(insert event)" to see price surge.
  5. Upgrade is a different thing as testing. I understand that for upgrade you need a lot more time. But testing... not sure why 3 years. Seems irrational.
  6. There was the same buy order at 0,284€. Crazy things!
  7. I don't understand why would someone test something for 3 years?? In time span of 3 years technology you are testing can evolve in something else or completely change. I understand one year, but three? no way... someone is messing with us
  8. Circluating supply reduced for cca 164mio according to CMC... is this normal?
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