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  1. Please see about sending and receiving XRP on the ELLIPAL Hardware wallet!
  2. Currently for the hardware wallet, you would still need to type down the keys, but thank you for this, we will definitely consider this function for the hardware wallet to continue our improvement!
  3. We support QR scan for XRP secret key import. Clike the [-] icon on the top right corner. The QR code will be decoded into text string and shown in the input box, then you can check if it's a valid seed.
  4. Ripple secret key (or seed), in the form of "s...." is encoded with checksum. Errors will be detected in case of typo.
  5. No problem, you are always welcomed! We understand the concern regarding trust and confidence. We have already shipped Pete a new wallet today. Thank you so much for your support
  6. According the scenario you mention, no, that is not possible. Firmware changes require valid digital signatures from ELLIPAL. That is, if a piece of code is not from us, it cannot be applied to the cold wallet. We use the same signing algorithm (ECDSA) as used by Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other coins.
  7. Please do! and let us know how you feel! You can order and receive it in 3 days. If you wish to learn more first, feel free to join our community on telegram
  8. Hi! We did not realize that was the case, the new one is already being prepared for you! Thankyou!
  9. I have seen a few posts about us on here! I would like to announce that we are now officially supporting XRP in our wallet! The update will be reflected on our App, website and firmware (which will be available for download) very soon! For those who never heard about the ELLIPAL Wallet: ELLIPAL is hardware wallet is the first connection-free, mobile supported hardware wallet, suitable for both storage and trade. The aim is to provide a more convenient, yet safe alternative to other hardware wallets that still relies on connections and PC, making them not truly portable and efficient during trading. The wallet and its App communicates via encrypted QR codes which are to be scanned by both the wallet and the App. The process is incredibly secure yet very simple for users. You can find out more about us through here: WEBSITE: https://www.ellipal.com ELLIPAL cold wallet security (Be sure to check out our other articles too!) : https://medium.com/@ellipal/ellipal-cold-wallet-security-50e4450bdd06 Reviews, unboxing and more: https://order.ellipal.com/blogs/news Will be back very soon for XRP tutorial for the ELLIPAL !!! Questions? Join us on telegram!
  10. Hi! Make sure to check us out! www.ellipal.com Our hardware wallet supports XRP and it works with mobile phone through encrypted QR code only. This way, you do not need to worry about finding a PC or a USB cable to access your XRP! Our wallet comes with a large touch screen and works just like a smart phone so you will find it very simple to use. You can find more details in our website as well as our blogs: https://medium.com/@ellipal/ellipal-cold-wallet-security-50e4450bdd06 https://order.ellipal.com/blogs/news
  11. Hi guys! We have updated the indiegogo page a few days ago to the new logo, we also put an up a document on our Open Cross Chain Wallet framework if anybody is interested! We are still currently working on a new website, its going to be great! @CoinTrek Sure! Can you share with us your information to info@ellipal.com? Please mention your CoinTrek username so I can identify you!
  12. Hi Guys! A little delayed but thank you for heads up about the logo! We have changed it to the current one! Also we just launched on indiegogo a few days ago so you guys can go find out about the pricing there! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ellipal-the-cold-wallet-2-0-with-mobile-app--3?secret_perk_token=22269361 @CoinTrek???Glad you like the design!
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