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  1. Ellipal

    ELLIPAL: The Cold Wallet 2.0

    Hi guys! We have updated the indiegogo page a few days ago to the new logo, we also put an up a document on our Open Cross Chain Wallet framework if anybody is interested! We are still currently working on a new website, its going to be great! @CoinTrek Sure! Can you share with us your information to info@ellipal.com? Please mention your CoinTrek username so I can identify you!
  2. Ellipal

    ELLIPAL: The Cold Wallet 2.0

    Hi Guys! A little delayed but thank you for heads up about the logo! We have changed it to the current one! Also we just launched on indiegogo a few days ago so you guys can go find out about the pricing there! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ellipal-the-cold-wallet-2-0-with-mobile-app--3?secret_perk_token=22269361 @CoinTrek???Glad you like the design!